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A Konteradmiral and a smuggler - Tiger - 01-10-2020

[Image: 55forstory.png]

The Rheingau's job was finished, it escorted the Pitbull outside of Rheinland as the response doctrine says. Klaus was still unsure regarding the smuggler's offer. Everything went according to plan so far, but, still, he was a smuggler, and a stranger, and, what he feared worst, was that the smuggler knew that he was a Konteradmiral and might try to take him out. Klaus sighed, took a finishing coffee sip and put out his cigar. Instead of the officer uniform, he managed to find more...'civilian looking clothes'. Despite a Donau being outside of Bornholm, if they wanted to take the captain out, normally, they would look for someone who looks like a captain, specifically a uniform. In the end, Gerwald took a deep breath and just faced that now it's the moment of truth, either a friend or enemy. Calmly, he entered the corridor extended from his Donau to Bornholm, and entered the station. Everyone seemed to be the usual people you would normally find on a junker base: Criminals, traders, freelancers and whatnot, but, it was like a Freeport after all. He went to the bar, and took a seat at a table that was in a far corner of the bar, with a view to the huge asteroid field to the north-east of the station. All he had to do now, was wait for the smuggler to come. This time it truly was a game of life and death, he had no firearms, as he decided that would fit, even though the situation might get worse. As he sat down, he gazed out the window, then to the rest of the bar, then again to the window, looking at a few gargantuan asteroids. He sighed, and then fixed his eyes on the table, sometimes taking a peek to see if he could spot the smuggler coming.

RE: A Konteradmiral and a smuggler - Baphomet - 01-15-2020

John was still looking at the man who was so obviously out of place here. He was sipping his drink at the end table with his hoodie on, deciding will he approach and officer or not. This might be risky, especially in Johns line of work. But it also might be an opportunity, to meet an interesting man, who might or might not become his friend. He looked through the nanoglass only to see spinning rocks of different sizes, dancing around one another in eternal weightlesness. It was soothing, mesmerising to a point even.

John got up and decided to approach the officer. He walked to his side and removed his hoodie.
" You know, if you want to fit in here my good man, you shouldnt look around so frantically. Folks here notice things like that. ", John smiled at him and offered him a greeting arm, " John, John Decker. I believe we met in space earlier, when you decided not to blow me out of the sky, "

RE: A Konteradmiral and a smuggler - Tiger - 01-15-2020

Gerwald noticed him as he approached, and, with a calm attitude, but still nervous, responded to the handshake.
"Gerwald, Gerwald Klaus. Very exciting to meet interesting people is it not? Also of course, I could've had you shot down but maybe this might be a good opportunity and, thank you for your kind tip." Klaus felt a chill go down his spine, but decided that after all it's the point of no return, time will tell if this was a bad decision or a good one.

RE: A Konteradmiral and a smuggler - Baphomet - 01-18-2020

" Very good to meet you Gerwald ", John said as he was sitting down. He made himself comfortable and motioned to the bartender. A few moments later bartender was dancing around the customers to reach Johns table, he set aside the drink in front of him and nodded in a kind manner.

" Thanx Oswald, you always know what i want ", and the bartender walked away. Now John focused himself on his newly discovered patron. He was very interested as to why an officer of the law spared him, let him go and invited him for a drink.

" Tell me Gerwald, to what do i owe this pleasant surprise invitation? Usually officers are less then kind to people in my line of work. " John was slowly sipping his drink, intrigued by this situation.

RE: A Konteradmiral and a smuggler - Tiger - 01-18-2020

Klaus watched as the bartender came, dropped off the drink and nonchalantly walked away. He stared at John in the eyes dead for a few seconds, giving him the feeling that this might be it, then smiled with calm, and proceeded to ask the man's question.
"You see, I like to meet new people. Especially people as interesting as you" Gerwald felt relieved now that the operation is a go, all he had to do now was to see how the situation develops. Deep down, Klaus knew that there was no contract with Daumann most likely. "You probably take me for a fool, tell me, there was no Daumann contract at all for those artifacts now was it? Well, I can turn a blind eye, since you didn't decide to put a projectile between my eyes. You see, I wasn't always a law-enforcer, so I still have my moments when I simply don't care or turn a blind eye, but that be between me and you. Also, there have been some incidents recently which didn't exactly make a nice image as a whole." Gerwald felt another chill down his spine, thinking about the sudden strike of Daumann workers and his relocation to secondary fleet. Their table had to endure Klaus's rapid and nervous taps as he gazed out the window as he thought what to do next when he'll get back home, if he gets back at all.