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RE: Powergaming - Binski - 01-11-2020

That's why I don't like the pre-scripting of stuff, you never know what's a real situation or something set up behind the scenes.

RE: Powergaming - Typrop - 01-11-2020

(01-11-2020, 10:28 PM)Binski Wrote: That's why I don't like the pre-scripting of stuff, you never know what's a real situation or something set up behind the scenes.

It's significantly more understandable when done between players, than it is by developers. A certain amount of pre-scripting is kind of necessary for some things, and the choice to be open about it or hush-hush is itself a bit of a dilemma.

RE: Powergaming - SnakeLancerGame - 01-11-2020

Pre-scripted events are ok, if its agreed upon between both participating parties, and as long as the events themselves are thoroughly roleplayed out and not Rushed (e.g Planetary defenses or resistance not being wiped out in 1 sentence) unless it was already agreed to have it be like that.

RE: Powergaming - Thunderer - 01-12-2020

I don't know if this is aimed at me again, but we talked about this already. The Coalition resistance is not wiped out, they have retreated from places they couldn't hold so they wouldn't suffer unnecessary casualties and are fighting a guerrilla instead. They are not stupid and they know that they can't hold out against a numerically superior foe in a symmetrical war, so they are doing what Bretonia did on Leeds when Gallia invaded: blowing up bridges, factories, supply transports, terrorizing the local populace. I was criticized for intending to have the Coalition fight a front war with Bretonia on Planet Exeter by either Groshyr or Okunev (or both), so I opted for this instead, as the ideas they presented to me convinced me it would be more realistic. Sorry if you expected to have a dedicated RP thread about this with me, but I am bad at ground warfare RP (I have no idea how they fight on the ground in Sirius) and I don't have enough time. I am buried with RPs and I also need to study. I still owe Groshyr a response in some Discord RP we're doing right now, and I am thinking of what to write. I'd like to play the actual game sometimes, too. I made sure to contact the 3 most important Coalition people I knew (if we don't count Con and Zyliath, who stand for Selim's Separatists) about this, including you, before I decided where it would go. Powergaming was not my intention, but I don't have enough time to RP every detail with everyone, so some things will have to come down to a sentence or two. Maybe you would like to RP in detail with Con? He always keeps bugging me for RPs, I need someone to satisfy his lust. While at it, I think you should do it with Doc Holliday as well. I promised him medical RP in a ground warfare setting, but I was too ambitious and then realized I didn't have enough time. I feel I have wronged him and need to apologize somehow, and I think this would make him happy.

I'm sorry if I took this more personally than supposed to, but I am sensitive to criticism and I don't think that is a bad thing.

I am also sorry to Groshyr, because I wrote this wall of text instead of the promised RP, which I will have to postpone for tomorrow.

RE: Powergaming - Anton Okunev - 01-12-2020

Quote:The recent events concerning Exeter could have been a strong contender for what godmoding looks like, were the outcome not decided by an event. A heavily damaged, no, industrially crippled country annexing a territory to their direct south, successfully, without starting an outright war, much less tanking approval from other countries or their own civilian population.

There was approval in really, situation with GC was literally alike Munich Agreement)

About ground defence. Let be seriously, as only you lose orbit - you lose any chances to fight proper ground conflict, have you advantage in ground forces or not.

In start of new GC war, Bretonia had full control over planet orbit, what effectively means, that they could strike any *****, move any ***** from any location to any location, and it all during time of orbital period. I dunno how even explain how big advantage it gives, just imagine that even with suborbital flight you can move forces for distances like half equator in really no time. You can perform strikes without need to enter in AA zone. Like imagine how much hardware troops should have even just to intercept some hypersonic maneuring warheads just dropped like garbadge from orbit. This is entirely different levels, left no chances in open engagement.
Its just means, that even if you have advantage in ground force, but no orbit, your enemies would just sit in defence, effectively supplied from it, while your rear infrastructure vaporizing.

Any normal commander would just hide somewhere where he wouldnt be located fast, surrounded and destroyed. And will just waiting in hope that his comrades will change situation. What is, actually happend. WIth current situation, there probably just some chaotic mess on orbit, where both side can use advantages of it equally. Now Coalition can ressuply their forces and start normal operations, trying to deadly damage Canaria corps before they would got reinforcements.

(Also sairs, remember they still somewhere in mountains, and have 2 BS in bordering to O49 systems, what actually make me think who will real benefitiar of Stirling event)

Situation can tho be different, if sides have some good defended positions covered with weapon which can effectively take down space targets on high orbits, and intercept shuttles/warheads at low-orbits/suborbital flight. But that implying very good level of supplying infrastructure, i pretty sure that Coalition just didnt deployed ***** like this on GC in considerable amounts. But tbh even so, it would've been just slow cooking forces in a pot, without chances to make any strategical moves, while enemy can operate freely outside of covered perimeter. (Tho it can have political sense)

So in end, as far orbit under enemy control, best what you can do as force commander - its hide and if situation allows - make diversions. All other variants in case of GC meant "lose good troopers for nonstrategical pieces of frozen land".

P.S. I'm just writing it because i'm dont sure what people expecting from troops in situation when skies under enemy control.

RE: Powergaming - Alestone - 01-12-2020

There are no Kinetic Strikes in the Freelancer universe unless you want to de-orbit rocks and cause Extinction Events.

Energy weapons don't make it through the atmosphere, so that won't work.

Is this another one of those, "I say, therefore we'll just make some nonsense up?" Wait, what was it called last time? Oh, yes, DevMagic. Making things up to rationalize your position...

RE: Powergaming - Thunderer - 01-12-2020

I don't know what magic that was, but it sure was powerful.

RE: Powergaming - Anton Okunev - 01-12-2020

Who said there is no kinetic weapon, who said there is no bombs, who said there is no hypersonic glaiders warheads for ground bombardments?

Gallic Triumphs as i see its rather specialised ship to operate in conditions when defence grid are still on, so like assault breachers.

Edit.: dunno how should be flower freelancer lore to not have just bombs/guided warheads for ground bombing, military not using orbit for ground strike, is like heroine addicted dont using syringe.

RE: Powergaming - Sombra Hookier - 01-12-2020

[Image: unknown.png]

Also, have a look at the list of mission-related dangerous items.


RE: Powergaming - Pepe - 01-12-2020

(01-12-2020, 01:23 AM)Thunderer Wrote: I also need to study.


Your PC cables are ALSO easy to pull out. It takes just two hairy macho fingers to do.