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The Interview - Toga - 01-13-2020

The cold wind whistling through the trees in Manhattan a beautiful day. Toga reaches down to check his data pad to find a correspondence from the GrG requesting his presence in Ames research station. Tapping lightly Toga responds, “Thank you for this opportunity I will be on my way won’t take me but a quick second to get there”. Toga sends the message then makes his way to his ship. An old stargazer beaten and bruised from his recent exploration of the Detroit debris field. “I’ll need to get my ship from the garage I don’t believe this stargazer will impress anyone.” Toga loads the required supplies and begins his journey to Pueblo to grab his stork.

The Interview - Toga - 01-14-2020

Upon entering space I notice the humble police stationed nearby doing their daily cargo scans. Questioning everyone including the poor beggars. I adjust my course for the trade lane, excited to be so close to sitting in Front of the GRG. I enable the sequence to the trade lanes to begin my trip to fort bush. I will need to stop by there to grab some coffee and donuts before I get to Pueblo. Right before I enter into the trade lane sequence the lane shuts down and the officers begin hollering over the radio for me to kill my engines. Another cargo scan I thought unaware that I still had the junk from the rogue ship I found in the debris field. Noticing the issue I followed along with the officers wanting to keep peace so I could travel easily through liberty. I jettisoned the cargo and they bid me farewell, only to notice later they marked a fine onto my ship when I docked at fort bush. I entered the bar to get me some coffee to go and then loaded back into my ship. When I entered space this time it was empty, nothing but the stations around. I started towards the trade lanes to the Jumpgate when I panicked thinking I had left my authorization card on my desk in Manhattan. I scrambled around my cockpit spilling my coffee then noticing my card sitting on the control panel. Relief sank over me as I entered the trade lane. Arriving at the Jumpgate, I was still amazed by the construction of something so fascinating. I begin my docking sequence, sending the necessary files to show my authorization to travel. I prepared my ship for the jump then entered the Colorado jump gate. My life would change more than I ever knew when I’d reach Ames, more than even I knew.