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To: LPI From: MR Robort - SmokesDen - 01-14-2020

[Image: fV7kIte.png]

Signal Strength : Healthy due to From Manhattan Orbit on a Transport - Secure to LPI Officers ears only

Quote: Message:
To, Liberty Police Inc

Hello Officers of the Liberty Police Department Inc,

I will get to the point of this as fast as I can.

Just doing some flying around and taking photos of bases to add to my Neural Database of base operations and details about them..

And seen your Operations base you take rookies to come officially Lawful enforcement dieing just a bit, Here's an image i took, coming thru now. . .

[Image: ucXQU49.png]
Health: 730,446,976 ON time of the photo taken

I have spend some my time in my Transport to assist it on not decaying to nothing risking The place be open to countless attacks.

heres some photos i toke:
[Image: xsNDyRh.png]
[Image: dw7fHLQ.png]
[Image: Dl08euo.png]
[Image: H05TMZI.png]

That's the end of it, just wanted inform you about the base status also, The amount of each good i did was 3 loads in a Serenity.

Payments for deliveries are Optional to my ship, Unmistakable .

Freelancer, Mr Robert out.