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To the Lane Hackers - WPeregrine - 01-15-2020

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Transmission- Golden Dragon Casino, Shikoku system
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Handle name: Hebishima , Takarabune Conglomerate

To the Lane Hackers, to the attention of Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Blackfriar

ごきげんよう, esteemed partners of of the Lane Hackers, we bid you a good day. The seasons have changed many times, and we hope the winters have given you respite to renew strength and prepare for the year ahead.

I deduce few among you know or remember me, so allow me to introduce ourselves once more. My name is Hebishima, and I am a representative of the interests of the Takarbune Conglomerate, a rather- diversified - business company from Kusari, with strong links to the Hogosha movements.

Time as passed and unfortunately winds of change have swept among our community as well. The former unity of the Hogosha Association is no more, and the syndicates have scattered or reorganized themselves into more modest alliances of convenience or familiarity, suited to the needs of the age. The Takarabune, after some seasons in port to find its bearings, sails once again into the blessed regions of Kusari, under it's own banner, to promote its own view of the future.

While today's message brings no hidden motive underneath these long lines, consider it as a courtesy greeting towards the Lane Hackers, giving reminder that there are still partners of occasion for those rather unusual jobs that happen in these neighbouring regions.

We believe some old jobs are still on the table for us, but if there is anything that arises in your renewed interest, do let us know.

We hope the Miyoshi has been of service to your cause.

Hebishima, singing off.

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RE: To the Lane Hackers - Mr.Ling - 01-18-2020

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On behalf of the Professorship, I'd like to inform you that we are very happy to hear from you, Mr Hebishima. It is a pleasing sight to see that your conglomerate is alive and well. The end of the unity of Hogosha movement comes as more of an interesting political change to myself, however, I believe that none of that would hurt our business together. Furthermore, Mr. Yoshida and Mr. Blackfriar are occupied with pressing matters. I assure you that they will be informed of your message, nonetheless. As for those unusual jobs, the Lane Hackers are always ready to help our allies, and I assure you that you fall in the aforementioned category, and as one of our esteemed business partners, I believe you still have access to our Job board.

I hope our future relations are fruitful, Mr. Hebishima.