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To: Konrad Von Gloda - Sender: The Gen'an Chrysanthemums - Megaera - 02-19-2020

ID: Ikeda Yume
Recipient: Konrad Von Gloda
CC: None
Subject: Assistence

Greetings, mister von Gloda,

I want to formally extend the gratitude of the Gen'an Chrysanthemums for the assistence you provided resulting in the safe return of one of our Chrysanthemum Sisters. 10 million credits has been transfered to your ship.

[19.02.2020 00:40:31] [2020-02-19] 00:37:53 You have sent 10.000.000 credits to LH~Konrad.Von.Gloda.

Sister Akiyama seems to be abit shaken from the lack of cardamine, but is otherwise fine. If not for your assistence, it could have ended alot worse.

First Communications Officer
Ikeda Yume

RE: To: Konrad Von Gloda - Sender: The Gen'an Chrysanthemums - Konrad von Glöda - 02-19-2020

[Image: 158a.png][Image: 2.png]

Hello, ms Ikeda Yume
firstly allow me to apologize for the secrecy and not reviling my face,
Ms. Mayu was very lucky I was in the area with a hold full of spare Cardamine when I saw the hail come though I understood that I had to act and quickly. When I Joined ms. Mayu in space the signs of Cardamine withdrawal was visible so I made sure to give her enough to make the trip,
I also had taken the liberty to teach some combat evasion and escape tactics to her I learned from one of our best so this will hopefully help if this happens again or at the very least it will stop her getting captured as your aware no lane hacker has ever been captured alive and for good reason.
Your gratitude is appreciated but the pleasure of assisting your sisters was welcome.
I'm glad to learn that she made it back safely and that she will make a full recovery Cardamine withdrawal is very unpleasant.
If this service is ever needed in future I shall be more than willing to assist