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To Laura.Kreator of DSS - Konrad von Glöda - 04-09-2020

[Image: 158a.png][Image: 2.png]

When we met in space yesterday you were talking about how your company was vilified by the house of liberty I have been given the permission to represent the Lane Hackers in the negotiations that shall commence, I remember that you were in need of open protection from us, is this still the case? If so we can arrange an agreement that is beneficial for both parties. You get our protection, but that is an expensive service. Normally this would be financial,l but I have heard that you are brilliant craftsmen of rare technology's that arent easy to find around the houses. This is of interest to us.
I await your reply

RE: To Laura.Kreator of DSS - Baphomet - 04-10-2020

[Image: JmUHr3v.png]

-Connection Established-
[Image: voeRyiV.png]
Encryption: High
Origin:Liberty space
ID:Valerie "Scorpion" Gunsmith
To:Operative Konrad


Laura is otherwise indisposed so im taking over this communication. She explained your conversation with her. Yes Deep Space Solutions hit dire times in Liberty, so i finally openly turn to you, my new friends. Open protection is not only required but organised joint strikes are more like what i had in mind. Our new goal is to weaken Liberty and stretch its filthy mouth wide open so we may pour buckets of pure Cardamine down its greedy corrupt throat.

We can offer technology of chip cloaking yes, at a significantly reduced price for our new friends. We shall negotiate the terms via a more comfortable way, if you agree of course. If you accept this i propose a meeting with you. Please inform your superiors that you have yourself a deal. All we have to do is plan everything carefully.

I await your response.

Kind regards.

-Connection Terminated-

RE: To Laura.Kreator of DSS - Konrad von Glöda - 04-10-2020

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Hello Ms. Valerie Gunsmith i am glad to make your acquaintance my name is Konrad Von Golda, s
I understand you have done some business with us before so you can trust that we are the most careful organization in the houses, I believe that Magellan would provide the shelter that we would need for these talks, and if anyone tries to interrupt we can scramble a wing to protect the area these would come from Mactan base. I have sent a short loop dispatch message to the revered professorship the heads of our organization they are yet to respond but I have it good faith that I can organize this meeting and go through the fine details face to face. I shall reach out over even securer communications.

RE: To Laura.Kreator of DSS - Konrad von Glöda - 04-12-2020

[Image: 158a.png][Image: 2.png]

Hello Valerie "Scorpion" Gunsmith
Just to confirm our deal in a traceable way only in case of a mishap with my interloper's black box
  • We gain access to your base

  • shall flood Liberty with Cardamine, which is rewarded by the bounty board I believe we will add you to the list of smugglers able to assist in these essential trips, Once it's been voted on by the professorship

  • We shall add DSS to our bounty board as clients Once it's been voted on by the professorship

  • We can gain access to light strike craft cloaking devices

    And as agreed beforehand we will provide assistance in joint attacks and raids upon the corrupted pettifoggers, rapscallions that run the corporations and the government they sway to their will.