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Request Reward SciData - Secret Valley Workshop - 05-19-2020

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::[Incoming Transmission]::
::[CONNECTING To: Server]::
::[Accessing Secret Valley Workshop Base information]::

::[Secret Valley Workshop]::

SOURCE: New London

Greetings fellow Sirians, my name is Dr. Jake Frakes, Director of Science, Development and Logistics. I'll give you a brief guide on Secret Valley Workshop ...

Through a previous message, we congratulate all officers and pilots from all over Sirius for the fact that the Secret Valley Base Workshop was built up to Core 4.
In that time, we remind everyone that SVW has always had the rule of serving the bustling community of transport and servers across our galaxy with research in various modalities; from biochemical and human subjects to the development of improved vaccines for agriculture, agronomy and improvements in the construction of equipment used on a large scale on ships that fly among the stars of all known systems in Sirius.
In addition, he has always maintained the principle that he no longer prefers one house over another. It was also mentioned that the same applies to factions, provided that when they are in Brittany they respect the applicable laws of that government.
The Oficina do Vale Secreto reiterates that it will always be a resting place for the arriving traveler, with deliveries to the base or to buy all the scientific and technological apparatus that we offer in our store.

New motivation.
After the first celebrations, soon the whole team was motivated to work more spacious, with new furniture, interstellar computing systems, updated and state-of-the-art command. This generated in the entire team, which is remarkably scientific, was immediately impacted by a new objective: Completely overhaul the facade of the Secret Valley Workshop's structural building.
At a meeting attended by all directors, engineers and employees, from the most servile to the most senior, it was voted to hire, through scientific data, a Team of Developers, which has been very successful in the Galactic market in Sirius. These entrepreneurs have in their team people capable and of good wisdom and therefore, as we are all aware of their capacity, we decided by unanimous votes to request from these developers a POB Model Change (Permanent) for the Secret Valley Workshop.

Model action and research.
At first, we dared to dream of an existing model, such as Canberra Star City in Tau 44, however, it was finally decided to prudently request models to choose from.

Decision and agreement.
At the end of that meeting, all those present signed minutes in agreement that this project is carried out in terms and completed in the current time possible.

No further.

Transmission Ended

Dr. Jake Frakes
Director General of Science, Technology and Production of Secret Valley Workshop.
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