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SVW - "Battleship EMP Flak Turret" - Secret Valley Workshop - 08-01-2020

»» Engineering Report: "Battleship EMP Flak Turret"

»» Name: Engº. Karl Furlain
»» Team: Green
»» Rank: Project Lead
»» Authorized by: Dr. Jack Frakes
»» Location: Secret Valley Workshop - Engineering Workshop Compartment B / New London - Bretonia

»» Summary

We have constructed multiple items of the type "Battleship EMP Flak Turret". They are now available for sale.

Detailed Report

Chief trade manager Nicolas Dwane O'Leary recently added plants to the workshop database in a file called "Battleship EMP Flak Turret". Apparently a BAF pilot took these blueprints from a pirate who fought in bretonia's space. I was tasked with checking the plants on their accuracy and quality and could confirm that they are indeed of excellent quality. As a result, Blackbeard ordered the production of two of these items for commercial purposes.

[Image: unknown.png]

Combined with normal vials, these things can cause average damage to the AoE against snobbish groups and bombers. One or two is enough, though.

The tests are satisfactory and our own teams have replicated this weapon in detail according to the plants. After the tests were done, we dismantled the station tower and contained all the components in Quick Deployment Boxes (FOURCEDs), which were also described in the documentation, specifically desgined by engineer Linda Broke.

With all tests successfully completed, we continue our production for a second prototype of Battleship EMP Flak Turret. At this point we have two Battleship EMP Flak Turret. They are sealed and can be sold at any time.

This concludes my report.

Karl Furlain
"Battleship EMP Flak Turret" Project Lead, Engineering Team Yellow, Secret Valley Workshop