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Southern Lights to Hellfire Legion - Thexare - 03-25-2009

Incoming Transmission...
Sender: Captain Ayumu Ishida
To: Hellfire Legion Command
Subject: Vespucci

I am Ayumu Ishida, commanding officer of the Southern Lights Outcast fighter wing operating out of Cape Wrath Base, and more specifically of Mirage Squadron, a light combat and infiltration unit.

I have been engaged in extended negotiations with the Lane Hackers regarding the use of Falchion, Bayonet, and Broadsword-class combat vessels, and they have informed me that these ships are primarily constructed within Vespucci, a system which you are in control of.

Therefore, our acquisition of these ships has to go through you, not the Hackers.

As I have explained to the Lane Hackers, the advanced optronic systems in these vessels will be very useful in infiltration, espionage, and assassination. We, therefore, would like to purchase these ships - which requires access to Vespucci, though only long enough to pick up the ships.

I have enclosed a copy of the Lane Hackers' transmission to confirm that it is in your hands rather than theirs.

On a note unrelated to the previous topic, I am also interested in pursuing closer relations with your organization. Mirage Squadron operates primarily in Liberty, and though our goals are not identical, they are compatible.

Ishida out.

Attached files:
...uploading data...

Capt. Ayumu Ishida ~ The Hellfire Legion has been granted the duty of safeguarding the Vespucci system; all vessel requisitions from Lane Hacker shipyards in Vespucci must be cleared through their bureaucracy exclusively.


End of transmission.

(// if I screwed up the link, it's post 106.)

Southern Lights to Hellfire Legion - selsyn - 03-26-2009

Connecting to Secure channel 5-***-***-***-32...
Password required...
Password entered, verifying...
password accepted..
Legion Secure line opened...
message status:
in progress...
Comms ID: Star Captain Joshua Mahnke
Target ID: Captain Ayumu Ishida, SLOFW


The Southern Lights are hereby allowed to enter Vespucci to purchase the Bayonet Heavy Fighter, the Falchion Light Fighter, and the Broadsword Bomber chassis and equipment. You will make haste and not linger for very long, as we are rather strict about who we let in and out. You are -only- allowed to dock on Monterrey Base.

ANY deviation from the pre-planned flight path will result in your vessel's immediate destruction, and we will be destroying every single other one of the acquired aforementioned ships.

Needless to say, we will also not be very happy if you decide to "borrow" our weapons, as I do believe that your Outcast peashooters are more than satisfactory for the job at your hand.

Also, don't go blabbering about where you got these ships from? Vespucci is under a lockdown right now, and the last thing we need is everyone with a hispanic sounding name busting down our doors wanting pieces of our rather secret and -very- expensive technology.

If we do see our technology in anyone else's hands, believe me, we will be hunting them down and removing them from our ships, whether that means destroying them, or taking them back "the easy way."

If you agree to these terms, you may purchase a few of our vessels on Monterrey base. That does -not- mean you may go using them willy nilly as you please. Keep a low profile, or else we will be wanting our ships back, very quickly.

Star Captain Joshua Mahnke, SAD

Message status: complete...
Message Sent...
Closing connection...

Transmission ended...

Southern Lights to Hellfire Legion - Thexare - 03-26-2009

Incoming Transmission...
Sender: Captain Ayumu Ishida
To: Hellfire Legion Command
Subject: Vespucci

Those terms are not a problem. We have nothing to gain by using your weapons, and we have no reason to be anywhere in Vespucci other than Monterrey Base.

And if too many Outcasts get their hands on these ships, one of the advantages of using them is gone.

Ishida out.

End of transmission.

Southern Lights to Hellfire Legion - Thexare - 03-31-2009

Incoming Transmission...
Sender: Captain Ayumu Ishida
To: Hellfire Legion Command
Subject: [SL-M]MNS-Apparition

An additional issue has recently come to my attention, that of our Lane Hacker Gunship Apparition.

We purchased it from the Lane Hackers back when gunships were deployed from Mactan Base. If our continued use of this ship is a problem, we could replace it with the new Tridente model if you require this. I would prefer not to, however.

I've enclosed a link to our original application and to its acceptance, so you can confirm that it was purchased in the appropriate time frame. We have no intentions of using more gunships at this time.

Attached files:
Quote:I am Ayumu Ishida, commanding officer of the Southern Lights Outcast fighter wing operating out of Cape Wrath Base, and more specifically of Mirage Squadron, a special operations unit.

I am requesting one of your gunships to test in our work for now, and may want more in the future for Mirage Squadron's use. Its superior scanners and communications systems, as well as a variety of the "special" systems, are very useful in Mirage Squadron's work... at least in theory, this should make it even better for our use than the gunship being developed on Malta. I would like an opportunity to test this myself.

Mirage Squadron will be operating primarily in Liberty specifically to help the Lane Hackers and deal with a few pests there.
Quote:Captain Ayuma Ishida : You are cleared to proceed. The Lane Hackers look forward to reports of your success.


End of transmission.

(// once again, if the link's broke, posts 92 and 93.)

Southern Lights to Hellfire Legion - frozen - 04-14-2009

Incoming video transmission...
Verifying encryption status...
Status verified.
Uplink synchronised...

Aethelu here. Do not worry, You can continue using the Lane Hacker gunship. just as with the rest of the ships we provided your squadron, be extra wary it doesnt fall into the hands of the wrong people. After all, alot of time and effort has gone into creating these masterpieces of machinery. That is all, i presume?

Uplink terminated...