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WTB> Council BC - Save My Soul - 10-02-2020

  • "Obstinate" Council Battlecruiser — credits

But of course you can offer your price if this one doesn't suit you.

RE: WTB> CLD1; JD3; HSM - Interstellar Beacon - 10-02-2020

We offer building one/two or all your positions at the cost of just 25m per device, if you arrange delivery of materials
to start, send us inRP message through comm channel (here inRP news about us), or just notify us as ooRP here
We would ask extra 150million being hold during contract, which would be returned if you finish construction of any devices you made us to start at our base.

Example: If you order all three devices, we would ask 150m at the start, and when you finished
we would give you all three devices and return you 75mils. (Finished devices can be transfered earlier than contract ending)

Example, if you order only one device, we would ask 150m to start, and return 125m with device when you finish it.

So you can spend just 75 in the end for all devices.
Holding amount is not returned only if you decide to abandon device construction which was started.

P.S. Delivery of materials can be performed by any party, which has legal standing in Liberty Space.

RE: WTB> CLD1; JD3; HSM - Save My Soul - 10-02-2020

Ya-ah... I've already been recommended your services, but I don't really want to bother with materials, honestly. Don't have much time for the game, so don't want to waste it on transportation. Anyway, thanks for the offer!

RE: WTB> CLD1; JD3; HSM - Interstellar Beacon - 10-02-2020

I would recomend then trying to get in touch with Logan or Secret Valley Workshop, if you are looking for general all around manufacturers
Cloak Disruptors can be also sold by St. Denis

As an alternative... we can help with hiring traders to build with us. This option is available if everything is done in decent roleplay.

RE: WTB> CLD1; JD3; HSM - Save My Soul - 10-02-2020

Thanks for the suggested options, but I just wanted to try to buy these modules cheaper since those sellers prices, in my opinion, are... Hmm... Outdated. But I'll keep your advice in mind.

RE: WTB> JD3; HSM - Save My Soul - 10-04-2020

Still looking for JD3 and HSM.

RE: WTB> JD3; HSM - Save My Soul - 10-06-2020

RE: WTB> JD3; HSM - Save My Soul - 10-17-2020

Need CAU8. Price added. Send offers, if it isn't suit you.

RE: WTB> CAU8; JD4; HMX - Save My Soul - 10-18-2020

Still need CAU8. Really want to buy Council BC. And, of course, you can offer your price if you don't like mine.

RE: WTB> DM; JD4; HMX; CAU8; Council BC - Save My Soul - 10-19-2020

Added DM to list. Still buying other stuff.