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To: the Kaiser of Rheinland [Top Secret] - Alpha.Wolf - 10-18-2020

Opening Video Transmission

[Image: bOvBvdj.png]

Location: Schlachtschiff Scharnhorst, Stuttgart Orbit
Sender ID: Hanna Wyghtham
Recipient ID: Kaiser Hans Edvard Albrecht-Friedmann
Concerning: Your Security.

Good day euer Majest├Ąt,

it is an honor to contact you. Please let me introduce myself; my name is Hanna Wyghtham, agent in her majesties Secret Service. I have left Bretonia years ago, to come to Rheinland and help to bring your family back where you belong. The throne.

Now, as you are the rightful emperor of Rheinland, you probably think my work is over, although it just has begun.

Majest├Ąt, I am staying in Rheinland as your servant. As your guard. Whenever you need to leave your home you can contact me and I will protect you from your enemies. Can can also contact the Bretonians for you in all matters, the friendship of our houses has a high priotity and our Crown is interested in an even closer alliance in the future.

Our Director has already authorized that I can stay in Rheinland on side of the Intelligence Service. I already have a place to live on Stuttgart, the archduke of Stuttgart was kind and donated me a piece of land. You do not have to take care of anything else, but you can, if you wish.

Your majesty, you probably need something to see that you can trust us. Let me give you access to this report to see that we have real intentions to keep our friendship with the Kaiserreich.

If you still have any questions, I will answer them immediately.

H. Wyghtham
Agent H.M S.I.S
[Image: m85lB37.png]