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AP-FILE #7244 PROJECT "CONQUISTADOR" - Shinju - 02-18-2021

Project 0964: "CONQUISTADOR"

• OBJECTIVE: Ensure fully operational status of Conquistador and Glorioso
• ASSIGNED APM PERSONNEL: Director A. Romero & APM| Engineering
• AUDIT: Director A. Romero


The Core has made a deal with Maltese, exchange of one(1) AP-540 "Bullhead" Core Battlecruiser for two(2) RM-2A "Storta" Outcast Destroyers. APM will deliver both vessels from S-17 to Rho, properly equip chassis of both RM-2As with correct weapons and if situation demands with AP engines.

As soon as the maintenance is complete, The Core operatives will take control over both vessels.

RE: AP-FILE #7244 PROJECT "CONQUISTADOR" - Shinju - 02-19-2021

Phase ONE

Both RM-2As were delivered to Alabama for a small upgrade including new weaponry and if possible new AP engines. "Conquistador" and
"Glorioso" vessels were moored at drydock A-1, engineering is finishing necessary upgrade preparations. All we need right now is a full list of equipment desired by The Core so we can set it up correctly.

In Phase ONE engineering will set up reinforcement of the hull because for this upgrade we don't need opinion of The Core high command.

That's all for now.

- Romero


RE: AP-FILE #7244 PROJECT "CONQUISTADOR" - Shinju - 04-02-2021

Phase ONE

Engineering team finally managed to equip both RM-2As with durable armor upgrade mark VIII. "Conquistador" RM-2A has already been equipped with most recent weaponry against capital vessels, however "Glorioso" is still waiting for it's refit. We will need more input from The Core operatives about their desired loadout of "Glorioso", anti-capital or more focused on smaller vessels?

On the other hand, "Conquistador" has absolved two(2) test flights around Omicron Rho and everything seems to be in order, apparently Maltese engineers didn't leave any surprises or errors for us to discover. All we need is to wait for The Core operatives to share the list of weapons they want to have on "Glorioso". It's been few weeks however, they should really work on their communication skills.

- Romero


RE: AP-FILE #7244 PROJECT "CONQUISTADOR" - Shinju - 07-18-2021

AP FILE Update

Access to the file has been revoked for the Core operatives until further notice. Only APM staff is able to see this file.

- Romero

RE: AP-FILE #7244 PROJECT "CONQUISTADOR" - Shinju - 05-14-2022

Phase TWO

After 10 months of intensive work on both RM-2As, we can finally announce work on this project is almost done. Both prototypes were properly equipped, mostly to fulfill multi-role purposes. List of equipment will be attached bellow as well as visual documents.

RM-2A "Conquistador"
  • 3x EMP-4a "Pulse"
  • 6x AR-51 "Lastlight"
  • 1x TL-4a "Light Mortar"
  • 2x SWS-50 "Tachyon"
  • 1x CD95XT
  • 1x CM-5
  • 1x POSITRON Shield
  • 1x "Harmonic" Upgrade

RM-2A "Glorioso"
  • 2x EMP-4a "Pulse"
  • 7x AR-51 "Lastlight"
  • 1x TL-4a "Light Mortar"
  • 2x LTP-121
  • 1x CD95XT
  • 1x TCM-1a
  • 1x POSITRON Shield
  • 1x "Harmonic" Upgrade

Both RM-2A vessels will be stationed near Alabama while maintenance and last preparations are under way.

- Barria Grumio, Alabama engineering


Additional notes

It wouldn't hurt to find out if RM-2As can be equipped and properly maintained with our AP engines. Calculate costs and differences. I'd like to know if they will be cheaper to maintain with better efficiency either with Maltese or AP engines. -Romero