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The Walkers or WLK|- - EndiFox_EF - 02-23-2021


Small Society of Free Pilots

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Sirius knew many groups of pilots who, in terms of ambition, perhaps could rival the great generals or rulers of their time. Driven by lust for profit, glory, or simply a desire to prove themselves as heroes, small groups of pilots moved into the depths of Sirius and either died or made some contribution to the history of this sector.

Quite a few people have claimed the title of heroes, wealthy people, or simply pioneers. But not them: the walkers are a motley group of pilots, busy with their own business and not having any kind of internal organization. Perhaps the only thing that unites them is the bonds of long-standing friendship that have gone into the distant past, one might say - childhood. These people have different goals and dreams in Sirius and either strive to realize them together, with the help of their companions (if they agree to help at all), or they simply continue to dream, writing off everything to the injustice of life.

Walkers are people, and after that, the organization. And as he believes to all sorts of people - they have their own views on life and their ideas on how to make the world a better place. In their own or someone else's favor - this is the third question.

Part I - Childhood:
Their story begins in 807 AD. In different months of this year, 3 people are born in Denver, Colorado - Marcus Watson, Fox Lostong and Alex Wright. All three, as expected, had different families with different outlooks on life and their own plans for the future, as well as thinking in advance about what their children will be like. They had only one thing in common - children who went to the same school together.

Marcus, Fox and Alex treated each other the same way any classmates treat each other - ridicule, jokes, support in difficult times (although this was rare, since all three had their own goals in life, and they did not always coincided), accompanied by communication in their free time. However, Fox received the most ridicule because of his name. However, not only because of the name. Childhood Lostong itself took place in dark alleys and cold streets, while Lostong himself was born at the cost of his mother - she died in childbirth. And Father died during a shootout in space.

And although Alex and Marcus did not exaggerate with such jokes, the rest of the classmates of the hapless boy by the name could not hold back the impulse of humor, which is why the ridicule and jokes turned into mockery, and then into real persecution.

In the second grade, several bullies from Fox's class decided to beat him up, as they felt his weakness in front of the others and that he would not be able to answer them. Arrived in time, Markus and Alex practically beat off the classmate from the hands of the hooligans. Fox did not know how to repay them, and they came to the conclusion that Lostong simply could not survive without them. This is how their friendship began.

Part II - Pipe dreams:
The school years passed, all three boys had already become real guys. Fox, supported by Marcus and Alex, essentially began to experience personal growth, which was accompanied by his self-development and already the confidence that he could fight back any offenders. "Friendship out of pity", as adults might call it, has become a real camaraderie, mutual trust and honor. It was already a real friendship, and all three understood this. Graduation from school was supposed to determine their future future, because after school they will go to college, and then - to adult life, filled with danger, great achievements and difficult trials. Knowing that they would have to split up and leave each other, all three vowed that they would achieve something big and meet in 10 years. The three young men, who knew that the stars were waiting for them, and that they would make their way to them with their knowledge and strength, were unstoppable in their dreams.

But fate decreed otherwise. Fate is cruel, fate is merciless, fate is that which can destroy into atoms something life that could be utopian. People are often afraid of fate, but the wisest of them try to warn the younger generations to keep their impulses more restrained. Watson, Lostong and Wright went on different paths, but fate made it so that each of them was ground several times and then thrown to the sidelines of life. Dreams remained dreams, and now the three had a simple goal - to survive.

Part III - Return:
Prolonged mockery of these three by Sirius could even lead to suicide: so hard was the fate of each before they met again. However, these three remembered their vows, remembered that their life is one, and they will not waste it in vain. They will fight to the very end. And it was this that became decisive: dreamy young people who went through the school of bitterness, loss and deception, while maintaining a firm hand, became real men. Their outlook on life has changed dramatically, and each of them threw their dreams in the trash along with their vows, as they now realized that some things are simply impossible to achieve, and some are better not to be achieved at all.

But if they gave up their vows and dreams, did they give up their friendship? Not. They remembered that after 10 years they were destined to meet, and they met in Manchester at the base of the Mercenaries. The meeting was originally planned: to find his old friends, Fox had to work hard. Having met, each of them told his story, confessed how he had acted wrong by refusing the oath. They spoke for a long time, as before - after so many years of living in a cold and endless space, they suddenly felt warm and comfortable. I remembered a long-standing friendship, I remembered that they should cherish each other, which they forgot about during this meat grinder through which life went. Fox, Alex and Marcus realized that they should not part with each other, and therefore they spent about a week at the same station, and then scattered in different directions, but this time creating a common communication channel "Walkers", which will still shine for them like a beacon in the darkest corners of Sirius, when despair and fear radiate from all directions.

It all started quite simply - their base was the mercenary base in Manchester. Fox founded the Walkers Corporation. The corporation was engaged in private transportation, but at some point friends in the region got tired of this occupation - they wanted extreme and risk. The Walkers Corp began dual work, both for the House and for the pirates. The corporation began to work on two fronts and cut huge profits, until everything went to the edge - the pilots began to deliver contraband throughout Sirius. They were respected not just as merchants, but as second Zoners from the world of Sirius. So slowly Fox closed the Corporation, despite the fact that its shares were in good demand, and as a result, all the brokers that held the shares did not even understand why the corporation actually closed. Ordinary people who bought shares of this company and watched it grow lost their money without explanation and the Walkers Corporation became simply Walkers. They didn't just want to be helpful - they wanted to be free. From the very day the Corporation was destroyed to the founding, the Walkers did not cease to be united, on the contrary, they became more friendly and stronger, because by that time many pilots remained from the corporation, who began to travel all over Sirius in search of adventure.

This state after the collapse of the company in 827 AD Walkers remain and are still surfing the expanses of an endless vacuum in search of adventure. Also, there are rumors that something incomprehensible is happening inside the Walkers themselves and it smells like a serious conflict, but these are all just rumors...

Policy towards other Sirius organizations:

Since "Walkers" are not an organized movement and do not have a specific chapter behind them, since it is first of all a group of friends, and after that it is an organization, the policy and relationship of this... group of people varies greatly and is never, as a rule, stable: so, if one of the members of the organization expresses sympathy for crime, then the other can, on the contrary, defend the interests of the authorities. Therefore, if a pilot makes friends with one of the Walkers, it does not mean that he will be friends with the whole group of pilots as a whole.

Because of all of the above, it is impossible to say for sure who and how the Walkers treat well or badly. Often, attempts by various organizations, where the Walkers members showed themselves not from the best side, to contact this group of pilots ended in failure: messages about the diplomatic conflict came to all the numbers of the members of this 'organization', which provoked an aggressive response in the form of obscene abuse against those who disturbed them. It can also happen that a pilot breaks relations with the organization with which other people cooperate, which leads to conflicts within the group itself.


There is only one way to become a member of Walkers - to get an invitation from one of its members.

In fact, Lostong, Wright and Watson do not adhere to any serious criteria regarding who can become part of the Walkers: if this person can be trusted, then he will become a part of them. Perhaps the only condition to have a chance to get into the Walker is to be a free Freelancer or Zoner. Well, and just often communicate with the pilots of this group. No more.

There are several ways to get there, for the Walkers are gradually opening up to the world and ready to accept selfless pilots under their wing, but they must have the main quality - the desire for freedom. If you like to obey someone, then there is little sense from you - you will not have a commander, you will not have a command center. You will not have a permanent person who will order you. You yourself are free to do whatever you want in this universe - maybe you want one, but you can want with your homies.

So far, there are two ways to get there, and the first is an invitation. The second is to write personally to one of the Walkers and maybe your application will be approved. Or maybe they will not approve. Who knows?