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The Hawaii Summit - Couden - 08-10-2022


The meeting Yoshikawa Ringo has managed to arrange on the Liner Hawaii, will represent more the interests of the different Corsair families who will try to deal with themselves, rather than with the Kusari or Hogosha in general. Where the Empire cabinet of Kusari made a deal with the Brotherhood, Hogosha lurked straight into the Deterrence agreement. This, however, came into the summit on the Liner Hawaii, where Saiko-komon of the Hogosha Alliance and it's only one representative of Hogosha and a person behind this meeting is waiting on the liner. Everything was well prepared, thanks to OS&C comfort and safety for this meeting. Yoshikawa only waited until the parties will arrive on the Liner.

RE: The Hawaii Summit - Elvinos2003 - 08-11-2022

Location: Hawaii liner / Sigma-19

After receiving the transmission from the Saiko-komon, Nina took her ship and headed to the liner chosen as the meeting point between the Corsairs and the House of Kusari.

Once she arrived and docked at the liner, Nina Rodriguez was greeted by a Hogosha who led her to the room where the meeting will be taking place. It took a certain moment before they arrived to the room. The Hogosha opened the door for the Centurion and closed it right after she entered the room. Nina had a youthful appearance, but her presence imposed a certain respect. Maybe it was because of her outfit. As always, she was wearing a black coat, a red t-shirt showing a bit her belly, black pants and black boots. But because it was an important meeting which will decide the future of the Corsairs and their Empire, her coat was closed covering her t-shirt. Surprisingly, she was the first to arrive. The Centurion took place on a seat and of course, she was not alone in the room.

''Centurion Nina Rodriguez of The Brotherhood. I will represent The Brotherhood during the talks.''

RE: The Hawaii Summit - Corile - 08-12-2022

Two Titan fighters flew into one of the Hawaii's bays, one after another, and set down on the magnetic landing decks. The distinctive green engines and lights and worn-down white sand paint revealed their owners to be Custodi. The pair disembarked.

One was an average, blonde woman, whose slightly olive complexion was the only indication she was not of pure Rheinlander stock, but rather hailed from a less civilized and more sunny place. The other was a man of impressive proportions - height, width, girth and all - with a shining bald head and an almost foolish-looking smile. It visibly contrasted with the woman's resting expression of something between anger and disgust.

"Dia owes me a big, big favour for sending me here to look after you," the woman said. "I really hope this doesn't end up like the last time. These things never go right."

"Ah, not to worry. This ain't the jaws of the lion, exactly. Pretty place. Sure the travel agents that run it won't let anything like that happen. Unless the Dorians will be their usual selves, I guess." The man spoke in a smooth, velvet-like voice, exuding friendliness and comfort. They approached a Kusarian standing nearby, wearing a patch with the insignia of the Hogosha.

"Kosti Zografou, Aristotelis Phocas," the man introduced himself and his bodyguard - though, looking just at their figures one might be excused to think the roles were reversed. "For that little, uh, get-together that we're having here."

The Kusarian raised an eyebrow, then gestured for them to follow him, leading the pair to the room where the meeting was supposed to take place. Phocas nodded at the woman from the Brotherhood already sitting in the chair at the table. He took his own seat next to her, while Kosti sat down in the corner of the room, crossed her legs carefully studied the room.

RE: The Hawaii Summit - Ravenna Nagash - 08-14-2022


With the first summit of the Senatus de Imperio Corsario concluded on Sanctum, an inconspicuous looking freighter named Lacrimosa left the docking bays of the station. Despite its rugged exterior, the ship was comfortable, its luxury interior denoting the status of the passengers inside. Much was discussed in the past few days and from the looks of it, the trend was about to continue.

The ship waited patiently as three additional fighters undocked and synched with the freighter. They departed quickly and silently without any further comms or logs left. If their luck was holding true, the way forward should be bereft of anything eventful. Assuming that intelligence had done their job properly, there was no reason to suspect any threats along the way or that information was leaked to one of Deterrence's many enemies.

Omicron Gamma was as beautiful as ever. The Walker Nebula and its orange-yellow hue gave a certain sense of tranquility to the region. Full of sulfur asteroids and all kinds of dangers lurking about, the peace was only an illusion. Enemy sightings were frequent and quickly dispelled any ideas for serenity, urging any seasoned pilot around these parts to be always on guard. The four ships proceeded on their journey uninterrupted, cruising forward without any contacts in range.

The Omicron Theta system offered a similar level of solitude to the crew. With arguably, one of the most remote settlements existing in the colonies, for many this was a desired circumstance. Deterrence had many friends among the Zoners, however the pilots opted for discretion. The group avoided Freeport 9 and the regular route and continued on its uneventful and quiet journey.

Before they knew it, the squadron arrived at Luxury Liner Hawaii. Ravenna had traveled these routes more than once yet still found the view impressive. The remarkable vistas of the Sigma-19 system were truly a sight to behold. It wasn’t as good as home, she ascertained, but it offered a different kind of beauty. The AS Orbital Spa and Cruise Lines and its state-of-the-art Luxury Liner now in full view in front of her, awakened the pirate in her. What a perfect target to raid. She enjoyed the thought for a moment then put a check on her natural impulses and concentrated on the task at hand. The forbidden fruit will have to be tasted at a later time, if at all.

The ships docked at its predetermined allocated spaces. A group of five made their way towards the central decontamination room. First was Praetor Carlos "Aurelius" Morales. In his late thirties, the man already had gray hair and streaks of silver in his beard. Despite his elegant clothing, he surveyed the room for potential ambushes, threats, or anything amiss. His lean build conveyed a sense of speed without a compromise on physical strength. Praetor Massimo Insigne joined him. His fine features added a sense of handsomeness to his face. The scars and his alert eyes dispelled any illusion of potential inexperience or complacency. Checking his equipment quickly, he looked for the rest of his group. Next were Praetor Lucah 'Nox' Samaras and Praetor Sandra Sanchez who were engulfed in a conversation among themselves - a dance of logic and passion, those two were always debating on how to improve things, at any moment. Dressed for combat, they were a handful, each in a different way. And finally, Executor Ravenna Nagash herself joined the group. Her rifle resting comfortably on her back. Her black mask hiding half of her face, red hair collected in a pony-tail. She instinctively checked her concealed pistol and knife, then stretched her hands and legs. The body suit was fitting comfortably underneath her combat jacket, cargo pants, and black boots.

The group approached their Hogosha hosts, who quickly led them to the meeting room. The Kusari man beckoned them to take their seats. Ravenna’s green eyes quickly surveyed the room taking in the situation. She took her face plate off, then let her hair loose.

"Looks like we'll be here for a while." - she thought to herself.

Her lips formed into a shark-looking smile and with a firm but pleasant tone greeted the representatives.

"Buen dia compañeras delegadas y delegados. Nǐ hǎo, xièxiè nǐ de kuǎndài. Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Executor Ravenna Nagash of the Deterrence. With me are Praetors Samaras, Morales, Insigne, and Sanchez. They represent Deterrence's finest.’’ - she gestured approvingly at each of the faces next to her.

"I would be remiss, if I didn't mention that we are also representing RPPS in these discussions. A pleasure to be your acquaintance." - adjusting herself comfortably, she leaned into the chair and crossed her legs while looking thoughtfully at each of the representatives.

RE: The Hawaii Summit - Emperor Tekagi - 08-14-2022

Among the usual busy traffic around the Hawaii, was also a small Bumblebee-class transport, with a light civilian appearing escort.
Though, it held unusual guests to the Hawaii, a small delegation of the Kusari Foreign Affairs Ministry. The small group embarked on the transfer ferry and was led to a separate room by one of the Majima Family members - the Hogosha handling the security. Due to various security concerns, the delegation only left the room once the Corsair representatives arrived and were guided to the designated meeting room.

The delegation consisting of a Secretary to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ishimaru Sakura , former ambassador appointed to the Core and current top diplomat in the Foreign Affairs roster, Umehara Tenji - as well as a cryptic man representing the Naval Forces, more specifically the Naval Intelligence branch - made their way to the meeting room at last.
Ishimaru, the young women who handled some of the communications, was dressed in a light blue Hōmongi featuring patterns depicting a quiet, remote forest. Umehara, a middle aged Kusarian with brown, short hair, was dressed in a formal dark blue suit. The Naval Forces representative featured a standard Naval Forces uniform, albeit without any visible rank or otherwise decorations.

They did not utter more words than mere formal greetings until they took their designated seats. Only then did Umehara turn his attention to the representatives of the various Corsair groups.

"Most esteemed representatives of the Alliance, the Deterrence, the Brotherhood and the Custodi. We are most pleased by seeing this large variety of responders to our offer. Unfortunately, the Foreign Minister could not arrange his appearance here today and I am to humbly apologize in his name."

He spoke calmly, direct, not eyeing one of the representatives in particular but rather briefly analyzing each of the persons in front of them.
Before anyone else could pick up on his words, the Naval Forces man rose his hoarse voice:

"Additionally, we were told that the Hogosha representative will guide this summit. We're looking forward to which point you wish to start with."

RE: The Hawaii Summit - Couden - 08-15-2022


The Kusari Delegation arrived after each of the Corsair Representatives arrived in Hawaii. Yoshikawa had gathered both Corsair and Kusarian delegations onboard the Liner Hawaii and started a speech.v
"Most esteemed representatives of the Corsair Council and the Kusari Empire. It is my pleasure to hold a summit between the Great Empire of Kusari, Sons and daughters of Corsair Empire and Hogosha Alliance as a Summit holders. We are pleased that you have come today across the Kusari and Omicrons here to Sigma-19 to improve our releationship between our Nations. Today’s summit wasn't possible without the hospitableness of Orbital Spa and Cruise. I hope you enjoy the stayment here for the summit period."
Yoshikawa spoke pridefully of the work the Alliance has done to gather them together in this room. She understood that this summit should be a place where Hogosha will either lose or gather more deals in Kusari and in Crete. She will not let Corsairs break the monopoly of the Alliance upon the artifacts; still, she thinks it won't happen.
"Dear Ishimaru-san, Umehara-san, I am asking you to listen to the Corsairs first. I am sure they have to offer to Kusari Uchugun."

RE: The Hawaii Summit - Elvinos2003 - 08-16-2022

Location: Hawaii liner / Sigma-19

The centurion representing The Brotherhood nodded to the Custodi's representatives respectfuly and did the same to Ravenna even if she dislike her. When Ishimaru Sakura and Umehara Tenji made appeared in the room of the meeting, Nina observed them. By the looking of those men, the centurion could see they were not simple men. Their presences were as if she was before the Elders.

The crimson haired corsair stood up before the others think to do it. ''Gracias to receive us and for your time to organize this.'' She said to Yoshikawa while she bowed toward her. After her bowing, her attention was focused on Ishimaru Sakura and Umehara Tenji. Again, she bowed toward them while she was presenting herself.

''Esteemed representatives of Kusari, The Brotherhood thank you for your presence and your precious time offered to us. I am centurion Nina Rodriguez of The Brotherhood. I will represent The Brotherhood during the talks. Before we start, I will let the others to present themselves.''

After saying this, Nina Rodriguez sits on her seat.

RE: The Hawaii Summit - Ravenna Nagash - 08-18-2022

Ravenna rose steadily from her seat, placing both palms on the table, and looked around the room. She began addressing the group with a cold composure, her clear voice echoing across the room.

Esteemed representatives of Kusari, delegates from the Corsair Imperio - it gives me great honor to start off this meeting. The main theme of this summit – a new chapter between our two great societies. We are living through a period of rapid transition and strife. Diplomacy changes, dynamics shift, and new enemies arise. We must be ever vigilant to any existential threats to the peace, as well as our security.

Today the safety of our borders, peace-keeping, and the building and maintaining of a strong defense and security form part of a wider diplomatic and political exercise. I hope this is the beginning of a new realization for all our people.

To preface our agenda - I, together with my Conclave members represent the ruling body of the Deterrence. We also represent the Senatus de Imperio Corsario, of which RPPS is also a member. Therefore, we’ll be covering both factions’ respective points for the purpose of establishing this treaty.

We would like to thank the Empire of Kusari for involving everyone across the board in this discussion. This meeting could be beneficial for the entirety of the Corsair Imperio and the rest of the people of Crete.

The Senatus agrees on all points of the original proposed treaty, but as Deterrence’s Conclave already mentioned in our initial communications, we would like to discuss the possibility of expanding the terms of this treaty for the benefit of both the Kusari and Corsair empires.
  • To begin, reading back on your communications with the Brotherhood, access to the Bounty Board appears to be exclusive to their faction. Given that Deterrence fields the largest standing military of the Imperio, it makes sense that this is extended to us too. There’s also a number of independent Corsairs pilots within our territory who will likely be interested in making some profit. After all, this change would provide an opportunity to mitigate your unlawful population more effectively.

  • Another thing to note in the aforementioned communications is that the relations of the Kusari Empire and the Gas Miners Guild have become less-than-friendly. We’d like to understand your current position and long-term policy towards GMG, given the geopolitical conditions. While not the main purpose of this treaty, it's a point worth considering and discussing.

  • Further, we'd like to note that Kusari has not explicitly mentioned any goods available on the Shirosato station to bring back home with us. A trade route that goes both ways would be advantageous to either party. Deterrence has a proposal of which we’re confident our fellow Corsair brethren will appreciate - load up some of your renowned, domestically-grown Kyushu Rice and Junyo Fish aboard Shirosato Station, offer it to our citizens for a reasonable price . This should invigorate your domestic food production. We’ve heard rumors that Synth Food continues to be a potential competition and a bone of contention for Kusari. We would like to further improve our supply chains and diversify our ability to reinforce remote locations with vital goods to expand our future operations as well as the general health of our people.

  • Your treaty with the Brotherhood has a "No Foreign Capital Ship" clause. We are interested in expanding this particular point and allowing our capital ships to support mutually advantageous operations. Deterrence can be flexible on this item. If you are not interested in granting a complete freedom of movement for vessels of all classes - then let’s discuss a relaxation of this policy. We can negotiate a limitation to pilots who have proven their discipline. Or, alternatively, limit our fleet-movement to designated, agreed-upon areas. I’m open to your suggestions.

Last but not the least, we would like to present a request from a fellow member of our Senatus. Salazar Caesar from the Roman Praetorian Prefecture has suggested additional points that could potentially benefit both parties:
  • Cultural exchange with Kusari.
  • License to broadcast Kusari media on Roman aligned stations and ships.
  • Kusari to broadcast Roman media on selected channels.
  • Exchange of intelligence that concerns the security of each side against common enemies.

And so, that draws my points to a close. Thank you for your attention, I urge you to carefully consider everything I’ve shared. The opportunities for a new found understanding and cooperation between us are vast.

Standing still for a moment, her eyes scanned the room slowly before she took her seat.

RE: The Hawaii Summit - Elvinos2003 - 08-19-2022

Location: Hawaii liner / Sigma-19

It did not appear on Nina's face, but when Ravenna asked to extend the political point about the vessels size, deep inside her, she felt digust. She thought for a second about what the Elders told her to say during the meeting.

The young woman stood up again. ''Since senora Ravenna said what the Deterrence wants, I will say what we, The Brotherhood want.
  • The Brotherhood wants neutrality with lawful entities.
  • The Brotherhood wants to have access to the bounty board.
  • The Brotherhood wants the permission to dock on Shirasoto station with a purpose of conducting artifact business in Kusari. Our reasoning for this is to allow us some opportunities for some business deals in Kusari space, and at the same time, to allow our allies, the Hogosha, to keep their income from artifact business on a healthy level, with both sides receiving the acceptable percentage from the income.
  • The Brotherhood wants the right to fly gunboat class ships and a permission to use cloak disruptors.
  • The Brotherhood wishes to use Hogosha tech cell. The reason is simple. The Hogoshas' ships are known to be agile and this aspect interest us because if we can use them, we will be able to match agile targets for the Bounty Board. It would also make refuelling on allied installations in Kusari more convenient, as Hogosha ships are designed to run on H-Fuel more efficient than our own ships

The corsair bows once again and sits on her seat.

RE: The Hawaii Summit - Corile - 08-19-2022

Aristotelis observed the entire gathering with displeasure. He felt especially repulsed at Ravenna Nagash, who, if he'd heard correctly, had greeted Kusarians in a language of the Coalition. He wondered what their reaction would be to that.

Once the Brotherhood representative stopped speaking, he felt the eyes of the room rest on him. He hesitated for a moment, then smacked his tongue. The pair before him seemed to vastly overplay their hands, so it seemed to him right to keep his cards close to his chest for now.

"I got nothing to add," he said without standing up, then spread his arms in an I don't know gesture. "But I do want to hear about the GMG, given that they're smack dab in the middle, they might not like it with fingers between the door and the frame, yeah?"