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Novi Plant - Artifacticals - 07-18-2023

Property of Cryer Pharmaceuticals. Trespassers will be prosecuted.

Novi Plant is a manufacturing facility owned by Cryer Pharmaceuticals. This high-security factory is dedicated to the production of advanced hardware, services for the transport fleet, and additional storage of research material and other sundries.

Those cleared to land know they are.

Travel Advisory: Owing to the base's remote location, as well as a lack of facilities available to the general public, travel to Novi is inadvisable at this time.

All right, now that the suckers are gone, welcome to Novi Plant. You got some goodies from a busted up trade ship, head to the left. Smugglers, I’ll see those manifests. Buyers, who’s our buyers, head on down this staircase and go through the red door. Salvagers, the scrap refinery is on the north wing, we’ll get the conveyers going as soon as you sign the forms. Jim, welcome back. We’ll arrange transport for whoever you’ve picked up this time.

The boys running Novi Plant are proud to display our zero-waste chop shop. This state of the art facility turns hijacked merchantmen and their escorts into alloys, starship fuel, and Interspace policy claims. The Detroit field offers perfect plausible deniability to our dear corporate “friends”, their cut is what they say is our entire output, but our more legitimate friends make bank selling fuel and alloys conjured up from nowhere. You’d be surprised how many people need metal and fuel, and Novi’s preferred customers have an endless supply.

Our friends in Cryer are gracious enough to supply us with enough water to keep ourselves and anyone else fed as well. If you're eating anything on board, chances are it came from the bay we put up.

You might have noticed the new industrial refinery going up. Word on the street is Fontana's in a bit of trouble, so we're picking up the slack. Bring in something good and give us a shout so we can refine it for you free of charge.

PS: '\S/'nitches get stitches. The Starfliers are PERMANENTLY BARRED from this base's services pending a public apology for aspersions cast upon our good name. Anyone wanting to know what they did, inquire within.