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Ricketts' Bar & Grill - [Deep Space Engineering] - 04-20-2024

[Image: 1wpJy1V.jpeg]

Ricketts' Bar & Grill
The smell of jet fuel, molten metal, and overworked scrubbers is replaced by a faint aroma of woodsmoke and grease. The sign above the entrance is not particularly eye-catching, but it doesn't need to be as the only game in town. Hard-bitten engineers and machinists can always be found in this place, rubbing shoulders alongside freighter captains from all walks of life. The sustenance ranges from shapeless Synth patties to the fully organic tuneer imported directly from the shores of Curacao, but few come to Rickett's for the food. Already famous in the short time Susquehanna has opened its bays, Ricketts' boasts a wide array of beverages acquired from all corners of Sirius, from Liberty Ale to the famed Sidewinder Fang.