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Rheinland Military Piloten Database - Paul S. - 12-12-2009

All full members of the Rheinland Military are to respond in this channel frequency consisting of their character biographies along with their character names. It's the exact same you posted for your recruitment, just bring it here.

Here is the example piloten. (//if you posted your biography in the [RM] forums than copy-paste it here.)

[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Planet/Station of Origin:[/b]
[b]Background Information:[/b]
[b]Basic Personality Traits:[/b]

Name: Niklaus Reinhardt
Rank: Chancellor of Rheinland
Age: 46
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

Planet/Station of Origin: New Berlin

Background Information: Niklaus Reinhardt was born on Planet New Berlin to parents of moderate wealth. Throughout his life he saw the suffering of the people of Berlin while he remained in relative comfort. After graduating from high school, he decided he had to see the rest of Rheinland and used the money he had to purchase a ship and explore. He visited each planet at least once, and a majority of the stations. During his travels he experienced the suffering he had witnessed for so long. He felt what it was like to be truly hungry.
Upon returning to his home planet, he decided he had but one way open to him, join the Military to help defend his people from piracy, and hopefully do the better good for Rheinland. While a member of the Military, he continued his studies, learning not only Military combat and tactics, but also politics, public speaking, and law. At the age of 30, he became an admiral, serving alongside the long-living Admiral Krieg. From him he learned greater discipline and duty to country.
When the Chancellor Kristy Pryde disappeared, he had only been an admiral for a few years. As such, he thought that the right to lead would fall to Krieg in this emergency. However, Krieg declined the position and passed it along to Niklaus. Niklaus took power as Chancellor with Church of the Green Eagle's blessing. As time went on, he became seen more as a god than a mortal, however he did his best to not let it get to his head.

Reinhardt now rules over a powerful militaristic state that is completely loyal to him. He is doing his best to return Rheinland to economic stability, but with Liberty's ever vigilant war reparations, war-preparation and removal of Liberty's influence is top priority.

Basic Personality Traits: Reinhardt is a kind and understanding man. However, he knows his place and is firm in his decisions. He has not let being "Gottkanzler" get to him.

Rheinland Military Piloten Database - aznremix416 - 12-12-2009

Name: Auztin Engels
Rank: Admiral
Age: 23
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: Brownish-Blonde
Eye Color: Brown

Planet/Station of Origin: Planet Hamburg

Background Information: Little is known about his past. Apart from birth records, there is almost no recorded information about his past. He was accepted in the Rheinland Military on the judgment of the recruiter. He has since rose to the rank of Lieutenant in less than a year due to natural talent, and lack of skilled bomber pilots in the Rheinland Military.

Basic Personality Traits: Confident and kind to his fellow pilots. He will do anything for his men. Auztin is known to only care about 3 things, his nation, his family, and his fellow pilots. He is understanding and kind to any non-military ships. And he has sympathy for the Red Hessians. He is strongly loyal to the Kanzler but will try to do his best to resolve a fight without having a shot fired

Other: Leutnant Engel was MIA for over 1 Year after a battle near the Westfalen. Detailed information about his return is found here

Rheinland Military Piloten Database - Contaan - 12-12-2009

Discovery Forum Name: Contaan
Name: Tomas Meinhardt
Rank: Oberfeldwebel

Age: 23 years old
Height: 6 feet 1 inch(s)
Weight: 180lbs
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown

Planet/Station of Origin: Planet Hamburg

Background Information:

Raised on planet Hamburg, Tomas proficiently passed his courses, hoping to follow his father, Gunter Meinhardt, and his father's path of trade stock brokering. Living a life which many considered average, Tomas never ventured too far into space due to the nature of his father's work. Karen Meinhardt, the wife of Gunter, joined in on Meinhardt's business hoping to dig themselves out of the tough times and live all the more comfortably.

Due to the 80 year war, along with the Rheinland-Liberty war present, times are tough and the brokering business was no exception. Unemployment, along with the corporations having placed restrictions on their trade due to the war, stocks weren't as valuable and the business was failing. Tomas, caught in this whirlwind, changed his career from the statistics, stock forecasting, and business dealings to the ever-inviting stars in space.

Tomas became more and more interested in the Rheinland-Liberty war, swept by the Chancellor's speeches of unity, nationalism, and freedom from the ever "oppressing" Liberty. With the ideals of Rheinland honor and filled with nationalism, war soon was viewed by this young man as quick, glorious and romantic.

With his parents' reluctant goodbyes, Tomas began his tenure as a reserve/local pilot, occasionally meeting several officers in the Rheinland Military proper, usually in quick patrols or during re-assignment. As with time itself, the rather romantic view of war soon changed Tomas, however, his ideals still remain.

Basic Personality Traits: Tomas is serious yet open to new ideas. He is always willing to help those that need it, especially to Rheinland itself. Finally, this man is respectful and isn't afraid to give his thoughts on whatever it may be.

Ship Class:
Rheinland Very Heavy Fighter "Wraith"
Rheinland Bomber "Bergemir"

Other: N/A

Rheinland Military Piloten Database - Dragonego - 12-12-2009

Name: Wolfgang Haynsworth
Rank: Leutnant

Age: 23
Height: 6"4'
Weight: 67Kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Planet/Station of Origin: Bonn Station, New Berlin

Background Information: From an early age Wolfgang's parents had isolated him from other children, being rich they wanted their son to succeed. he even had his own personal tutor, Hans Whitsworth (Who used to cane the back of Wolfgang's hands every time he said something inappropriate or offensive.) Wolfgang absolutely HATED his life, it was boring, uneventful and above all, lonely. his parents never let him leave his home station (Bonn Station, New Berlin). They even had the guards and other parents keeping a watchful eye on him. One day though he suddenly disappeared, no one new where he went, or even if he went willingly. until about 7 months ago, a scruffy and dirty man appeared on planet New Berlin, the man turned into the local Military recruitment center. in the space after NAME: on his application form the man had written Wolfgang Haynsworth.

Basic Personality Traits: Slightly Shy, Intelligent, Often Exaggerates, Not the bravest of the bunch though.

Ship Class(s): Wrath Very Heavy Fighter, Rheinland Bomber.

Other: N/A

Rheinland Military Piloten Database - Razr - 12-12-2009

----Rebuild in Process----

Rheinland Military Piloten Database - Markus_Janus - 12-12-2009

Name:Goodrich Osborn
Rank: Feldwebel

Height:6'4 (193cm)
Weight:264Ibs (120kg)
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Blue

Planet/Station of Origin:
Planet Stuttgart, Stuttgart.

Background Information:
Goodrich was born on Planet Stuttgart, the son of a poor farmer.
For many years he would toil on his farthers farm from sunrise to sunset, after many years of Synth Foods applying more and more pressure his farther was forced to sell his property to the foreign corporation.
This was too much to bare for the old man and he took his own life a few years later.
At the age of 16 Goodrich was forced to fend for both himself and his mother, having tried various odd jobs throughout the land he ended up landing a job as a exhibition boxer for a traveling show.
One day the Battleship R?sterkopf sent some of its crew planetside for some R&R, it was not long before they found the show and decided to enter the ships own boxing champion into the exhibition as a publicity stunt.
After a grueling five round match Goodrich stood triumphant over the battered military man.
The captain of the R?sterkopf, having come down to see the fight for some light entertainment recognized Goodrich as the young son of his old friend and after conversing with the young lad found out what had happened to Randal.
He suggested that Goodrich was perfect for the military life and convinced him that he could provide a more stable life for his mother and even get her relocated to New Berlin along with him.
This was an offer that Goodrich could not refuse and he signed up the next day, eager to make his mother proud.

Basic Personality Traits:
Goodrich is a quiet, withdrawn and gentle man that has always found that his size intimidates others around him.
When not in uniform he normally has a slouched posture to appear more unassuming.
He is very friendly and likes a quiet drink with his friends.
Although he does not like violence he is a very gifted athlete and fighter due to his years living on the farm and poor area of Stuttgart.
He is however fearless and never backs down, although he will usually try and diffuse situations by using his size as opposed to fists.

[RM]FW.Goodrich.Osborn - 90-ARKM-N45 "Wraith" VHF

[RM]FW.Goodrich.Osborn. - 140-ARKM-N58 "Bergemir" Bomber

Rheinland Military Piloten Database - Vrabcek - 12-12-2009

Name: Gunter Weissman
Rank: Vizeadmiral

Age: 31
Height: 6 '1
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue

Planet/Station of Origin: Cambridge

Background Information: Gunter Weissman was born on planet Cambridge in bretonia space. His parents Christian and Herta Weissman are rheinland scientists, who studied at TheUniversity of New Berlin, biology. After their studies they moved to planet Cambridge for better scientifical resources. Gunter Weissman was an ordinary student on elementary and on highschool. After school he decided to study medizine in his parents homeland, Rheinland. The life in Rheinland was different as in bratonia and he really enjoyed it. When he finished the university, his parents were very proud at him and they bought him a sightseeing ticket to Kusari as a present. The way was via Liberty space and here it happened. The liberty police didnt let the transport cross the Texas system. The libertonians have treated the rheinland tourists as dogs, as lower beings. They have taken all bagage and valuable things. He wasnt used to such behavior as it was here. Here is the point in he realised that he was powerless agains this cruelty and he dont want to be powerless anymore, thats why he desided to join the ranks of the Rheinland Military and help Rheinland to prevent such treatment to Rheinland people.
To be allowed to join the Rheinwehr, he canceled his bretonian citizenship and he is now 100 procent Rheinland citizen.

Basic Personality Traits: serious, quiet, strong minded

Ship Class: Wraith - 90-ARKM-N45 Rheinland Very Heavy Fighter
Bergelmir - 140-ARKM-N58 Rheinland Bomber
Rheinland Cruiser- The Pressburg

Other: N/A

Rheinland Military Piloten Database - Dieter Schprokets - 12-12-2009

Name: Dieter Schprokets
Rank: Vizeadmiral - Va.

Age: 37
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 190 lb
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Planet/Station of Origin: Hamburg

Background Information: Dieter Schprokets was born the son of a mid-level Rheinland Bureucrat. Wanting his son to enjoy the Glory that had been denied him due to nearsightedness, Dieter's father enrolled him in the Rheinland Military to become a pilot, only to be killed shortly therafter by a pirate who intercepted a transport ship he was on.

Basic Personality Traits: Highly intelligent, but highly eccentric. Determined, somewhat obsessive, and seems to be detached and cold in battle simulations. Excellant pilot. Does not seem to have regard for personal safety, nor normal protocols. Will likely "Stand and Die" regardless of combat odds. Detests pirates, likely due to family history.

Ship Class:

90-ARKM-N45 Wrath
140-ARKM-N58 Snubnose
72-ARKM-G27 Phantom
Gunboat Jaeger
Cruiser Neustadt (Pending)

Other: Highly organised, good sense of strategy, but lack of concern for own safety has created problems, if only for himself. Specifically, he has lost 3 of 4 limbs in the service of Rheinland, and many of his internal organs. Nanobots now infest him, to do the jobs those organs once did.

Rheinland Military Piloten Database - Lump Lorry - 12-12-2009

Name: Manfred Von Lorryhofen
Rank: Gefreiter

[Image: vonrichthofen.jpg]

Age: 28
Birthday: April / 4th / 789
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green
Planet/Station of Origin: Planet Hamburg

Background Information: Manfred was born in family of old Prussian origins. For centuries all the members of his family served in the army at a certain point in their life.

Given his family background his loyalty goes first to army and only after to the government. From the relatives he also inherited a very strong honour code. Obviously he had no problem in being admitted to the Academy, connection matters everywhere. Nevertheless during the years in the academy he had been able to show he really deserved the admission.

During the courses he fully qualified to flying bombers even if he is much better as a strategist and tactician than as a pilot. He is a master in planning missions, with a special ability to organize ambushes, but since he is far from being the best dogfighter in the army, he must be grouped with exceptional pilots to be able to fully take advantage of his strategic skills.

Career: During the first part of his career Manfred had very few problems. Everything has gone steadily letting him move from Flieger to the Obergefreiter rank (details on his operations can be found in reports before demotion 1-3 liked below). At this point he took a rest to get used to the Bergelmir bomber. After that he did the necessary training and qualified as fighter bomber, as well (details can be found in his promotion to Hauptgefreiter linked below). But then happened something should had never happened.

On December 29, 817 A.S. Manfred lost is cold temper during an engagement. Many life were put at risk by his action. As a result he ended up being punished by Admiral Malte. The full record of Manfred demotion can be found in the related documents at the end of this file.

Basic Personality Traits: Strongly disciplined. Value ranking: first rules, second honour, third obedience to the officers, fourth... all the rest.


Reports before demotion: 1-3, 4, 5.

Reports after demotion:

Promotion requests: Hauptgefreiter (before demotion),

Demotion to Gefreiter: OPEN

Promotion awarded: Hauptgefreiter (before demotion),

[Image: Hauptgefreiter.png]

Rheinland Military Piloten Database - Lutz - 12-12-2009

Name: Karl Westerman
Rank: Major
Age: 31
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: green-brown
Planet/Station of Origin: Planet Hamburg
Background Information:
My Father was Reiner Westerman, a member of the Rheinland police who was killed 10 years ago by Hessain fighters near the Stuttgart Jumpgate.
My mother is Helga Westerman.
Primary school was S?dschule Hamburg and my secondary school was Schiller school at the north of Hamburg.
After the battle of New Berlin I applyed for the Rheinland Military.
About 2 years I was trained at the Military academy on Hamburg before I was allowed to re apply for the Rheinland Navy Fleet.
Now I re-entered the great Rheinland Military and fling for the Kanzler and Rheinland again.

Basic Personality Traits:ambitious,loyalty,obedient