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The Liberty Criminal Registry - The Republic Of Liberty - 01-11-2010

[Image: 220px-Flag-liberty.png]

The Liberty Criminal Registry

To the people of Liberty and corporations both foreign and domestic with interests in Liberty;

This is a broadcast detailing the new criminal registry the Primary fleet has put in place in an effort to further crack down on known criminal entities working throughout our land. All citizens and visitors to our nation are encouraged to report any and all criminal activities they encounter, assuming that the following conditions are met:

Evidence - Sufficient* undisputed evidence must be presented clearly proving the guilt of the suspect.
Proof of Identity - Sufficient proof must be given of the reporter's affiliation and/or active citizenship in Liberty.
Location - The crimes reported must have taken place inside the boundaries of the house of Liberty.**

* Evidence can be a guncam shot of the suspect engaging in illegal actions and/or audio tracks of the suspect threatening to commit a crime. The decision on whether or not sufficient evidence has been provided rests solely in the Criminal Registry Department leader.
** The house of Liberty means the systems of New York, California, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Ontario, Alberta, Kansas, Minnesota, Illinois, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and any immediately connecting independent systems, such as but not limited to Magellan and Hudson.

The reporting format is, as follows:

[color=#FFFFFF][color=#66FFFF][b]Suspect Comms ID[/b][/color]: [Comms ID of Suspect]
[color=#66FFFF][b]Reporter Comms ID[/b][/color]: [Comm ID of your ship when you encountered the suspect - This can be left blank if you wish to be anonymous]
[color=#66FFFF][b]Evidence of Allegiance[/b][/color]: [Upload your current status with the Liberty nation here - Your reputation infosystem will be useful here]
[color=#66FFFF][b]List of Crimes[/b][/color]:
⋆ Crime
⋆ Crime
⋆ Crime

[color=#66FFFF][b]Evidence of Crime(s)[/b][/color]: [Upload guncam or audio tapes here]

[color=#66FFFF][b]Reporter Comments[/b][/color]: [Your official statement regarding the suspect. Only report what pertains to the suspect's charges]

[color=#66FFFF][b]Processing Officer's Comments[/b][/color]: [Leave this section blank]

All sections are mandatory (unless otherwise stated). All evidence must be presented in the form of a link. No evidence is to be uploaded directly to the registry, as it will put strain on the Department's direct feed from HQ. Any registry submissions with difficiencies will not be considered by the officer in charge of the database.

Please note that crimes are described here. If you aren't sure about what crimes the suspect has committed, the processing officer will add them in for you. However, attempts to falsify evidence is a serious crime, if a reporter falsifies any evidence, the arrest warrant will be reversed. Let that be a small warning to you all.

With your help, this registry will greatly improve the Primary fleet's ability to react to undesirable forces within our jurisdiction.

The Criminal Database is located here
Kind regards,

Commander Jack Malrone

The Liberty Criminal Registry - Asgardian - 01-11-2010

Here's an example report,

Suspect Comms ID: beyond.the.jumphole
Reporter Comms ID: [LN]-LNS-Indiana
Evidence of Allegiance: [Image:]
List of Crimes:
  • Smuggling illegal goods

Evidence of Crime(s): [Image:]

Reporter Comments: As I was patrolling the Ontario system, the suspect's ship exited a jumphole near the police Fort in the system. Scans showed that he was hauling a few thousand units of illegal software. He then proceeded to dock with the Police Fort.

Processing Officer's Comments: [Leave this section blank]

The Liberty Criminal Registry - Asgardian - 01-14-2010


The Liberty Criminal Registry - Asgardian - 01-17-2010

Resending and quadrupling signal strength - You may now feel a slight tingling feeling when using this channel. Do not be alarmed by this.

Reminder: This channel is open to -anyone- with interests within Liberty and have the reputation to prove it.

The Liberty Criminal Registry - Garuda - 01-18-2010


ID: Suzzy.Jones
Subject: Inferno Drone.

Suspect Comms ID:Pirate Id. No proofs.
Reporter Comms ID: Liberty Navy
Evidence of Allegiance:
List of Crimes:
  • Destruction of a Navy Vessel.
  • Attacking a LSF Agent.

Evidence of Crime(s):

Reporter Comments:
A stupid Drone. Owner: Is the Joker. Can you add the Clown in the Criminal Database.
No proofs but he is crazy enough.

Processing Officer's Comments: [Leave this section blank]


All Signals lost..........

The Liberty Criminal Registry - Asgardian - 01-20-2010

[Inbound Transmission]

[Image: captainflip2.png]Captain Jack Malrone
[Image: captainflip.png]
[Image: malronecaptain.png]

>Suzy.Jones and Inferno report.

I'm sorry Ms Jones, however I simply can't issue an arrest warrant on this "Inferno" person with such little evidence.

I advise you collect more evidence, Officer Jones, and report back here when you've at least got a scan of the offenders ship and some audio evidence of his intent to kill.

Go and get 'em, Officer.

Captain Jack Malrone

--Stream End
[Transmission End]

The Liberty Criminal Registry - Jeremy Hunter - 01-20-2010


Navy ID: COmmander Zack Archer, Task Force Iota.


Subject: Jeremy Hunter

Comm ID: Order

Evidence of Allegiance:
Ask Admiral Hale, LSF bomber Interceptor, and Logan Willows I beleive.


Being Order
Coming to New York.
Annoying everyone, especially Admiral Hale

Evidence of Crimes: Ask above people I named, plus Alexander Casero; He saw Hunter as well
No guncam footage as mine dont work. I try to fix em but hey, they just dont work. The Above people will agree that Hunter is annoying and Order.

Thank you for your time.

Commander Archer Out.

The Liberty Criminal Registry - Asgardian - 01-20-2010

[Inbound Transmission]

[Image: captainflip2.png]Captain Jack Malrone
[Image: captainflip.png]
[Image: malronecaptain.png]
>RE: Order Agent.

Commander Archer,

I too have encountered this "Jeremy Hunter" fellow on duty and we're currently in the process of collecting the necessary evidence of his crimes.

If you'd also like to use the reporting format and enter your Navy ID (//Screenshot of your rep) for reports in the future, Mr Archer. I'm afraid I can't use evidence from someone that doesn't provide me with sufficient evidence of affiliation.

Thank you for your time, Commander.

Captain Jack Malrone

--Stream End
[Transmission End]

The Liberty Criminal Registry - Ocampo - 01-23-2010

The Liberty Criminal Registry - Jeremy Hunter - 01-23-2010

//Sorry, but I cant take screenshorts with this laptop for some reason//