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To Ables Aces, - Reverend Del - 01-18-2010

---Transmission Incoming----

Comm ID: Crime Boss Sylpheed of the Liberty Rogues
Location: Buffalo base, New York, Rogue Space


I've noticed your merc pack knocking around recently, and I must say I'm impressed, you don't mess with my boys and girls unless there's serious bounties, and you do your job right. Now here's an offer for you

Certain LNS reservist ships seem to like jumping up and down on ships for kicks.

So the short form is do you want to kill said ships for money?

Good money, certainly more than the Navy will offer you for my hide, let me tell you.

Hit me back if you want the work, or just tag the LNS-Ingham for 10 million credits and post that here. Either works.

Sylpheed Out.

---Transmission ends.-------