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To the Lane Hackers - Edmund.BlackAdder - 01-31-2010

***Incoming Transmission***
**Subject: Broadsword Bomber**
*To: LH officials*
*From: Tanith_sinister

Dear Hackers,
I'm just a pirate, cruising from here to there, sometimes pirating, sometimes working for those , who are called unlawfuls, and I do this in my nice little Broadsword bomber , legally bought on Monterrey. Because I'm an independant, some call me strange character, I never joined any faction and I won't do this. But to fulfil some regularities, I contact you to permit me the use of my tiny little ship. Please be so kind and allow me the use of it. It's equipped with Bomber EMP and Energy turrets, CD and supernova. I have to take care of 5 families and I 've nothing learnt .
We all are pirates in some way.
Thanks for your time

To the Lane Hackers - Mr.Sanguinetti - 06-18-2010 data...

' Wrote:
To All individuals interested in the acquisition of Lane Hacker Technology :

Do not ask.

The Lane Hackers will only consider technology transfer requests from an official executive of your faction. In Rogue-speak, that means 'da boss'. No requests will be considered if made by anyone else. Individuals will be denied without regard for any prior or existing arrangements. terminated...