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To: Lane Hacker Command Structure - SaraOConnel - 05-11-2010

The helmeted visage of a woman in a flight suit appears in the message, speaking through a rather harsh-sounding voice modulator.

Good evening, Professors. My name is Sara Gewachs O'Connel, a member of the Golden Chrysanthemums.

Although I realize sending and forwarding this to the three of you it a mite tactless- It certainly is much easier than subtly making three separate transmissions through these rather powerful firewalls you have.

I understand it's awfully rude to just contact you out of the blue like this, but you have access to a lot of resources along my lines of work, and heavily tied to a current project of mine, in fact ...

As for the project, to be specific, it is an Artificial Intelligence, and 'she' goes by the name of Geofon. Although I've had little trouble in securing craft suitable for my other two AI, Lazuli and Tanager- unfortunately she is immensely difficult to appease in comparison.

I apologize for skirting the issue;

To put simply, I would like to use one of your Gunships as a shell for this particular AI. I assure you, I don't wish for anything but the bare hull, engines and on-board systems, anything else would be completely unnecessary, in fact.

Of course, I could place her aboard another ship, but there is little else capable of containing and interfacing with her programming and ... persona, you could say.

If there is any specific terms or conditions, or anything at all that you would wish to apply to this deal, or have me prove to you that I am trustworthy enough to be given this craft- or if you even deem it an acceptable one- please, let me know. I'll be waiting, and I'm sure you can contact me with whatever information you've gleaned whilst my firewalls are down.

She unbuckles the helmet, revealing a middle-aged woman with dark red hair beneath the helmet, sporting a pair gleaming green eyes and shoulder length hair- as well as very lightly tanned skin. From the visage, she was clearly not Kusarian, but definitely female, and wearing the markings of a chrysanthemum pilot on her suit.

Just to give you a face to work with, and I eagerly await your reply so I may carry on with my work.

Goodbye, or as I've come accustomed to, Hona sainara.

To: Lane Hacker Command Structure - Mr.Sanguinetti - 05-12-2010 data...

<message received, redirecting transmission to the appropriate channel> terminated...