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To the Lane Hackers - SMI-Great.Fox - 02-19-2011


[Image: 2dbms2d.jpg]

Bret: I don't enjoy having to make this transmission one bit, however if I am ever going to get the equipment needed for my work in Kusari, I'm going to have to do things I am not proud of...I wish to propose a meeting at Freeport 4 to talk to one of your representatives to discuss this further...


To the Lane Hackers - Paco.Pistols - 02-20-2011 data...

' Wrote:
[color=#ff6600]To All individuals interested in acquiring Lane Hacker Technology :

Do not ask.

The Lane Hackers will only consider technology transfer requests from an official executive of your faction. In Rogue-speak, that means 'da boss'. No requests will be considered if made by anyone else. Individuals will be denied without regard for any prior or existing arrangements.

This need not be brought to his attention
you seem to lack reading comprehension.

See the initial transmission, big red letters. If it is hard to read, please do tell, I might actually ask Moriarty to increase the size, volume, and adjust color.

If you are 100% sure this piece of hardware is vital for you and you can't live without it, you have basically two options.

1. Kill yourself before you waste a ship as well
2. Get a well-known group to recognize this necessity and have its leader put a good word in for you in here.

I apologize for being blunt, but my time is limited. Thanks.


It's me again...After some time and talks with a few people I've had the pleasure of knowing, I do believe I have found a man with high reguards that should be suitable enough to put his word here for recommendation...Hopefully soon he will respond on this channel...That is all for now...


Let me get this right, you failed to get recommendation.And Senior Professor Moriarty have increased size,volume and he did adjust the color. So you will have to do thing you are not proud of ? Thing like what Mr.Bret ? Do tell, I'm utterly interested. terminated...

To the Lane Hackers - SMI-Great.Fox - 02-20-2011


[Image: 2dbms2d.jpg]

Bret: I would more then gladly tell you, however even you would agree that this channel could be compromised by agents within Liberty, which is why I proposed a meeting, face to face...


To the Lane Hackers - Brutus Clay - 02-20-2011

[Image: decrypt.png]
Contact me on private comms to decide when this "meeting" will take place.
I'll make sure to settle this matter once and for all.
[Image: enceypt.png]

To the Lane Hackers - Paco.Pistols - 02-20-2011 data...

Quote:Brutus:Clay:: Especially when the person asking for said technology shot one of our transports.

The.Maverick.I: Bret: Yes..I..Apologise for that..I was simply paid to do so..

Getting paid by corrupted corporations and shooting on one of our ships puts your credibility on same level as other flunkies have.

Quote:The.Maverick.I: Bret: Fly..ANd work with the hackers...Trust to be earned in blood..

We're not after blood Mr.Bret, and trust is certainly not earned by making people bleed.

To sum it up, you say you are looking for your family, but in that search you have time to work with corporations around Sirius, shooting our ship, and wasting our time. I'll be even more the blunt with you, not only that you will not get this ship, but everytime one of our operatives meet you in space you will be extorted and of course if you try to avoid it, you will be shot at Mr.Corporate Bret. Do not waste a single second of our time anymore, you can't find people who vouch for you and you can't deliver anything useful to us. If you really can not live without this ship, I suggest killing yourself immediately so you don't have to live meaningless and empty life without it. If you need help in committing suicide, you can waste my time by calling me to do so for you. terminated...

To the Lane Hackers - SMI-Great.Fox - 02-21-2011


[Image: 2dbms2d.jpg]

Bret: I came to see you guys despite knowing I could be targeted for what I did..Made no talk of hostilities with you, and apologised for what I did thus also stating that I would work to repair my damaged reputation....When it comes to being paid for the attack on one of your transports, I was paid with a "Thank you"...Nothing more, nothing less, Nor do I want to work with corporations that could end up targeting me, such as Cryer for example...Hell I'm already targeted by certian members of the Liberty Government for assaulting one of their Dreadnoughts in the Kepler System a while ago.....I fully am aware that you do not wish for blood, only to stop the corruption withing certain Liberty groups...When it came to people to try and vouch for me, Mr. Crow of the Junker Congress informed me that even he was turned away...And when I tried to get a hold of Doc Holiday, The one who most likely saved my life, I was unable to get a reply from him despite my many attempts...When it came to goods, hell you guys never even asked what I could bring, cause I surely would try my best to do so...When it comes to living without a ship, I never said that I couldn't live without it...I stated that it had what I needed to complete my task, with the high possibility of such a craft being returned once my goal was achieved, and that is finding my brother Charles...In the end I came with nothing, trying to see if I could work my way to earning your trust even with myself almost never truly meeting another of the Lane Hackers before this moment....How do you work with other hackers if you do not trust them to not stab you in the back later for it?...Measure a man with what he can do, before you cast him away...And forgive me the irony when I call myself a 'man'....