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Old BDM General Information - BDM - 03-05-2011

[Image: epgokg.jpg]

Areas Of Interest -
  • M1- Liberty File - Here.
  • M1 - Liberty Navy Capital Ship Statistic - Here.
  • BDM| Human Resources - Here.
  • BDM| Message Dump - Here.
  • Faction Creation Request - Here.


The reasons, for why we go there...

A Covert Operation means,
  • Undercover names. (Mr/Miss-Full.Name)
  • Civilian ships & gear.
  • Freelancer ID/IFF
Not A Covert Operation means,
  • BDM| names
  • Rheinland ships & gear
  • Military IFF/MND ID

Mission type: A Covert Operation

With the discovery of artifacts with in the Omicron systems, and the after math of this with a superior organism taking over the Rheinland government during 800-801 A.S. The Buro Der Marineintelligenz was tasked with the neutralization of all Nomad organisms and further research into their history and technology. In doing this, Rheinland research teams have been sighted in the Omicron systems, trying to gain an insight on the Nomads.

Since 802 A.S. the Buro Der Marineintelligenz has run covert operations in the non-war torn Omicron systems. The system Delta and Kappa have been staging grounds for Rheinland intelligence and technology gathering. Not wanting to stray to far into the unknown, several jump holes in Delta are off limits to personnel. However the stations and habitable planets in the Omicrons are areas were agents do take the opportunity to further their assignments of intelligence gathering.

The systems Minor, Alpha, Gamma, Beta & Gamma are not used as much. We know of these systems history and almost always try and avoid contact with their inhabitants. Entry is normally only due to escape, pursuing contacts or because of high command orders.

The Buro Der Marineintelligenz also uses the wide open spaces of the Omicrons to dig deeper in the knowledge of her enemies, using what they find physically and taking advantage of what they hear to fight on the war with Liberty.


Mission type: A Covert Operation

The Tau sector has mostly been a period of inactivity when the BDM is concerned. However with the arrival of the Kusari - Bretonian war, the erection of BDM operations began. Photographs have been regularly taken on the activities of the war and how each side is progressing. undercover Interaction with the locals and the IMG has started to shed light on the real reasons for the war and the advantages and disadvantages of each house's armed forces. We have a small number of uncover operatives on the civilian bases scattered in the Tau's, finding out anything that Rheinland would be interested in knowing. All information is kept for possible future requirements.

Mission type: A Covert Operation

The BDM has always tried to keep a constant update on Sigma activities but within the last few years, activity has dropped. Personnel are either being transfered to the fronts or to more important areas of Sirius. We do keep an eye out tho on GMG progress and Rheinland companys in the Sigmas.

Mission type: Not A Covert Operation/A Covert Operation

The omegas has always been an issue with piracy and since Kruger has set up major mining operations in the sector, it has brought the Red Hessians and other pirate groups out of their holes. We are not tasked with Omega defense and tend not to go there for that reason. We use Rheinland as a entry point into Bretonia and we like to keep on top of whats going on with the commercial lanes. Our trade routes with Bretonia are strong and we like to keep an eye on its status once in a while. Nothing more.

Border Worlds between Houses

Mission type: A Covert Operation

The systems of Galileo, Kepler, Magellan, Cortez, Hudson & Bering are all different in many ways. Bering and Hudson are active war zones and we tend to use them for further conflict and military intelligence gathering on liberty forces. Galileo, Kepler, Cortez & Magallen are usually only entered for further intelligence fathering on who exactly is supplying Liberty and if we need to disrupt its trade links, these systems are key places to do it.

Mission type: Not A Covert Operation

Our homeland, our head quarters, our life. We defend Rheinland against any foe and do not rest till it is safe. We work along side the State police and Military to ensure this. We regularly patrol its systems and help its lawful inhabitants.

Mission type: A Covert Operation

A house we don't want to have any hostilities with. We keep tabs on it and record its financial and military progress. We do enter them under convert regulations and try and find anything interesting.

Mission type: Not A Covert Operation/A Covert Operation

Liberty is a house who we are directly at war with and we the BDM, support Military operations and its our key playground on the art of warfare. We assault Navy positions in the Bering and Hudson system, Texas and New Hampshire. We also infiltrate deep into Liberty space such as California and cause whatever mayhem we can. Disrupt supply links and try and cause some issues. Liberty systems are all under BDM surveillance and we regularly enter them to do whatever we can in the further progress of the war effort.

Mission type: A Covert Operation

A house we don't want to have any hostilities with. We keep tabs on it and record its financial and military progress. We do enter them under convert regulations and try and find anything interesting.

The Buro Der Marineintelligenz (iRP) (FO) - BDM - 03-05-2011

[Image: 8362550a0d016a8bcf2897083590912f3bdd2c6.jpg]

ID - Rheinland Military Guard
IFF - Rheinland Military Guard
Tag - BDM|HQ-

Currently the Head Quarters for the whole of the Buro Der Marineintelligenz. It contains everything to do with the organization. All files and case studies are within its hull. The vessel was taken from the Rheinland Federal Polizei in 745 A.S. Its enterior cells and facilities were torn out and replaced with offices, storage rooms and more. The whole of the Buro Der Marineintelligenz runs of the Nuremberg Liner. However it was funded by the Rheinland Military and its partially controlled by it still.

The Buro Der Marineintelligenz (iRP) (FO) - BDM - 03-05-2011

The Agent Manual

ID - Marinenachrichtendienst ID
IFF - Rheinland Military Guard
Tag - BDM|

Guten Tag Agent,

Now that you have joined the Buro Der Marineintelligenz, your daily life won't be the same again. A lot will change, in what you wear, fly, see and do as well as what others expect from you and your personal abilities.

The first thing we want you to do, is get your ship ready. Now, you might be a transfer from the Rheinland Military in which case you have a ship already, but if you haven't, then you need to get one quickly.

  • /restart Rheinland
  • Get a Ship & Equipment of your choosing.
  • Fly to Altenburg, Dresden.
  • Take Missions in Sector 4C near the Battleship.
  • After 57 Missions fly to Braunschweig and buy the ID.

Once this is achieved, you're well on your way to becoming an excellent agent. Now that you have the required reputation, you need to get a ship. We recommend the Wraith or Bergelmir snubcrafts. You can however chose from one of the following:

  • Valkyre - 90-ARKM-N9 Rheinland Heavy Fighter
  • Wraith - 90-ARKM-N45 Rheinland Very Heavy Fighter
  • Mjolnir - 19-ARKM-N82 Rheinland Super Heavy Fighter
  • Bergelmir - 140-ARKM-N58 Rheinland Bomber
  • Fafnir - 13-ARKM-N37 Bomber

Once you have purcased your new vessel, fly to the Battleship Moselle in Braunschweig and equip your vessel with your desired equipment.
Make sure you get the best of everything. We don't want 2nd grade vessels. Ask for funds if needed!

Now that you are combat ready, you need to make sure you have your vessels name sorted.

Naming Convention

Example: BDM|Agt-Dietrich.Vogel

Once you have got this far, you need to make a neat and complete post in the Human Resources Database.

With all the above complete, you are a fully qualified agent in the Buro Der Marineintelligenz! Congratulations!

Additional ~

If you are interested in taking part in uncover operations all over Sirius, you'll need a uncover ship. Now, this vessel won't be used for shooting and protecting Rheinland space. I don't care if your friends are dieing right besides you whilst you're in this ship, if you are in your uncover ship, you don't blow your cover.

Quote:[font=Agency FB]Fighters
  • Falcon - CTE-3000 Civilian Heavy Fighter
  • Eagle - CTE-6000 Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
  • Roc - CTE-19000 Civilian Bomber
All ships used for undercover work, must use the Freelancer ID and a freelancer IFF. Civilian weapons are mandatory and will be a Mr/Miss-Full.Name E.g Mr-John.Smith.