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BDM Leadership change - TheJarl - 06-04-2011

Apparently BDM had no longer any leader and Malenka asked me if I would like to become the new one.

So uh... yeah, that means I am now the boss here :cool:

BDM Leadership change - SnakThree - 06-04-2011

And where's Avalanche?

BDM Leadership change - Omicron - 06-04-2011

Volksfront sig mandatory :cool:
Good luck Jarl, perhaps moar Bundie-BDM events in future.

BDM Leadership change - TheJarl - 06-04-2011

Gone apparently. Dunno exactly what happened but I heard he just left.

BDM Leadership change - Jeremy Hunter - 06-04-2011

Oh great.

Omicron, bring out your Revenant.

I think Harbinger's back.


Good luck Jarl.

BDM Leadership change - SnakThree - 06-04-2011

Well. It's the second faction he led to official status. I suppose he is trying to break some record.

And good luck to ya! I'll try joining ya after exams.

BDM Leadership change - Petitioner - 06-04-2011

I'll try to be helping out as much as possible with this. Can't see BDM flop, it has too much RP potential. Avalanche was a good leader, and we'll all miss him.