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BDM| Rollcall! #2 - Nathan - 08-17-2011

Ok due to myself becoming leader since Anne is absent for ages (Q_Q) i am calling another rollcall to see who is still alive out there. What i need from you is the following -

Character name:
Skype name:


Character name: Josef Papen
Skype name: nathaw1
Rank: Direktor
Shipname: Currently WX-1 awaiting name change. (Been an off the radar spy for a while.) Will be BDM|Dkt-Josef.Papen

Get roll...calling?

BDM| Rollcall! #2 - TheOrangeButterfly - 08-17-2011

Skype name: swipter88
Character name(s): Otto Kretschmer
Ship name(s): BDM|Ins-Otto.Kretschmer
Rank: Inspektor

BDM| Rollcall! #2 - Tabris - 08-17-2011

Character name: Wilhelm Strauss
Skype name: tabrisanobi
Rank: Kapitän-Leutnant
Shipname: BDM|U-19

BDM| Rollcall! #2 - SpaceTime - 08-17-2011

Character name: Friedrich Schiller
Rank: Sub-Direktor
Notes: Only for Forum-RP

Character name: Viktor Krum
Skype name:
Rank: Agent
Shipname: BDM|Agt-Viktor.Krum

BDM| Rollcall! #2 - Ayatolah - 08-17-2011

Character name: Hans Bruder
Skype name: Jose Estevez
Rank: Rekrut
Shipname: BDM|Rkt-Hans.Bruder, BDM|Rkt-Hans.Bruder., BDM|U-007

BDM| Rollcall! #2 - Switchback - 08-18-2011

Character name: Frank Dresdner
Skype name: andrew_the_cool
Rank: Rekruit
Shipname: BDM|Rkt-Frank.Dresdner (once I buy one)

BDM| Rollcall! #2 - TheJarl - 08-18-2011

Character name: Elien Jaeger
Skype name: jarltharog
Rank: Hausmeister
Shipname: BDM|RNC-Arheimar, also I got a fighter that's still gotta be renamed. Atm it is BDM|Dkt-Elien.Jaeger. No I didn't fly it in a while, that's correct:P

BDM| Rollcall! #2 - Ebon - 08-18-2011

Character name:Kirk Lahm
Skype name: you know that
Rank: Inspektor
Shipname: BDM|Ins.Kirk.Lahm

BDM| Rollcall! #2 - billy bob - 08-18-2011

Character name: Karl Krauss
Skype name: fl.billy.bob
Rank: Rekrut
Shipname: BDM|Rkt-Karl.Krauss

BDM| Rollcall! #2 - Garuda - 08-20-2011

Skype name: honky-trolly
Character name(s): Marco.Hausen
Ship name(s):BDM|Schwarz-1
Rank: On the bottom.