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RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - Thexare - 07-23-2013

-:| Incoming Transmission |:-
[Image: Circular-Logic-256-white.png]
::Sender ID: Daniel Hillman
::Affiliation: Circular Logic, Inc. - An Interspace Subsidiary

Hello. I'm Investigator Daniel Hillman, Interspace Commerce, working on behalf of Circular Logic, Inc., a company partially owned by Interspace that works in freight, excavation, and salvaging in and around Liberty, Kusari, and Bretonia.

They hired me to help reduce cargo losses to piracy and insurance premiums. I believe that your fighters would be quite beneficial for this. We would like a Liberator and an Executioner for a test run, along with a set of five Vengeance laser cannons between the two of them. I understand that your assault fighters are mostly focused on the war with Rheinland, and I think these lighter, faster craft will be a better fit for our needs.

Data packet received. Opening...

Full group name: Circular Logic, Inc.

Callsigns of ships in question: O))-Dawnstar, O))-Evening.Light

Equipment requested: 1 Liberator, 1 Executioner, 5 Vengeance Laser Cannons

Reason for request: Protecting our convoys and those of other Libertonian corporations.

Proof of good standing with the forces of Liberty:

The legal standings of one of our transports, O))-Stellar.Lights

I consent to having the equipment requested above removed upon breaking the Code of Conduct. [X]

-:| Transmission Ends |:-
-:| Channel open for response...

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - The Republic Of Liberty - 07-25-2013

Daniel Hillman;

Your request to purchase equipment has been denied at this time. As the Republic is unfamiliar with your particular company, we are unwilling to provide you with any equipment until you have established a good relationship with us.

- Andrew Brown, Head of the Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center.

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - toyslar - 08-03-2013

****Deleted Transmission****

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - Lythrilux - 08-05-2013

:::Incoming Transmission:::
:::Sender: BHG|Lux.Ryder:::

Yo' Lib! Hey, I was wondering; could you maybe, possibly allow me the use of one of your famed Liberty Gunboats? I've seen those beasts in action and damn, they rock. That's to be expected though, because of the great Liberty Engineering, right?
My current 'Orca' Gunboat fails to perform adequately in combat, so I'm hoping you'll give me permission to use the superior Libertonian 'boat.
The gunboat will be used to keep criminals out of the Governments and the Citizens hair, I'll make sure of that.
I am awaiting your reply.

:::End Transmission:::

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - The Republic Of Liberty - 08-18-2013

Lux Ryder;

We would be willing to sell you a Gunboat, should you demonstrate some more recent activity and valid claims on the Liberty Bounty Board. Until such time, your request is pending.

- Andrew Brown, Head of the Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center.

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - Zayne Carrick - 09-05-2013

Transmission established.
[Image: wdnngDL.png]
Greetings, this is Aurra Sing, member of BHG, transmitting. I'd like to request one of your Avenger-class very-very heavy fighters. Reason is quite simple: hunting down criminal scum. Information available in open access states, that Avenger is superior to any VHF produced by humans, that's why it will be deadly effective against any unlawful snub vessel.

Waiting for your responce.
Transmission terminated.

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - Arioch - 11-09-2013

MESSAGE TO: Liberty Navy Requisitioning Center
COMM ID: Cryer Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technologies
SENDER: Director Michael Vallon
SUBJECT: Defiant-class Gunboat

To whom it may concern,

I had previously sent a message to the Liberty Navy command, and was made aware of this channel for which to request assets. I am forwarding the message delivered previously to this channel.

(11-05-2013, 06:53 AM)Michael Vallon Wrote: On behalf of Cryer Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technologies, it is a pleasure to address the command branch of the Liberty Navy once again. I unfortunately have not had the pleasure of addressing you directly over secured lines, despite my occasional encounters with your pilots and captains in Liberty space and their visits to our headquarters on Denver.

Allow me to introduce myself before I continue though. Michael Vallon, Product Development Director - Biochemistry. Normally I would have sent a comm via our research labs at Atka, but this week we have our quarterly business meetings with senior staff and directors within our division on Denver. Which is part of the reason I am contacting you today.

As you know, our products are in quite the demand nowadays, what with the war with Rheinland at its end, and the advancement of Gallic forces into Magellan. Military and civilian alike use our products daily, and as such we are soon to be increasing our fleets, as well as our traffic within and outside of Liberty. With an increase of production and shipping, also comes certain dangers. Pirates who plague the routes our pilots take, a corrupt police officer looking to enhance his personal wares, you name it. The risk to our cargo, and thusly your product, is something we wish to contain as much as possible.

With that said, the senior staff and I have would like to extend a request for the use of Defiant-class Gunboats, for use as escort ships when our shipping fleet moves through and beyond Liberty space. As such, our division would specifically like to request the use of upwards of three Defiants, should the need arise. In the future, this amount may increase, but we will contact you further should that be the case.

Think of it as an investment sir or ma'am. With added security for our fleet, you can be that much more confident of your deliveries to safely arrive at their destinations, to your families, your soldiers, and to you. We do of course understand that during these times, resources are not always allocated for non-navy use. As such, one Gunboat would suffice, though not ideal. We only hope that our next shipment arrives safely should we not have the adequate protection.

I do thank you for receiving this message, and god speed to the brave men and women in the Liberty Navy.


RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - Backo - 03-08-2014

Full name: Renee Thorpe

Callsign of ship in question: Renee.Thorpe

Equipment requested: Six (6) Magma Hammer V's and a BDR-804 "Guardian" Very Heavy Fighter

Reason for request: Recently during execution of of my contracts my ship received damage and is in need of replacement in the near future. I have seen the "Guardian" in action with my own eyes and I am certain that it's a great ship that would make it easier for me to continue working for the Libertonian Bounty Board due to it's superior performance to the Series Z "Sabre" I currently have. The weapons I am requesting are simply for better power core performance as I'm certain they are made for the ship, unlike the average things I could acquire as civilian weaponry.

Proof of good standing with the forces of Liberty:

My current reputation with Liberty and it's enemies:
My employment history:
Interspace Commerce Mercenary Network - past employment, #216 and #116
Liberty Bounty Board - current employment, last claim in transmission #931

I consent to having the equipment requested above removed upon breaking the Code of Conduct. [X]

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - Ageira Corporate Headquarters - 03-08-2014

Full name: Ageira Technologies

Callsign of ship in question: AT)Security.001-A

Equipment requested: Defiant Class Gunboat

Reason for request: Ageira is currently forming a new armored convoy, and is in need of at least one heavy escort. The Defiant class is not only closest to home, but our preferred choice overall.

Proof of good standing with the forces of Liberty:

[Image: MUd8kml.png]

I consent to having the equipment requested above removed upon breaking the Code of Conduct. [X]

Michael Edridge
CEO of Ageira Technologies

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - The Republic Of Liberty - 03-26-2014

Renee Thorpe;

Your request for a six (6) Magma Hammer plasma guns and a Guardian-class VHF has been granted, given your impressive track record and diligence in keeping crime at a minimum. Please send a total of 10 million credits to the account Ferris.Dufresne to receive your new equipment. Please remember that this remains the property of the Republic of Liberty and must not be sold, traded, given, or otherwise exchanged to any other third parties.

Ageira Technologies;

Your request for a Defiant-class gunboat has been granted. The licensing fee for this vessel will cost 15 million credits, payable to Ferris.Dufresne at your first convenience.

Michael Vallon; Aurra Sing;

Given the length of time since this office has been active and staffed, the paperwork you have submitted has expired. If you still wish to make requisition requests, please fill it out again and resubmit it.

- Andrew Brown, Head of the Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center.