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RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - Backo - 03-26-2014

<//Incoming Transmission...
>Comm ID: Renee Thorpe
>Location: Freeport 6, Tau-29

Good afternoon,
Due to the few weeks of communication silence on your behalf I found an alternative way to acquire the technology I needed. I'm currently in possession of a repaired BDR-804 "Guardian" Very Heavy Fighter that was left drifting as a wreck in the Hudson system. Could we perhaps skip the cost for purchase of said vessel as I only currently need the legal allowance to fly said vessel within Liberty's borders without it being considered a stolen craft?

In case you need any extra information about said vessel I'd gladly cooperate in sharing what I know about it.

Renee Thorpe

...Transmission Ended\\>

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - The Republic Of Liberty - 03-29-2014

Renee Thorpe;

Perhaps my wording was unclear last time. The fee of 10 million credits to the account Ferris.Dufresne is to receive license to obtain and operate your requested equipment; not to have the weapons and ship delivered to you from this office. The fee stands. Given your impressive track record on our Bounty Board to date I'm sure you'll earn this licensing fee back in no time, however.

- Andrew Brown, Head of the Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center.

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - Ageira Corporate Headquarters - 03-29-2014

Good morning.

A freak incident between our systems has caused us to lose the proper finalized receipt. However we still have the raw data from our systems and the bank transfer, as will follow below.

We apologize for the delay.

Thank you for being understanding!

[26.03.2014 09:56:44] /givecash ferris.dufresne 15.000.000
[26.03.2014 09:56:44] You have sent 15.000.000 credits to Ferris.Dufresne
[26.03.2014 09:56:54] Shutdown

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - Backo - 03-30-2014

<//Incoming Transmission...
>Comm ID: Renee Thorpe
>Location: Newark Station, New York

Credits sent.


...Transmission Ended\\>

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - Texas Red - 07-19-2014

-File upload initiated-
-File name: Requesition form. Surplus vessel-
-Sender: Douglas Edgar Kovic-

Full name: Col. Douglas Edgar Kovic, 3rd fleet Marines, 62nd battalion. ---

Callsign of ship in question: Douglas Kovic ---

Equipment requested: 1x Avenger-class Very Heavy Fighter, 5x Lavablade MK2 Standard issue Liberty Force Plasma cannons ---

Reason for request: June 23rd, 821 A.S. My boots were on the ground on Leeds to help them sissy Bretonians out against them Frog-legged buggers who been runnin' a muck out there. Sittin' in a buildin' with my unit and some o' the survivin' local law enforcement, I gets a message that I am to be forced in to retirement and withdraw myself from the battle due to age. I didn't want t' go. I may be seventy-four, but I can still kick a frogs behind better than th' rest of 'em. I didn't have a choice. Upon my retirement, I kept my personal fighter, Betty, an Avenger. Now, Lieutenant Panties comes an' tells me to fill out paperwork fer' keepin' my ship. I tells him I ain't not desk jockey, but to help relieve himself of the gigantic knot in his panties, here is my requesition form fer' my ship. ---

Proof of good standing with the forces of Liberty: You want proof? I will deliver my Military service record with this requesition if I must, maybe I'll go back to Houston and look for my ear. It's gotta' be floatin' 'round there somewhere! I'll even mail it t' you, all crusty and icy! It's been there for years now! Who knows what it looks like? Might even match the color of a Libertonian Vengeance Laser cannon! Oh-la-la! Matchin' colors! Pencil pushin' is fer' sissies!

3rd Fleet Military personnel file - Kovic Douglas Edgar, Colonel


RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - The Republic Of Liberty - 07-21-2014

Colonel D. E. Kovic;

Don't get too excited over this, mister Kovic. I'm not exactly sure who this "Panties" is, but I've heard a bit about you. In respect of the long time you spent in service to the Republic, I have decided to give you a bit of a discount for the registration of those, which I assume had previously been improperly marked as "destroyed." What ever the case may be, please forward six million credits to Ferris.Dufresne and this will all be straightened out.

- Andrew Brown, Head of the Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center.

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - Shinju - 08-10-2014

Full name: Sarah McIntire

Callsign of ship in question:

Equipment requested:
1x Liberty "Defiant" class Gunboat
1x BDR-845 "Avenger" Fighter ship
1x Li-117 "Upholder" Liberty Bomber
4x R8-D "Vengeance" Liberty Laser Cannon
6x LGT-10f "Vagabond" Liberty Gunboat Turret
6x LGT-8d "Bandit" Liberty Light Gunboat Turret
1x LGM-14b "Imp" Liberty Gunboat Missile turret

Reason for request: We in Cryer Pharmaceuticals need mentioned weapons and ships for our Cambridge and Sigma-17 security department. Mainly because of Cambridge Research and Atka station defense against Maltese forces and Criminals. However "Defiant" class gunboat, "Avenger" and "Upholder" ships may be used against Maltese forces in the Republic of Liberty, Kingdom of Bretonia and the Republic of Kusari, because of their Cardamine samples on board. Gained samples will be used on Atka and Cambridge Research station in future research. Civilian ships aren't enough against current and advanced technology of Maltese forces, thus we would like to request already mentioned Liberty Naval ships.

Proof of good standing with the forces of Liberty:

Cryer and proof

I consent to having the equipment requested above removed upon breaking the Code of Conduct. [X]

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - The Republic Of Liberty - 08-12-2014

Ms. Sarah McIntire;

The vessels and equipment you have asked for are all presently available. Your request is considered granted, provided the licensing fee of thirty million credits is sent in to Ferris.Dufresne soon. They shall then be marked as such to await for your pickup.

- Andrew Brown, Head of the Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center.

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - Cap.Maxwell - 09-02-2014

Callsign of ship in question:
Equipment requested:
Liberty Siege Cruiser
2xSecondary Turets
3xFlak Turrets
Reason for Request:
Curently i am helping in patroling and defending the Texas system scince the recent Rheinland and even Nomad activity in the system.The smaller gunboat is not capable of handling such a task.
Proof of good standings:
I cant provide any proof of it but i can sincerly say as a captain of a liberty gunboat for years i can say i have good standings,even back in my days of Freelancing i have never fullfiled an unlawfull contract in my life and i even once assisted Liberty units in defending the New York system from outcasts.But if required il try to dig something out on me ass prof scince i was just a simple gunboat captain so nothing much could be found on me.
Sincerly your Capn.Maxwell of the gunboat LNS-Starfire!

RE: The Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center - The Republic Of Liberty - 09-03-2014

Keith Maxwell;

Captain, I think you've made a mistake with your transfer paperwork! The Surplus Requisitioning Center is just for sale of equipment to parties outside of Liberty's armed forces. If you have been promoted to command of a Siege Cruiser, just contact the dockmaster at Juneau Shipyard to complete the transfer of crew and equipment.

- Andrew Brown, Head of the Liberty Surplus Requisitioning Center.

// If you have a Liberty Navy or Liberty Security Force ID, you don't need permission to acquire a Libertonian capital ship. //