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Affiliation status notification - Rheinland Criminal Database - 01-06-2012

..::Incomming Transmission::..

[Image: RFPHeader1.png]
PRIORITY: [color=#FF0000]High
IDENTIFICATION: Rheinland Criminal Database Information System
SOURCE: Nibelung Polizei Plaza, Planet New Berlin
RECIPIENT: .:FTU:.-Silo-1-
COPY TO: Rheinland Bundespolizei Broadcast
SUBJECT: Affiliation status notification: .:FTU:.-Silo-1-

Sehr geehrter pilot of the .:FTU:.-Silo-1-,

A ship registered under your name has been caught breaking the Rheinland laws. Please see the Rheinland Criminal Database for further details on this ship's particular case.
Your permission for entering Rheinland is revoked and all stations are ordered to deny any dock attemption.

You can execute the fine procedure to gain amnesty and clearance to enter Rheinland again.

Mit Freundlichen Grü�en,
Rheinland Bundespolizei

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Affiliation status notification - renoktus - 01-08-2012

[Image: Banner.png]
***Free Trader United Office***

To:[color=#33CC00]Office of Rheinland Federal Polizei

Source:Free Trader United main Office

**Channel open for Commander Richard Stevens**
[Image: stevensangry.png]

Guten Tag die Herren of the Rheinland Polizei,

im Richard Stevens Commander and founder of the FTU.
Our office received your messaged and im here now to clear this matter.

I like to apologize me for this happening,unfortunately we had miss to register our barge to your

For the Affiliation status:
The Free Trader United are a seperated group of IMG,our interrest in rheinland are business matters.
We like to Deliver goods to New Berlin and mostly Gold Ore.

This project with the Silo-1- was a one time trip,for future this wont happend again.
So we will stand for this misstake and i awaiting your call for the open fine we need to pay.

Looking forward to hear from you meine Herren.
With the best regards.

For Free Trader United
[Image: signa.png]
(FTU Commander)

[Image: FTULogo2.png]
[color=#33FF33]***TRANSMISSION END***
[Image: Teil2re.png]

Affiliation status notification - renoktus - 01-12-2012

***Free Trader United***
*Signal Boosting*
[Image: Logo.png]
***Signal by 25%***
***Signal by 75%***
***Signal by 100%***

*Signal Boosting complete*