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Admin Notice: Can't get out of Connecticut? - Reverend Del - 05-27-2012

If you're stuck in Connecticut for any reason post here.

Please note that the following player commands force FLHook to treat the ship as a new character as a result all Hook commands are erased from the player file, this means drawcash and return do not work. These commands are


If you do either of those in Conn you will not be able to return to your last docked location as the ships is effectively new and has never been outside Conn as far as Hook is concerned. There is no fix for this.

Note: If you move your character back to the account it originally was on and then /return, it will be moved back to the last base. It can be then moved again. If you have bought a ship which is on connecticut, simply send it back to the person so they can move it back. This won't fix renameme problems. (With thanks to spazzy for this).

If you buy a ship in Conn there will be no charge for this service, if however you ignore this message and use either of the two listed commands in Conn a fee of 15 million credits will be levied against your accounts. The Admin beer fund is getting low again.

Do not post here if your ship is NOT stuck in Conn. If you do a fee may be levied at our discretion.

RE: Admin Notice: Can't get out of Connecticut? - Scotty6691 - 02-19-2024

OK I CANT GET OUTTA Bastille my Tirpitz Battlecruiser is stuck there for some reason, i found out its a Prison System, i do not know what i did to wind up there can someone please explain it to me!