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What did I do? - Elvalia - 07-31-2005

Um I have a minor problem with my Elvalia character. I was about to launch from Pueblo to do a trade run yesterday when all of a sudden my freelancer crashed to the desktop, no errors or anything. I just figured it was windows being dumb so I loaded my game again and loaded my Elvalia character, it crashed again the exact same way. So I decided to leave it for now and try again today and it is *still* happening.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can do? I can play my other characters just fine, it is a problem with my Elvalia character but I do not relish the idea of starting her over again. Any ideas?

What did I do? - Denier-of-Soup - 07-31-2005

Have you tried updating?

What did I do? - Elvalia - 07-31-2005

Yeah, I just tried that after I read the server instability thread, it is working now. I was kind of hoping I could sneak in and delete this thread before I looked silly :P

Next time I should probably read the current posts and *then* mention my problem :$

What did I do? - Igiss - 07-31-2005

Elvalia there's no problem and many people were in the same situation. It's better to leave this thread so everyone reads it as it might help. I guess there were some who didn't bother posting 'silly' questions (that are not at all silly) and rather decided to wait. However now I need as many people as possible to play on the server and test things out before 4.75 release.