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ExMortis revisited - Corsair - 08-10-2012

More condensed backstory & specific info
Personal message dump
ExMortis / AAAI crossover
Scientific reports on the ExMortis

Re-writing my old ExMortis stories to get it ready to be made in-game again, this time hopefully it'll be written more clearly so that people know what exactly is going on. This time I put greater emphasis on before the outbreak and how it happened. Towards the end I just wanted to get it done (it was also 1 am) so parts were a bit rushed. I relied mainly on Google Doc's spellchecker to catch most of my errors, but one or two may have slipped by. Nobody ever responds to my RP feedback threads, so this is mainly just publicity.

EDIT: Zomfg, the new forums have trashed my formatting. What the actual Christ.

ExMortis revisited - Corsair - 08-12-2012

Next three chapters have been written and posted. Anybody actually read it yet?

Oh, and if you're curious:

Chapter 1-3 = 4500 words
4-6 = 4900 words.

Yeah, it's a longer read but that's because I'm trying to do something Discovery has never done before.

ExMortis revisited - SparkyRailgun - 08-12-2012

My only feedback right now is to stop using those colours.
Stick to neutral ones, the red makes it incredibly difficult to read.

ExMortis revisited - Corsair - 08-12-2012

I thought so too, and after a brief search for color codes found a color that's less garish. It's always a gamble when you're dealing with color codes. On some forum skins red works better than others, but here it ends up being more painful an anything.

ExMortis revisited - Corsair - 08-16-2012

Chapters 7 to 9 are on hold while I'm out camping. I'm aiming to have them done by Sunday.

ExMortis revisited - Corsair - 08-23-2012

Chapter 7 is uploaded. I'm going to release Chapters 8-10 next, as that will be the 'finale' of the backstory and open the characters up to roleplay on the forums and ingame. The character has been made, and now all that remains is the final push.

This is a general call for help: I need images for the ExMortis. See the details by following the link below:

ExMortis revisited - Corsair - 08-24-2012

Done, all 10 chapters written and the character is ready to RP on the forums before going ingame. And before you raise redflags, I made the ExMortis contact the HF before I joined the HF, so there's no conspiracy to bring them together.

ExMortis revisited - Corsair - 08-27-2012

Soooo. Who has actually read it start to finish? No shame in not doing so, it's a long read

ExMortis revisited - Corsair - 08-27-2012

I'm writing a 'modern day' story for the ExMortis. It begins with a series of reports that summarize the main backstory, if you really can't be moved to read it all.

ExMortis revisited - Corsair - 09-07-2012

ExMortis shall now be wandering Sirius much akin to my old SRP'd A.A.A.I, only now they're a bit more, uh, disagreeable. Post feedback here.

No, I don't expect everybody to like them.

Yes, I expect to be shot a lot.