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The Freelancer Account Manager - Korrd - 04-25-2006

Hello. As some of you know, I made a program called Freelancer Account Manager, which allows you to manage multiple accounts without having to edit the registry or switching users.

The program is now ready to be distributed. The actual version is the 1.00 final. The program has been under testing for quite some time now, and all reported bugs have been fixed. So the current version should work flawlessly.
All you need to know about this program is on the readme.txt file which is provided with the program.

The FAM page is the first page I've ever made, so it's pretty basic. I will add more content as I learn more about web design..

You can post questions, bugs, suggestions, etc in this thread.


Quote:The FAM has now official forums: Currently unavailable

As I'm learning web design right now, I thought I could use my newly acquired "skills" to create a site for it on my new forum [experiment]. That way, bug reports, help requests and the like can be managed properly.

I'll create a proper website for it once I feel more comfy with this dreamweaver.program.thingie. For the moment, I don't know much of web design outside of the technical aspect, and my artistic skills do suck...

Ideas, Suggestions, Criticism and Bug reports can now be posted on this place:
That way, I can better keep track of all the things, instead of missing the threads among the many hundreds of threads that arise here.

Yep. I know that my forum's default skin sucks, and that the main site that hosts the forums sucks even more. For some reason, the forum skin won't work for unregistered users, so the default PHPBB3 skin is used instead :/. Regarding the site, I will try to upload a better one soon.

The Freelancer Account Manager - Virus - 04-25-2006

Very nice Korrd... Very nice... :)

The Freelancer Account Manager - Met2085 - 04-26-2006

OK Korrd care to explain what this does in simpler terms?

The Freelancer Account Manager - Dab - 04-26-2006

Say you need more than 5 characters, so you have to make a 2nd account with different numbers. So instead of having to use 2 computers or 2 different computer accounts (ie: your account and a brothers/sisters account) to get more than 5 you use this program that allows you to change between two different accounts without having to log off an account.

The Freelancer Account Manager - Korrd - 04-26-2006

Correct. But you need to create the 2nd account via another windows user first. After that, run the program and it will ask you a name for the new account, and add it to the database.

The Freelancer Account Manager - Met2085 - 04-26-2006

ah ok Thanks

The Freelancer Account Manager - Fellow Hoodlum - 04-26-2006

Ok Korrd, (and please note this means Korrd) Dumb questions time, For us less
blessed in the PC knowledge department.
Been running this since you e-mailed it to me, did I say thanks. if not ... Big thanks.
Its what was needed to stop having to switch users.. as my internet conn. drops
when I do.
Right.. Question. Do you always have to go back to the select server window before
you activate your other account or should I be able to drop the game to the task bar,
change accounts and go straight back to the game?
Hope this makes sense...


The Freelancer Account Manager - Korrd - 04-26-2006

It makes sense.
Well, as far as i know, the game loads the account data when you open it (or maybe when you hit "multiplayer" it reads the data too). So the only way for the game to read the new data is that you exit the game, switch accounts, and re-open the game (or go to main menu, minimize, switch, and enter mp). There is no way to avoid that.
If it works without exiting the game (aka, exit to main menu, minimize, switch) tell me, and i will update the info.

The Freelancer Account Manager - Fellow Hoodlum - 04-26-2006

Korrd, thanks for that. All I do is .. Quit to new server window .. Drop the game down ..
Switch accounts .. Pull the game back up .. Select server .. Bingo. Back to play.
I had a feeling that this would be the least you needed to do.
Apart from that ... Alls well with it. Fine work for us dummies.

Hoodlum :cool:

The Freelancer Account Manager - Nightfall - 04-26-2006

Yup, works both ways (I did the main menu thing)