Solar Engineering (player group)

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Solar Engineering
Origin Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Alignment Lawful
Recruitment Ordeal by flame.
Date of founding 500 A.S.
Founder(s) \University students
Current leader(s) President Gille Demains
Base of operations Compiegne Space Colony
Secondary Base Luxury Liner Antibes
Primary ID Solar Engineering ID
Secondary ID Freelancer ID
IFF Solar Engineering
Tag(s) [SE]-
Primary role
Research of new and improvements of Gallic Technology.
Secondary role
Expansion of it's market and revenues, colonisation and terraforming of new planets for the expansion of the Gallic Kingdom, retrieving Alien Artifacts. Improving the Gallic economy, monitoring the usage of Solar products.


Solar Engineering S.A. (Solar) was formed by several young economists and lawyers on New Paris on January 1st, 500 AGS. The company aimed to become an alternative space construction supplier in Gallic space, something that was considered virtually impossible in the Gallic space industry market, already extensively controlled by the government and large corporations. Solar succeeded in obtaining the much needed connections with the Royal Navy, which secured several high profile construction contracts that helped to build a strong foundation for the company. The company played a significant role in the final stages of the First Gallic War when some of their corporate representatives were spotted in negotiations with Normandy leaders, posing as civilians. After the First Gallic War was over, the company operated as a contracted builder of civilian space stations ordered by various parties. In recent times, it also operates a large number of its own space stations, making it one of the most versatile space-based companies in Gallia, in some ways similar to EFL Oil & Machinery.

Solar Engineering appears to have unexpected inside sources of information within groups that don't usually affiliate themselves with any corporations. For example, in 686 AGS, Solar announced the cessation of all its operations in the Gallic Border Worlds. In less than 30 years, the Second Gallic War caused huge losses for all shippers and station operators working in the area. Solar used this situation for its own benefit, broadening its services in Gallia's core systems. Still, Solar is significantly smaller than the dominant space-based corporations, mostly due to the much smaller size of its land-based operations. Solar's market capitalization is eight times less than that of EFL, five times less than the value of GMS, and one and a half times less than the value of IDF Shipping. While Solar has largely chosen not to attempt to compete directly with GMS and EFL in manufacturing for heavy industrial markets, it has developed several highly lucrative product lines in advanced technology fields, catering to both popular consumer tastes as well as industrial applications. GMS and EFL are Solar's largest customers for several technologicaly advanced products. This technological expertise enabled Solar to obtain an exclusive license from EFL to manufacture Jump Gate and Trade Lane components in Gallia after the invasion of Sirius began. Since Gallia's jump gates and trade lanes are substantially completed, new components are only needed for maintenance purposes, as well as preparing stockpiles for a small number of future construction projects. Nevertheless, gate and lane component manufacturing is a highly profitable and reliable source of revenue. Solar has developed its own cargo fleet that allows it to supply its transportation needs without being forced to rely solely on contracts with IDF, GMS, and EFL. Solar also operates a fledgling luxury liner division, with its flagship resort liner stationed in Provence.

While the larger Gallic corporations are wary of Solar's rising corporate stature, its avoidance of direct competitive threats to their business interests has allowed Solar to prosper without attracting the hostility of other companies or their Royal supporters. The planet side headquarters of Solar are located on New Paris, while Compiegne Space Colony serves as its space-based headquarters.


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