Sarah Braun

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Sarah Braun
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Sarah Braun, 820 A.S.
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Federal Republic of Rheinland
Occupation Independent
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Weight 59 kg
Hair color Brown
Eye color Dark brown
Affiliation Freelancer
[RM] From 21.11.818 to 23.02.820
Rank Feldwebel
Status Active (820 A.S.)
Born 14 March 795 A.S., Planet Stuttgart, Stuttgart
Died Still alive.
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Sarah Simone Braun - Freelancer

Braun's Logs
Sarah Braun used to be a Feldwebel, who fought under the flag of Rheinland for the Chancellor Nikolaus Reinhardt. Since 820 A.S. when she was dismissed from the Rheinwehr, she tries to earn her lifelihood as Freelancer. Unconsciously she is living a double life.


Sarah Simone Braun, was born on 795 AS on Planet Stuttgart.

She grew up in a rich family as only child. Her parents, Marie Braun, working for Republican Shipping as secretary and Horst Braun, a strict Rheinland Military Officer, had a luxury mansion in the middle of the capital city of Planet Stuttgart. During the week, Sarah's parents were working all day, she rarely saw them in the evenings, too. Horst Braun was working outside Planet Stuttgart at Battleship Karlsruhe. Sometimes he loved his job more than her own daughter, and she knew that. Sometimes he even admits that he wished, he had a son. A strong man, like he is. Someone who'll become like him. Following in his footsteps. That's like he always used to be. Sarah resigned herself to her fathers opinion.

She was a pretty young girl, people dismissed her often. People who didn't knew her. People who had a superficial view at her. Although, she never had a boyfriend. In fact, she hated most men she meet. She enjoyed playing with their feelings and hurting them. Living in a capital city made this development even worse. Sarah didn't wanted to learn a "womens job". At school, she'd often played football or other games against the boys, while the girls painted their faces and talked about who kissed who. Sarah was more a ruffian than a lady. Many people got misled by her natural beautiful appearance.

Her mother, Marie, was always proud of her daughters good marks in school. Maths, Physics and Sport were Sarah's favorite subjects. Marie always told her to not listen to her father. She said to her daughter, that she can become whatever she want, she just had to fight for it. And Sarah was such a "fighter". She never had any problems to assert herself. People avoided her when it comes to discussions, because it often happened, that everyone yields to her arguments, they knew, that it's useless to argue with her.

When she studied Maths and Sport at a excellent university outside of the capital town, she already thought about becoming a police officer or female soldier. People told her that she won't fit into there, not because of her behaviour, more because of her appearance. But those who were that brave to tell her, often got punched into their face after. She loved that element of surprise, to show someone her real being. And she hated to be seen as a naive and defenseless young women.

Sarah rarely talked much about herself, what was going on in her mind. She had a skeptical view on everything, nearly fanatic. She always thought twice on decisions and never did anything because her emotions told her to do so. She wasn't a cold-hearted women. Quite contrary she was fun-loving and bright. But if things get serious she changed into a cool thinking machine. "You would be a great actress!" Did her father said her once. "But you won't be able to get a job as a soldier. They won't even take you as secretary for the Military.". It made her sad, that he had no trust in her.

Soon, she came to the point, that she wanted to know the truth. "Will I be able to do that? Is it what I want?" In 816 AS Sarah successfully applied for a practical course at Battleship Karlsruhe. She has never been so satisfied when she saw her father's face, when she told him, that they accepted her for a pracitcal training of two years. "One-nil for me." She said to herself.

In the following two years, Sarah learned much about what the Military exactly does. She put a lot effort in it and she was convinced, that she's doing the right thing. In the first year, she had mostly theory lessons about ship mechanics, fighting tactics, politcal understanding, higher mathematics and sirius-wide diplomacy. Then in the second year, she made a excursion to Planet New Berlin for six month where she had a special spaceship training. Back in Stuttgart, she recieved her first own fighter ship. A Wraith - 90-ARKM-N45.

"Sarah, I must admit, that I'm suprised about how you developed in the last months. I don't know how to say it, but I feel kind of proud." This was the first time, her father compliment Sarah. Marie, her mother had a different view on that. She was worried about her. But Sarah was confident, that serving her homecountry was the best she can do. And even others shared that concern.

In 818 AS, Sarah finished her practical training, with excellent results. She was even with male trainees. And she was one of very few female trainees, who recieved a recommendation.

Finally, in late 818 AS, Sarah Braun applied for the Rheinland Militray.


Sarah after her demotion:

"This proved my theory. Nun, I'm afraid I'll have to resign from the Rheinwehr for a certain period. One and a half year it took me to see the obvious. And since I can't defend myself, due to the hierarchic rank structure, and the fact that women in the military are not worth anything, except for toilet cleaning duties - I'll never have the right to justice and equality. It appears like my person is incompatible with the macho culture in the military you have to endure as young woman. Not to mention the permanent sexual harassment and general misogyny. If there won't be a change any time soon, Rheinland will fail to be a free, democratic and social society. As long as there won't exist equal opportunities for women and a minimum of respectfulness, I won't serve the Rheinwehr anymore. Until you've given thoughts to my words, I'll remain suspended."

Sarah's letter to Vize Admiral Sittlingen:

Lieber Theo,

you might be suprised why I'm writing you. So am I. But before I'll start, I ask you to keep this secret at any costs - for our both best. I know we had our differences, and it was obvious that sooner or later, you'd have been forced to do what you've done. Your reaction was logical. The demotion and dismissal was more than justified. I admit that my behaviour was grossly negligent, and although I couldn't help it, my presence was often a pain for almost everyone. With all due respect, I'd like to apologize for that. You must know that it often happens without malicious intent. My nature is somehow uncontrollable when it comes to certain situations. But nonetheless, I've survived 15 months in the military, which made me thought that I was finally integrated or even tolerated - I don't know it. I've learnt to keep some thoughts to myself - but like every human, I've got mistakes, too. And one of my worst is, to speak freely in the most awkward situations. It's obvious, that the Rheinwehr isn't encouraged by such. However, I just wanted you to know that I wasn't myself, when I said those words. I hope you can understand my situation. Of course I've accepted your decision, and when you'll read this, I'm going to be at home already. I've got one final appeal to you: Please don't take my thoughtless words offensive. Private circumstances were to blame for my awful behaviour. I'm sure that once I've solved my personal issues, and in case I haven't stepped on the wrong toes too often, I might change and receive a second chance - someday. I hope my plea will not fall on deaf ears and will possibly given some thoughts. In the end, I'd like to thank you that I was given the chance to serve the Rheinland Military for that long. And although I might have left the wrong impression - I'd love to resume my duty aboard the Moselle once more. Anways, I'm afraid that this won't be the case within the next months or years. Unfortunately. Whatever, I'll enjoy my holidays for now, and maybe I'll even find something new for me anyways. Until then, and if we won't see each other once more - I wish you all the best for you life.

Sarah to the Golden Chrysanthemums:

"Konnichiwa, sisters. Yes - you can call me Sarah if you please. I'm feeling honored that I was invited to your place to discuss a possible friendship or business relations. To get straight to the point, I'm finding myself in a similar situation like you - I'm somehow sharing the same point of view about freedom and equality, and therefore found it to be worth a try to seek contact with your both groups. I'm not aware of how much you're following the ongoings in Rheinland, or if you're currently planning any business there at all - but let me assure you, that not just the economic situation due to the war with Liberty suffers, but also the people of Rheinland in general. Especially the women, regarding my experience. I've been trying to gain a high position in the Rheinland Military for the last two years, but failed hardly. Just recently I was instantly dismissed due to my rebelious and radical behaviour which was caused by my strong belief. However, I'm not giving up, and therefore am now trying to get your help to bring a change into the Rheinland government's politics. Since you're probably the most experienced people in whole Sirius, concerning such issue, I found it more than logical to seek conversation with you first. Though, I'm not exactly sure of how such help could look like, and what you'd request in return."



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