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Cargo Space 1
Decay Rate no decay
Default Price 1,000

After centuries of experience in dispute settlement, Interspace Commerce has developed the premier curriculum and training program for Arbiters. IC Certified Arbiters are frequently employed in both the public and private sectors to settle contentious disputes that in some cases have even been fought for decades in House courts. So prestigious is the acclaim of IC Certification, that there are rumors of Arbiters being hired to mediate disputes even between outlawed factions, and House diplomatic corps are especially interested in achieving certification for their career negotiators. The IC Arbiter certification process requires more than a decade of study in psychology, history, sociology, game theory, and business, along with extensive field experience, and therefore requires a serious, long-term commitment from a student.

Buy/Sell Locations

The following bases either sell the item, or buy the item at a non-default price (possibly lower).


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