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Austin Rodney Goodman
Austin Goodman Portrait.jpg
"I shall fight, and die, for the Kingdom of Bretonia."
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Affiliation Freelancer
Born July 08 790 A.S., Planet Cambridge
Died Still Alive

Current Goals
  • Ending the war with Gallia by any means necessary.
  • Defending Bretonia.
  • Protecting Aimee MacDonald.


Hobbies, Likes, and Dislikes


  • Cooking.
  • Fixing ships.
  • Reading.
  • Space Exploration.


  • Cooking for others.
  • Long walks on the beach.
  • Swimming.
  • Jogging.
  • Exploration.
  • Hanging out with friends / loved ones.
  • Teasing / Cuddling / Joking around.
  • Racing.
  • Ice-cream.
  • Piloting.
  • Serving the Crown.
Austin at the Countess Lafiel Tarrant's party.


  • Anything that sounds like a suicide mission.
  • Being known as a hero.
  • Being well known.
  • Being handcuffed.
  • Being confined to a small space for a long period of time.
  • Being toyed with.
  • Being insulted.
  • Being lied to.
  • His pride being ruined.
  • Difficult Decisions.
  • Kusarians.
  • Mercenaries. (Any)
  • Gallics.
  • Spooks.
  • Large gatherings.
  • Clubs / Parties.
  • Nobles or those of Royal blood. (Queen Excluded)

Life outside the service

Austin's social life outside of the service is very limited, and only known to a few selected individuals, people whom he actually trusts. But he has been known to fly combat operations with the Liberty Navy while working as a freelance bounty hunter. However, when he isn't off on bounty hunting assignments for the Liberty Navy, he's been known to stick around Cambridge tending to his families ranch, or visiting the famous beaches of Cambridge. He's also been known to set out randomly and explore Sirius, although that has come to a slow stop due to conflicts between the houses.

Austin particularly dislikes the club scene and is rarely - if ever - spotted at a club or large gathering of people, having a mild distaste for such parties. The only party he actually participated in was the birthday party of a noble woman by the name of Lafiel Tarrant, a party in which Austin had planned on ruining, though he had never followed through with it.

Recently, he has been starting to retract himself from social life, finding it easier to do what he needs to do in order to ensure that Bretonia doesn't fall against the Gallic invaders.

Medical Records

Medical Doctor: Doctor Carla Wellings, Phd.

Hospital: Cambridge Military Hospital

Patient: Austin R. Goodman

  • Broke Right leg.
  • Cracked ribs.
  • Dislocated left thumb.
  • Gunshot wound to right shoulder.
  • Handcuff wounds on wrists.
  • Mentally Unstable.
  • Shrapnel wounds along back.
  • Tore right arm muscle

Criminal Records

  • Treason -- Kingdom of Bretonia
  • Multiple Accounts of Evading Arrest -- Kingdom of Bretonia
  • Stolen Military Equipment -- Kingdom of Bretonia
  • Desertion in time of war -- Kingdom of Bretonia
  • Harassment (Charges Dropped) -- Kingdom of Bretonia
  • War Crimes (Charges Dropped) -- Kusari State Empire / Kusari State Republic

Personal Relations

Picture was taken just outside the Family Ranch.

Faction Relationship People
Aimee MacDonald
Kiriko Hidamari
James Arland
Ozei Ruousha
Amadeus Blair
Lydia Howarth
Janessa Carlton
Sophie Savoie
Aeyrn Langley
Naomi Woods
Lisa Jaeger
Arthur Davenport
John Clay
Daichi Kogen
Carla Wellings
Mike Havering
Reena Wright
David Hale
Arthur Davenport
Martin Bridge
Ariana Winston
Deneth Aleski
Lawrence Winter
Roy Sanders
'James Carver'
Stew Wolfe
Rachel Baker
James Lambert
Alice DeFrance
Kaido Marahu
Amelia Berry
Veera Allen
John Sinclair
Firmus Piett
James O'Brien
Lexa Tamas
Evie Berry
Lafiel Tarrant
Nancy Sweetwater
Aleesha Cooper
Sipher Rockwell
Akaisha Kusunagi
James Carver
Anne Hayes
Steve Holloway
Charles Davis
John Sinclair
Kaze Dagon
Everyone Else
Charles Dupont
Lucy Silsbury
Evelyn Hunter
Siona Kithe
At War
Salazar Kithe
At War
Joseph DeFrance
At War

Military Career

Armed Forces Career

Austin has served in the Armed Forces for two and a quarter years before being dishonorably discharged for desertion during war. He's known to be a very capable pilot under extreme combat situations, and having commanded Her Majesty's Ship, The Invictus, during most of the Kusari war, prior to deserting the Armed Forces to escape from an unjustified court martial. Since then his charges have been dropped.

Military Specialization

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Marksmanship
  • Piloting
  • Capital Ship Command

Combat Statistics

  • Pilot Ranking: Ace.
  • Ships Downed: Suspected to be over one hundred.
  • Assists: Suspected to be over two hundred.
  • Ships lost: Twenty.
  • Commander of Her Majesty's Ship, The Invictus

Armed Forces Ranks

  • Ensign (Promoted to the rank of Ensign: February 10th, 817)
  • Lieutenant (Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant: April 6th, 817)
  • Lieutenant Commander (Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander: July 3rd, 817)
  • Commander (Promoted to the rank of Commander: January 4th, 818) -- Rank achieved before desertion.
  • Lieutenant Commander (Reinstated: August 24th, 819)
  • Commander (Promoted to the rank of Commander: October 5th, 819)
  • Lieutenant Commander (Demoted to the rank of Lt. Commander: October 15th, 819)
  • Commander (Promoted to the rank of Commander: November 25th, 819)

Intelligence Service Career

Intelligence Service, Section D, Ranks

  • Second Lieutenant (Re-enlisted as Second Lieutenant on May 1st, 819 A.S.)




  • Taui.jpg -- Battle of Upper Tau Ribbon, Earned April 6th for serving in Tau-23 on the front lines against the Colonial Republic.


  • Prince of the Paladin
  • King of the Paladin
  • Personal Liaison between Emperor Daichi Kogen and Samura (Unofficial)

Faction Diplomacy

Faction Relationship Factions
Bretonian Armed Forces
Bretonian Police Authority
Border World Exports
Kusari Exiles
Bretonian Intelligence Service
Liberty Police
Liberty Navy
Liberty Security Force
Everyone else
The Order
At War


Austin Goodman, seen here, wearing the Bretonian Armed Forces Dress Uniform.

790 A.S.

On July 8th, 790 A.S., Evelyn Goodman gave birth to her first child, Austin R. Goodman at the Regional Military Hospital on Planet New London, just out side of the capital city. Shortly after Austin's birth, Evelyn Goodman gives birth to Austin's sister, Lena Goodman. Hours later the doctors confirm that Austin and Lena Goodman are fraternal twins. After spending a couple of more days in the hospital, Evelyn Goodman was finally released, and she along with her husband, James Goodman, took their newborn children back to the Goodman Ranch, the families century old ranch located on Planet Cambridge.

791 - 792 A.S.

The family owned business is bought out by Gateway Interstellar. They receive eight million credits, most of the credits go into modernizing the ranch. A year later, Austin spoke his first word, ironically it was Kusari.

795 A.S.

Austin begins schooling at the age of five, having already taken a huge interest in both the stars and engineering. His parents slowly stop buying him new toys as he would take them apart and attempt to put them back together, having only marginal success. Around this time period, he had started taking a minor liking to a girl named Amanda Purdon, a noble girl around the same age of him attending public schooling.

800 - 801 A.S.

At the age of ten, Austin's father had been called into service against the invading Rheinland Fleet during what was to be later known as the Nomad Wars. His father was deployed to the Battleship Suffolk in the New London system to counter any and all Rheinland aggression within Bretonian Space. Within a year, the Kingdom of Bretonia managed to push the invading Rheinland force back to Rheinland space. During which, his father was tasked with ensuring the formation of a new - stable - Rheinland Government.

At age eleven, Austin was taken off-world for the second time on a business trip to Kusari, years prior to the conflicts that sparked the eventual Kusari-Bretonian war. During their stay on Planet Honshu, Austin mysteriously disappeared - actually wandering off on his own in exploration of the vastly different culture and world that he was unfamiliar with, curiosity had taken hold of him. Two days after his parents reported him missing, the Kusari State Police found him safe and sound in the home of a noble family on Honshu. When they stopped in Tau-31 for supplies on the way home, James Goodman ordered his son inside a space suit, and as punishment, shoved him out an airlock, this marked Austin's first actual space walk... which he enjoyed immensely.

803 A.S.

Austin attends a public middle school at the age of thirteen, having re-met Amanda Purdon, and secretly starting to have a crush on her, until one day his best friend informed Austin that he over-heard a conversation between Amanda's selected group of friends that she had a crush on him. This would set in motion a cycle of events that can be seen to repeat through-out Austin's life.

804 A.S.

Austin witnesses death for the first time at the young age of fourteen as he watches a horrifying accident that kills Amanda Purdon on their way home from school one day, that same day his parents were killed in Tau-31 by Gaian Terrorists. For the first few months, Austin is distraught and begins falling behind in his school work and chores at home, but after he pushes the memories away, his grades and chores steadily increase to their previous stature.

807 A.S.

Ever since the first Goodman had stepped off the Sleeper ship Bretonia, it has been a family and time honored tradition to serve in Armed Forces. At the age of seventeen, Austin had enrolled at the Cambridge Military Academy, wanting to follow in his fathers and his grand-fathers shoes - both being pilots of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, and both being his inspiration to take up a career in proud service of his nation and those who needed protection.

814 A.S.

Picture was taken of Austin on a combat exercise on Planet Cambridge.

War breaks out between the Kingdom of Bretonia, and the Kusari State Republic. Cambridge is MOX bombed by Phantoms - the Goodman Ranch is narrowly missed, however crops are lost. Austin is partaking in an off-world training assignment.

815 A.S.

Weeks before the graduating ceremony for all new officers that went through training at Cambridge Military Academy, Austin's best friend - Terry Scott - hacked into a military defense grid which was connected to weapon platforms along the Cambridge - Norfolk lane. The weapons were fired as more or less a joke until the discharge destroyed a Rheinland freighter, killing the pilots and passengers. While it seems it was both Austin's and Terry's fault, Terry took full responsibility and was exiled from Bretonia to the edge worlds, saving Austin from disgracing his family's tradition. Weeks later, Austin graduated from the Academy and was deployed to the Suffolk where he took rank of Cadet in the Bretonian Reserves.

Austin being deployed to Port Jackson to provide security for Bowex, 817 A.S.

816 A.S.

Austin served two years as a reserve pilots before coming across the Armed Forces Primary Fleet's, Fleet Admiral Percy Nelles, who informed Austin that he should apply for the primary fleet. Hours after Austin had met the Fleet Admiral, he had made his way to the Recruitment station and applied for the Bretonian Armed Forces, where he was later approved and given the rank of Ensign. Being deploy to the Suffolk later that year.

817 A.S.

Three years into the war with Kusari and a year since he joined the Armed Forces, Austin was now twenty-seven years old and piloting a heavily armed and armored Templar when on the front-lines against the Kusari Naval Forces. Within the first month of the year, Austin had volunteered to help escort the Prime Minister's ship to Liberty as part of a diplomatic envoy. Unbeknownst to Austin, his life was going to change in a large way.

It was around this time he had met a woman named Patricia, who worked for the Gaian terrorists. She began stalking him on every patrol he went on.

During the diplomatic mission, Austin had ignored orders to return to Bretonia by an Admiral, which was eventually over-ruled by the Prime Minister himself. It's said that this little action dampened the ground for later problems that would arise. Having been personally allowed to stay until the Prime Minister was leaving, Austin was given an apartment and a couple of lessons in hand-to-hand combat while he stayed in Liberty. Following day, the Prime Minister had sent a message to Austin requesting him to be in the air as they were heading back to Bretonia space. The Liberty Navy had helped escort the Prime Minister out of Liberty, however it was up to Austin on the way home, having a surprisingly content conversation with the Prime Minister until scenes quickly.

The Whitehall and it's escort were ambushed by two Corsair Bombers of whom had intent to kill the Prime Minister - to demoralize the Armed Forces and the Bretonian people as a whole. Flying a Paladin, Austin managed to hold his own long enough for the Prime Minister's ship to make it safely into a heavily secured Bretonian System, after which, Austin was shot down, somehow managing to break his leg due to the ships faulty ejection systems. His stunning heroics earned him one of the highest military honors in all of the Armed Forces, something on two other members had, The Carina's Cross, he is promoted to Lieutenant and virtually becomes the recruitment poster for many young men and women, however a few inside the ranks of the Armed Forces slowly begin distrusting him. His name - now well known across Sirius as the one who saved Prime Minister Mountbatten.

Combat Operation Against Corsair Pirates near Port Jackson, 817 A.S.

A few weeks after the award ceremony, he served in what was to be later known as the "Battle of Upper Tau" where an overwhelming number of enemy ships attacked a small wing of Bretonian Templars, being a victory on the Bretonian side, setting Austin up as an Ace among the younger and even older pilots. Exactly a month after the Battle of Upper Tau, Austin became friends with a man known as Sipher Rockwell. Austin originally hated the man due to his snootiness, though it slowly grew on Austin. It was also around this time that he met the girlfriend of Sipher Rockwell, Ariana Winston, another member of the Gaian movement. Surprisingly enough, one of Austin's first love interests since the accident on Cambridge when he was fourteen.

He met his second love interest, an Ensign by the name of Ashley Taylor who had joined the Armed Forces when he was still a Lieutenant in the Armed Forces. After a rough start, between the two, things eventually settled down to a more romantic relationship, only putting off their relationship for work. During this point in time, certain events started to lead up to what would be known as the downfall of Bretonia's skilled hero. The Wilde.

Eventually, Austin had been promoted to Lieutenant Commander for exemplary performance during combat, and leadership skills. It was around this that he met a Countess who was a few years younger than him (being Twenty-Seven at this point.) Lafiel Tarrant was a noble woman from Cambridge, who took a strange liking for putting herself in danger just so Austin could save her. This put-self-in-danger-then-wait-for-rescue relationship the two shared made them seem like they were married, as Austin had to go out of his way to ensure her safety, each and every combat engagement he served in.

However, during this time he was still romantically engaged with Ashley Taylor, up until he had witnessed her being gunned down and captured by the Kusari Naval Forces. This had sent Austin to the brink of depression and insanity at the same time. He demanded that the admiralty allow him to lead a strike wing of Bretonia' finest into Kusari to rescue her, however, the board denied his suggestion and plans, stating "A Lieutenant is not worth the risk of our greatest pilots. We're sorry." Austin still feels that it was his fault for her being shot down, due to him being in command of the wing and issuing a retreat.

On orders of Admiralty, Austin was issued a vacation a week after Ashley Taylor was shot down. He went to Liberty to earn some extra credits by bounty hunting for the Liberty Navy, seeing as he had a few friends in the Liberty Navy that he could talk to while he was there. Of course, his time in Liberty was cut short when he came across a pirate known only by the name of Nancy, who complained to the Liberty Navy that a Freelancer had randomly opened fire on her, despite Austin's true purpose, collecting money. His friend, Jimmy Patterson requested that Austin spend the rest of his vacation days in Bretonia, which is what Austin did.

A week later, the Bretonian Police Authority had issued an arrest warrant, while the Bretonian Armed Forces ordered Austin into court. In a last ditch effort, he took this opportunity to save Ashley Taylor and escaped from Bretonia - running from the court martial in a stolen military vessel - to Rheinland.

During this time period, Austin knew he wasn't in the wrong and even went out of his way to form alliances with under-ground movements such as the Mollies for landing points within Bretonia to continue operating on the front lines against the Kusari Naval Forces, who began pushing into Leeds.

818 A.S.

Austin attempts to turn himself in twice, both times Bretonian Armed Forces and Bretonian Police Authority that know him, do not arrest him, allowing him to leave combat zones. It was this way off-and-on until Austin's friend, former Fleet Admiral Martin Bridge had graced him and dropped all charges, stating that Bretonia needed pilots on Austin's skill level.

Late 818 A.S., Austin returns to the Bretonian Armed Forces as Commander, before retiring and returning to a more... civilized life. Before taking up his own initiative to serve on the front lines again against Kusarians attempting to flank into Orkney, only to witness the destructive power of the Gallic Royal Navy first hand. Austin's ship was shot down, and he was put to drift in an escape pod until he was recovered by friendly forces.

819 A.S.

Austin is drafted into the Bretonian Intelligence Service, unbeknownst to him by his father James Goodman. While Austin hates spooks, he was placed in Section D "The Black Guard," a military organization that acts as Black Ops for the Intelligence Service itself.

During this, Austin took a three month down time before taking up flying again, and meeting a woman named Nancy Sweetwater, a Mercenary. She had asked him out to a drink, and it quickly turned into a strange love/hate relationship between the two as Austin was highly suspicious as to who she was, which he had every-right to be as she was a known terrorist by the name of Sangria Reaver. After they first met, Austin had sent a transmission with information regarding Sangria Reaver and Nancy Sweetwater being the same person, to the Bretonian Police Authority, Armed Forces, and Intelligence Service, unaware that fate was going to force them to meet again...

The second time they spent time together, everything was going smoothly and Austin started to have feelings for her, despite knowing his job was going to get in the way at one point down the lane. Eventually, he felt it was necessary to tell her the truth about what he did, hoping it didn't ruin their relationship. Ultimately every event that happened after lead up to him attempting to arrest her, and shooting her in the shoulder, having acted quickly as he thought she was spinning around with a gun in her hand - but in reality, she had pulled a pack of cigarettes out on him. An unfortunate accident, that he wish hadn't happened.

It had only been a few weeks since then that Austin had started speaking to someone he barely knew, who went by the name of Veera Allen, a woman who once dated a friend of his, John Clay.

In late 819 A.S. Austin proposed to a Molly rebel by the name of Aimee MacDonald.

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