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#REDIRECT [[Bastia Station]]
{{Base Infobox
| name = Bastia Outpost
| image = BastiaOutpost.png
| class = Ajaccio
| system = [[Omicron-85]]
| sector = 3D
| house = [[Edge Worlds]]
| owner = [[Outcasts|Outcast Guard]]
| gravity = Limited
| docking = Restricted
| amenities = Limited
| population = 300
Bastia is a small outpost near [[Omicron Alpha]] [[jump hole]]. It was the first [[Outcast]] base in [[Omicron-85]], established not long after the Outcasts first came into the system. From here they continued to scout the nebula, eventually discovering the [[Razgriz Abyss]] and [[Omicron Eta]] [[jump hole]]. Bastia monitors ships moving to or from [[Omicron Gamma]]. Beyond that it is mainly used as a supply base for ships preparing to head to [[Omicron Eta]].
>>><span style="color:red">AVOID IF HOSTILE</span><<<
==Missions Offered==
* [[Outcasts]]: $250,000 to $450,000 range
==Bribes Offered==
No bribes offered here
* None
* [[Food Rations]]
* [[Oxygen]]
* [[Water]]
[[Category: Edge Worlds]]
[[Category: Outcasts]]

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