Battleship Nogent-le-Rotrou

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Battleship Nogent-le-Rotrou
Normandie class Battleship
Battleship Nogent-le-Rotrou.jpg
Flag-gallia.png Gallic Royal Navy
6D, New London
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

The Normandie class was designed in the 660s as a versatile Battleship capable of both offensive and defensive actions. From 670 A.G.S. until 710 A.G.S. it was produced in large numbers by the Royal Navy shipyards, but the battles of the Second Gallic War revealed several critical flaws in the ship's construction. Existing ships were retrofitted to correct various flaws, but no new ships of this class were built - instead the Richelieu class was pressed into service. Normandie battleships form a bulk of Gallia’s Sirius invasion forces, along with more recent and better equipped Richelieu battleships and rearguard Charlemagne battleships.

Nogent-le-Rotrou was the flagship of the Royal Navy forces in the now destroyed Maine system in Gallia. It is a recently retrofitted Normandie-class battleship with impressive offensive and defensive capabilities. It was stationed there as several core world systems were vulnerable to attack from the Council and its presence was the response from the Royal Navy to strengthen its patrols and overall system security, but the Nogent-le-Rotrou saw little action during its posting in Maine.

After the evacuation of Maine due to the impending supernova, the Nogent-le-Rotrou entered a slow step security rotation through the invasion supply routes, finally arriving at the front in time to participate in the blitz on the New London system. Having completed its initial objectives at the Battle of Southampton, it is now on a steady approach vector to Planet New London.

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