Dave Synk

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Dave Synk
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation The Order Researcher
Affiliation The Order
Rank Colonel in Cerberus, Corporal in The Order
Born July 23 789 A.S., Planet Manhattan (Age 29)
Everything is possible! - Dave Synk, AC Legion 819 A.S


Dave Synk was born on 5th Avenue City, Planet Manhattan on July 23rd 789 A.S. His father was George Synk, a xenoarcheologist which is believed that he was in the staff of professor Roland Quintaine developing theories about Slomon K'Hara influence and expansion on Sirius sector. His mother was Dana Synk, a biologist working on Cambridge Research Station. At an early age Dave knew that his future is among the stars and contribute to humankind’s technological progress. He followed the Manhattan Science Academy where he was a good and ordinary student like all the others. He later on specialized in xenoarcheology, space continuum physics and bio-engineering.

Activity in Liberty

Because of his passion he graduated MSA among the top students, because of his passion and devotion to make a real change in this universe. He was recommended from MSA to Ageira. On his first year of work on Ageira he was just a simple assistant on the research staff. Ageira wasn’t what he was looking for, and hearing that Ageira was in a “technological” conflict with Deep Space Engineering, he left to DSE where he was more then welcomed. DSE looked on his profile from the Academy and thought that they could make a mistake bringing a bio-engineer aboard DSE but they took their chances and they didn’t made a bad mistake. Dave Synk developed a warning disrupting system on the Trade Lanes, it was very efficient on it’s first year of releasing, because traders could stop from a farer distance from the pirate attack. After one year the Lane Hackers developed new ways to enter the lane network and overpass Dave’s systems. Dave was in a conflict with the hackers for 2 years because he always made new ways to counter the hackers attempts of piracy. After some months from these events, Dave begun his studies about the Jump Gates and their “warp” capacities. He managed to put up a theory about trans-warpian jumps. He developed with DSE a new way of travel and it was developed on the New York - Texas Jump Gate.

He added a module to the Jump Gate so it can modulates the warp velocity to a more safer and faster jump time to long distances. On the inauguration the system was sabotaged by possible Ageira spies but there were no proofs to sustain this testimony. On the icident one civillian ship was lost during the space-continuum jump. Liberty Governemnt accused Dave of this failure and punished DSE with the threat of dissolution. Dave and his research staff were very worried about their future, and tried so hard to accuse Ageira because it was known of it’s hate of DSE, but Ageira was strongly protected. Dave was known because of his hard arguments against LSF and the LN because they weren’t protecting Liberty like it was supposed to do, and this was a downside for Dave’s cause against Ageira. DSE had a financial catastrophy and Dave was forced to leave Liberty.

An event of a lifetime

He started his journey to Rheinland to find some jobs but with no luck, since Rheinland didn’t accepted Libertonian researchers on that time. He reached then Omega 3 at Freeport 1 and he worked a few weeks for the local Zoners. At the Freeport, watching the local news, he found about the Phantom’s MOX bombardment on Planet Cambridge where millions of innocent people where killed. He found that the epicenter of the explosion totally destroyed Wellington District, where many research institutes had their location. He found that his mother was not on Cambridge Institute that day and she was safe, be he was very shocked on the catastrophy. He left Freeport 1 and on his way to Cambridge he saw something odd coming from the nearby jump hole, a number of 5 bombers and 2 assault carriers vanished in the depth of space, after some hours he realised those were the Phantoms who bombarded Cambridge. He continued his journey to Bretonia where, he was intercepted by a number of Corsairs on the disrupted lane. The Corsairs weren’t joking about taxing the scientist knowing he was broke. Suddenly in the deep of the nebulae appeared a BAF Templar and without staying on his thoughts he neutralized a few ships and made the pirates ran. Dave saw that the young BAF officer was Jack Aubrey, he saw the catastrophy from above and couldn’t do nothing. Dave invited Jack to a drink, back on the Freeport. They were both affected by different life catastrophies and started toghether the journey of their lifes. They both bound a strong friendship which changed both their lives and the fate of Sirius !

An eternal loss

Dave's life was more then perfect after he met Ashley Foxx, an LSF lieutenant working as escort in the verious tasks of the research division. They met on a graduation party aboard the Missouri. Dave was 20 and Ashley was 19. They were young and happy with eachother. When Dave went into the LSF scout division he made a team composed of him, Ashley and Lieutenant Thomas Davidson. Everything was perfect in his life after the event on Yukon. On the date of 19th July 809 A.S. they were sent by Liberty Navy Command to scout the Yukon system for a mysterious gravitron anomaly. When they arrived their navicomputer redirected their ships to a location approximately 500k from the Yukon star. Arriving at the place where the anomaly was detected they discovered for the first time, a Phased Jump Hole anomaly. The jump hole was very unstable and it had a behavior similar to the black hole, absorbing every type of matter around it. The Jump Hole was massive and because of the powerful gravity well they eventually got sucked into it. When warping out, they arrived into an uncharted system. It was marvelous. It had a giant purple sun, and a distant massive planet with one moon. They did several scans into the systems and when they went back to the collapsing jump hole, something happened. From the unknown 5 purple lights appeared with the size of a Hathor gunboat, very agile and very fast. While they were flying towards the hole, they were scanned and verified, Dave ordered his team mates to go directly into the hole, and no need to look behind. So they did until one of the lights, shot some sort of EMP projectile towards Ashley's engines. The ship was stopped and slowly pulled into the depths of space. Dave and Thomas opened fire and put a desperate fight to free Ashley but they were running out of time as the jump hole was closing. Some lights vanished and some of them returned fire but only to jam their ships. They took Ashley away and Thomas took Dave while he watched with a dramatic look after his beloved women as she faded more and more into the depths of space. After they arrived in Yukon, they were waited by some LN vessels, they came directly from the mysterious Zone 21. What they saw in the unknown system was considered classified or non-existent. Eventually they were expelled from the LSF because of what they knew, and some officials wanted Dave and Thomas arrested. But Dave disappeared shortly after the event, taking his DSE vessel out of Liberty Space. Some rumors indicate that until that event Dave tried to discover ways of innovative travel methods, and researching and studying more about the rare Phased Jump Holes, and all of this not for the good and progress of the mankind, but for his duty to find the one she loved. Other sources indicate that Dave discovered something, and he went back to the unknown system with some Order agents. The information is from an untrusted source thus speculations appear.