Drakes Wolves

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This is an unofficial player group.

Drakes Wolves
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Affiliation Renegade Navy
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding January 5th, 795 A.S.
Founder(s) Lucas Stone
Current leader(s) Commander Lucas Stone
Base of operations America Base, Vespucci
Primary ID Hellfire Legion ID
IFF Hellfire Legion
Tag(s) [D-W]
Primary role
The destruction of the Liberty Navy and the replacement of the Libertonian Government.
Secondary role
The removal of Outcasts and Cardamine from Liberty and the quelling of pirate factions which threaten civilian commerce.

The destruction of the Lane Hacker's.

The expansion of Vespucci's industry and commerce

Drakes Wolves


A History of Drakes Wolves

795 A.S.

The newly commisioned Wolf Squadron was established to patrol the the Liberty system's bordering with other houses. Its Commander Lucas Stone was given the position of Squadron Commander by his friend Drake Thastus who had pulled some strings to see Lucas promoted to the position. Drake who had seen the young pilot come from fighter training and work his way up the ranks, saw the same drive and un-flinching loyalty to the Liberty people as he had.

Stone for all his skill had a quiet strength about him, he spoke when there was a need or he saw that an issue could be resolved with a new idea. His career in the Navy was in all very controversial, he had in many ways gone against the flow, when it came to captured prisoner's. Showing restraint compared to that of his colleagues, who would think nothing of killing prisoner's just to save paper work or even a trial. This brought him to a dangerous point in his career when he had turned his pistol on a fellow officer, who wanted to kill a captured Xeno pilot. The matter was resolved by Drake, he strode in the room between the officer's and let the Xeno pilot go.

Afew Days later Stone was called into a meeting with Drake, Stone assuming he was going to be punished for his act against another Officer, prepared for the worse. Instead Drake poured himself and Stone a glass of Scotch which he had aquired through contacts. To Stone's amazment Drake began to talk to the young officer as you would a friend, no mention of what had passed.

800 A.S.

The Wolf Squadron under the command of Commander Lucas Stone, were an Elite Liberty Navy Squadron. The Squadron were attached to Commodore Drake Thastus command, they looked upon Thastus with awe and treated his order's as law. They never doubted him when he told them his plan and thought's about what was happening in Liberty, they would gladly follow him and Commander Stone to the depth's of Hell and back again.

That year Commodore Thatus was accused on bogus charges of sedition, mutiny and half a dozen other offences. He and his crew were ordered to surrender. Thatus called to his friend's, who reponded immediately to aid him. The fight began with the Navy and Thatus ordered the retreat rather than doom his crew and friends.

The Wolf Squadron aka Drakes Wolves, were captured in the escape from Liberty in 800 A.S.during which they fought a delaying action though not an overall factor it helped delay a portion of the pursuing Liberty Navy, while the Battleship Ragnarok along with the rest of its escort fought its way out of Liberty Space. They threw themselves upon the Liberty Navy, the squadron numbered sixty Heavy fighters and ten Bomber's. They fought undaunted even when they saw their fellow Wolves fall and it gave them more strength against the overwhelming number's of Liberty Navy fighters. During the battle they destroyed five to every ship they lost, this and previous event's gained them a reputation for courage, skill and recklessness. What helped was also a sudden appearance of Lane Hacker's, who then engaged the Navy fleet thus giving more chance of escape.

Once the Battleship Ragnarok had escaped, they had known their own fates were sealed with any escape cut off and their number's dwindling. Their Commander Lucas Stone ordered them to stand down and surrender, it was by far the hardest order he had to give, but he was safe in the knowledge that his friend and patron had escaped. Only a handful of the Wolves had survived to the dismay of Commander Stone, the bitterness of the losses weighed heavy on him.

The survivors would live to fight another day!

Their trial was a mere formality, they were found guilty of mutiny but the sentence of death was revoked due to pressure from Liberal elements within the Liberty Goverment. That same Goverment recognised their previous deeds of valour and courage during the war with Rheinland elements and other rogue elements within Liberty space. Their sentence was imprisionment with no parole and so they were sent to LPI Huntsville, their confinement was far more than people could imagine. Placed in cryo-stasis with their minds trapped in a endless dream in which they could never awaken from, weaker minds would have closed upon themselves and shrunk from the horror's that the mind could produce. As time passed, Liberty and history forgot about them, their deed's, their name's and their lives they had led.

Present Day

Their escape was a stroke of luck, fate was once again shining upon them and as usual they took the advantage. During an attack by the Liberty Rogues to help free some of their pilots, some of the station's power relay's were damaged. The resulting power loss to the cryo-stasis chamber's, brought the hibernating pilots back to the conscious world. The break out by the Liberty Rogue's was working, with the gaurds pre-occupied trying to hold the tide, they seized the opportunity. Mixing in with the general chao's of the rioting prison, they managed to get to the docking hatch and after a brief fight with the Rogue's. They commandeered the cargo ship they had fought over and Stone took control of the ship while the rest of the Wolves took to the gun turrets. As they un-docked they came under fire from both Rogue's and the Stations weapon turrets, Stone engaged the cruise engine and with some skillful piloting managed to get them away to safety. As they left the area an explosion ripped through the section housing their stasis chamber's, fate smiled once again. Stone checked his scanner's picking up on a ship that seemed to be traversing the Texas debris field. Turning the ship to follow the strange vessel, the ships scanner's picked up a station deep within the field. There they managed to gain counterfeit I.D's from dispicable sources...the station was a Junker base called Beaumont Station..the I.D's would let them pass as civilian's, the ship they had commandeered they sold and bought a smaller swifter cargo ship.

They realised that finding their former comrades was going to prove difficult, as none of them knew where to look. Stone sent his men out into Liberty, they offered their services out as escort pilots to civilian freighter's. This would allow for them to move thorugh Sirius without suspicion and look for their families and friends. Sirius had changed through their incarceration, it had expanded futher than they could hope to travel. News of Gallia, the war's, the battle's that were fought through-out Sirius and still this knowledge did not disuade them from finding their loved one's. In Magellan, Stone came across a pilot on Freeport IV, the pilot claimed he knew a system where the Legendary Drake Thastus and his followers had settled.

Lucas Stone sent out a call to his men, to make their way to his location. Several days later, with the pilot in tow and his men ready. They set off through Wendell Ice Field to find the jump hole to the mysterious system, that the pilot said held the key to their past. They found the system, on entering it they were surrounded by fighters and a battleship the likes they had never seen. The Wolves were taken aboard the Dreadnought Ravager and after DNA testing, questioning...they were reunited with their loved one's.

Lucas Stone met his son for the first time, his wife had been several month's pregnant on the day that he had been captured and looking at his son John, he saw himself but only five years younger. He turned to his son and asked him where his mother was, John looked pained and told the story of the attack on Fort Leniex, how his mother had been on the decks that the Lane Hacker's had destroyed. In their attempt to rest control of Vespucci from the Legion, he told him that the Hacker's had paid with their lives for that assault. To hear of the loss of Drake Thastus to the Navy during the war over Califonia hit him hard, to die helpless wasnt how he had seen his old friend dying. He wept at all the news, embracing his son and vowed vengance on the years he had lost, the Navy would pay for the execution of his friend Drake Thastus and the Hacker's for the death of his wife.

Over the following week's the Wolves were shown around Vespucci, they went down to see the growing installations on planet Guadalajara. The mines providing the system with ore and materials for the construction of ships and expansion of their station's. Stone saw in all this work, his friend's hand in it all and it was a pity that they couldn't have met one last time. But looking, Stone could see the future and so he spoke to people and gathered support. He would see the Wolf Squadron reborn, they would take the fight to the enemy. After afew weeks he called his men to meet on Dreadnought Ravager, he set out the goals of the Hellfire to his men....those same goals were their own. They would make Liberty bleed a river of blood for what they had done. So they re-formed the squadron but this took time as all things do, raising funds was no easy task to outfit the current and the recruited pilots from the population of Vespucci. When they were ready, the squadron would begin and be a plague upon Liberty.

The first fighter's rolled out of production on their newly constructed Thastus Station, though weapons had to be purchased from the local weapons tech's with the little credits they had, they found work to raise funds as simple trader's within Sirius.

John Stone (Lucas Stone's son) was no pilot but a very good engineer, his skill's became invaluable to the newly formed squadron's development...though calling Lucas 'Dad' was very disconcerting due to the small age difference. John's fiance Sophia Winters was a journalist who apart from her charm, raised funds to begin getting the message out, to the Liberty people via the newly established news network 'DW News Channel'.

DW News Channel main goal was to raise the profile of the Hellfire Legion and the squadron. It's news would be like that of the 'Free-press' of Liberty to only report victories, good news and any set backs that might occur; the latter being censored by Lucas Stone himself.


America Base

America Base is the main Headquarters for the Wolf Squadron aka Drakes Wolves. It houses the Adminstration, Communications,

Ship Maintenance, repair and operations.

Thastus Station and Le Paz Depot

The Station was the beginning of Drakes Wolves more permanent settlement within the confines of Vespucci. Named after their former Commander and the Hellfire's former Lord Commmander Drake Thastus. Its placement was chosen to overlook Planet Guadalajara, the view from the station giving a serene peace to the Station's Inhabitant's. The Station was also placed to ensure security of Le Paz Depot. The Depot had no defences, other than the normal routine patrols that patrol around Vespucci. Thastus Station is still in construction and will be for the foreseeable future. The station also house's the R&D Department aswell as DW News.

Plan's for the Future

Grant and Licoln had approached Stone regarding further development of Planet Guadalajara, regarding its resources and surface. While most of the surface of planet was or is hostile, afew enclaves of hospitable land were available for agricultural development. Scans revealed an abundance of fertile soil and deeper probes revealed large pocket's of ore. Both of them agreed this would take considerable effort and work to mine, but the ore could help drive forward further development of Vespucci as awhole. As for the agriculture on the planet. It could in all produce an abundance of food and also put a stop to dependancy on outside supplier's or Bio-domes. Stone for the time being put this project on the backburner, until the Wolves could find the manpower and resources to move forward.

The next thing that was discussed was the development of Vespucci's trade and commerce. While at the moment Vespucci doesnt produce anything, Humboldt does have mining fields available. But these are contested by several faction's, Stone needed help to make contact with these group's but who could mediate such a thing.

This in the end would help bring some more finances into Vespucci's ailing economy, though donations do help. They do not cover the full needs of the Hellfire.



While Stone doesnt object or is indifferent to religous beliefs(the latter being more likely), a small group within the Wolves have started praying to Thastus himself to look for guidance. Their belief is that he isnt a God, but a Great man who in their eye's has become a Saint. This group is slowly and steadily growing in number's as time goes on.

Drakes Wolves Battle Poem

It was a hard fought kill,

It was a treacherous,

Bloody slaughter,

And the mad dark pilot,

Wanted me dead,

He gnashed at me with his Guns,

He gnawed at me with his missiles,

He tore, and lashed at my Prosecutor,

Leaving a gash of sweet flowing piercing plasma,

I struck him back. I struck him with lust,

I struck him with hate. I struck him with vengeance,

I struck him with loathing,

I pierced his writhing, withering hull,

I struck it deep,

I killed it true,

And now, standing in the sweetness,

Of the evil pilots death,

I am pleased,

I am driven,

I am quested,

I will find his friends,

And they will all die as bloody,

And as true, and as dark,

And as swiftly as my Judgements can fire,

I will sever and pierce their black hearts,

I am the savior of Liberty,

I am the warrior of death,

I am Drake's own vengeance incarnate,

Upon the damned Navy,

I am Champion. Slayer. Hunter,

The battle has been joined,

It will never End!


The destruction of the Liberty Navy and the replacement of the Libertonian Government. The destruction of the Lane Hacker's The removal of Outcasts and Cardamine from Liberty and the quelling of pirate factions which threaten civilian commerce. The expansion of Vespucci's industry and commerce

Organisation: Fighter's/Bomber's/Gunboat's: Lucas Stone commanding: Drakes Wolves aka Wolf Squadron: Tag [D-W] DW News Channel: Sophia Winter's Hauler's and Industry: TBA Engineering: John Stone


Due to the size of the Drakes Wolves, they have assumed a more workable rank system than their current HellFire colleague's

Commander: equivalant rank to Hellfire Fleet Admiral

Captain: equivalant rank to Hellfire Captain

Lieutenants: same equivalant rank to Hellfire Lieutenant

Legionaries: same equivalant rank to Hellfire Pilot

Zone Of influence:

Liberty Systems directly bordering Liberty

Identification: Pilot carrying this ID is a member of the Hellfire Legion, who :

May Treat any ship belonging to Liberty Police, Liberty Navy and Liberty Secuirty Force as combat targets Can attack Liberty Rogue's, Lane Hacker's and Outcast within the Liberty House Space Cannot engage freighter's and Transports unless in self-defence. Cannot ally with Liberty Lawful's Cruisers and battleships cannot leave Liberty space and the bordering Independent Worlds, Cannot use any Transport that has more than 3,600 cargo. Allowed ships: Fighters, Bombers, Freighters, Transports, Gunboats[/list][/color]


Faction Relationship
Xeno Alliance
GBS- Colonial Republic
Red Hessian Army
House Corporations
Bounty Hunters Guild
Independent Pirates
Cardamine Smugglers
At War
Lane Hackers
At War
Liberty Rogues
At War
Liberty Police Incorporated
At War
Liberty Security Force
At War
Liberty Navy
At War