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Governing House Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Region Rheinland
New Berlin

Dresden is characterised specifically by the abundance of sulphurous clouds within it. Formerly the mining heartland of Rheinland, the system has since been stripmined nigh completely, and the two mining stations within it are expected to breach their profit margins within the next couple of years.

The largest deposits of minerals were both contained within the nebula clouds of the system. Close to the Kruger operated Bautzen station (that lies within the Kruger Lavafeld), is the Schwefelnebel, containing many carbon asteroids that can be mined for Diamonds with ease, if one disregards the frequent attacks by the Red Hessians on the area. On the opposite side of the system lies the Daumann Lavafeld, a vast cloud containing an abundance of Cobalt and Copper asteroids, with Leipzig Station at it's heart. At the system's north-western edge lies the third great nebula cloud: the corrosive Giftnebel, supposedly containing the infamous Vogtland Base, the HQ for Hessian activity in the system. Any pilots unfriendly with the Hessians are strongly advised to give it a wide berth when traveling within system.

Since a big fallout of the Hessians is the most part of the system fallen to them. Pirna Border Station was destroyed, like the most trade lanes insdie the system, and Leipzig Station was occupide by the Hessians. Rheinland wants to give up the system after all mining placed are out mined. So it seems that Dresden is going to become the first system "free" from the Rheinland government.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Medium White

  • TYPE: G8
  • COLOR: White
  • MASS: 2.00 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.85 x 10e7 km

  • None
  • Daumann Lavafeld
  • Giftnebel
  • Kruger Lavafeld
  • Lavafeld
  • Schwefelnebel
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The cloud is a swirling mass of sulfuric acid and hydrogen sulfide that will corrode the Hull Panels of even an armored, shielded ship in a relatively short amount of time. Because of its toxic nature, the cloud has never been fully explored, but Red Hessians will sometimes use it as a method of evading pursuit after stealing valuable Diamond shipments from Daumann or Kruger.

Asteroid Fields

Daumann Lavafeld

A field of Copper and Cobalt bearing asteroids. Heavily mined by Daumann Heavy Construction from their base on Leipzig Station, this field has produced the bulk of these minerals in the Sirius Sector for centuries -- making it an irresistible target for Red Hessian pirates. However, experts speculate that the field will be depleted within two decades, leaving little behind but a massive cloud of sulfur.

Kruger Lavafeld

A field of lava asteroids. Unfortunately, the field is too close to the sun and consequently too molten for any mining. Bautzen Station, local headquarters for Kruger Minerals, sits at the edge of the field.


A small field of lava asteroids. Often used as a waypoint for Red Hessian attacks on the Daumann facility at Leipzig.


A large sulfur cloud containing lava asteroids. Diamonds can often be found floating freely within the cloud and are collected by Kruger Minerals, operating from nearby Bautzen Station. However, Kruger has been forced to increase security to prevent theft by Red Hessians.

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