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#REDIRECT [[Freeport 4 Wreck]]
{{Base Infobox
| name = Freeport 4 Wreck
| image =
| class =
| type = FREEPORT
| system = [[Magellan]]
| sector = 5E
| house = [[Independent Systems]]
| gravity = Partial
| docking = no
| amenities = no
| population = 0
[[Freeport 4]] was formerly an abandoned Bretonian station that was later repopulated and reopened by unemployed miners hailing from [[New London]]. The group eventually found gainful employment with the [[Independent Mining Guild]] (IMG) and opened the station to all, declaring it a Freeport. The population largely subsisted on whatever income it could manage by selling [[Water]] and [[Oxygen]]] to anyone who had the credits, in addition to a steady trade repairing commercial transports damaged by asteroids or pirate raids.
However, the increase in both frequency and severity of the Gallic raids into [[Magellan]] by 821 A.S. found the Freeport placed under de facto control of the [[Liberty Navy]], who attempted to utilize the base as a staging point for forces within the system. After years spent securing [[Leeds]], Royal Navy assaults on Liberty's positions within Magellan began in earnest, and the civilian population was fully evacuated. Raids grew in frequency and intensity, battering the Freeport and testing the mettle of its defenders. The loss of the [[San Diego Border Station]] proved the capabilities of the advancing fleet, and dashed any hopes of prolonged control over Magellan for the allied forces. With resistance ebbing away, [[Battleship Carcassonne]] and its battlegroup ventured forth upon the Freeport, brushing aside what little defenses that remained with utmost force. In the face of overwhelming odds, remaining [[Liberty]] personnel withdrew. The Liberty Navy regrouped these forces in [[California]] and [[Cortez]], bracing for the next step.
The wrecked, once-fortified station's few remaining pressurized sections have since buckled and collapsed, their remaining atmosphere vented into the vacuum of space. Once again, this station has fallen silent.

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