Freya Eistochter

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Freya Eistochter
Freya Eistochter, 822 A.S.
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Occupation Politician and guerilla-leader
Gender Female
Affiliation Vereinigte Widerstandsarmee/The Order
Rank Parteivorsitzende/Veteran Agent
Status Alive
Born January 17, 795 A.S., Planet New Berlin

Freya Eistochter is Parteivorsitzende (party leader) of the Bundschuh, a Kommandant of the Vereinigte Widerstandsarmee and an Agent of The Order. She was Oberst of the Volksfront before its demise, a time during which she also was served a previous term as party leader of the Bundschuh. She is also known as 'the Witch of Frankfurt' for her fierce personality.


Born on Planet New Berlin, 795 A.S., Freya was the youngest of three children (she has one sister and one brother). Her father was a doctor and her mother was a teacher. Her family had traditionally always supported the Bundschuh, however her parents were afraid to openly support the party. The Federal Police and the MND watched closely for Bundschuh-supporters after the Nomad War. Her parents feared that if they would be open about their views they might be harmed or even worse: Their children might be harmed.

Freya grew up as a normal Rheinlandish girl. She proved to be intelligent at an early age and after she finished Gymnasium she went on to study politics. Here the Bundschuh really came into play for the first time. Universities were always the place where the Bundschuh traditionally got strong support and they often try to spread their ideas here. While Freya's study was completely biased in favour of the Kanzler, she found herself to be more attracted to what was told outside of the university walls. Back at home she also learned more about the Bundschuh from her parents.

At the age of 20 she decided to join the Bundschuhpartei. The Volksfront and the Bundschuh in general were in a bad state when Freya joined, with numbers and moral low. A year later she joined the Volksfront paramilitary. She managed to quickly climb the ranks of the party and she became Revisor in the party and the right hand of Vorstand Daniel Boehmer. Not too long after this Boehmer decided that he had failed as leader of the party and handed over leadership to Freya. After a few weeks she also became Oberst of the Volksfront and in her new position she attempted to revive the party. Another rising star among the Volksfront, Michael Wolf was appointed as Kommandant and became her right-hand and most trusted adviser.

The party continued its struggle to regain influence in time that followed. Small skirmishes with the Unioners in Frankfurt established the Volksfront as a force who wishes to protect the people of Rheinland and a bold move to also establish the Volksfront as the paramilitary of the People's Party of Bretonia was made, hoping to expand the influence of the organisation. It all failed to bring a halt to the Volksfront's decline however.

Eventually she stepped down and a dark time awaited the party. The time of the Volksfront was over and in the time that would follow no new strong paramilitary to unite the Bundschuh emerged. Groups came and went, none lasted for long. Until former-Volksfront and Rheinlandische Völksfreiheitspartei officers teamed up, joined by various other Bundschuh-members to form the Vereinigte Widerstandsarmee led by Freya's former right-hand Michael Wolf, aided by Matthias Zillich, another former Volksfront-member and Freya herself. However Freya got taken out of the picture after her escape pod malfunctioned during a skirmish with the Military. She got seriously injured and knocked into a coma for months. After almost a year she managed to recover however and retook her place in the Widerstand.

In the mean time the Widerstand had become the single most powerful sect of the Bundschuh's forces and its leaders also gained a lot of political influence in the party due to their success in fighting for the party. Michael Wolf's successor Erich Klugmann finally managed to gain so much popularity that he was elected as the new party leader in 821 A.S., however he declined the honour and instead appointed the old Bundschuh politician Albrecht Noth. Freya has developed a serious dislike for Klugmann after her recovery and ignores his authority almost completely having gained enough respect and influence in the past to be able to get most things done without involving him. A few months after the elections however, Klugmann suddenly disappeared. With Noth relying on Klugmann's popularity he was quickly pressured to let new elections take place. With her popular rival gone, Freya had no problem winning the elections she managed to hold on to her position even after Klugmann's return.

Now the VWA and the other sects of the Bundschuh are splitting into two camps as the two rivals try to push the movement in their preferred directions. 'Eistochterism' versus 'Klugmannism', militant versus liberal.

Political views

Freya represents one end of the broad spectrum of views on politics and revolution that can be found amongst the Bundschuh. She is a socialist at heart, more so than most members of the Bundschuh. While the party is generally centre-left, Freya is more radical and considered a hardliner. She is sceptical about their chances to become a legal party again in the future. She instead believes that a violent revolution will most likely be necessary to accomplish her party's goals and is more welcoming to violent groups like the Red Hessians and the Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army. She is pragmatic and focusses on militancy and cooperation with other revolutionary organisations even if those organisations do not take the moral high ground as the Bundschuh does. With the recent rivalry with Klugmann her line of thought has occasionally been referred to as 'Eistochterism'.

During her years with the Bundschuh she also came into contact with the Wild several times and she grew to be a reliable ally, and eventually member, of the Order. According to Freya, humanity needs to make a stand against the Nomads and to accomplish that the Order needs governments in the Sirian Houses that support their efforts.


Freya may often come across as cold and strict, but the few persons who are closer to her know that she in fact is a very caring person, but she believes that through order and discipline she can reach her goals and protect those she loves. She is known as hardworking and ideological. She doesn't like flashy things and prefers a more quiet environment.

She is also known as 'the Witch of Frankfurt' for her fierce personality. A reputation that, while she doesn't usually admit, she actually embraces.


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Blood Dragons
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