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{{Character Infobox
| name = Lukas Von-Stainer
| name = Lukas Von-Stainer
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| image =  
| origin = {{House Link | Rheinland}}
| origin = {{House Link | Rheinland}}
| occupation = Lt. Colonel in the SCRA
| occupation = Lt. Colonel in the SCRA

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Lukas Von-Stainer
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Occupation Lt. Colonel in the SCRA
Affiliation SCRA
Born 1st September 785 A.S.
Planet Hamburg

Lukas Wexler, (born September 1st, 785 A.S.) is a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army (SCRA) who is primarily tasked with training recruits and directing operations received from his superiors. He is mostly known for his contributions to the Rebels during the SCRA Civil War where he also initially met Lieutenant-Colonel Alla Alesky who to this day remains a good friend of his.

Past Life

The location where Lukas Wexler spent five years working as a shipyard engineer.

Lukas Wexler grew up in a working class family who after graduation from Hamburg University received a job at Alster Shipyard as a ship-engineer. Maintaining his work with a steady payment for over five years, he and a hundred other employees found themselves without a job due to the recent economy cuts conducted by their respective staff board. Lukas later found out that corporate higher-ups had apparently demanded more payment for their definition of "hard work" and this demand was met by outsourcing Rheinland workers with engineers from Samura and Kishiro.

This marks the chapter of what Lukas likes to call "Wexler's Frenzy" which is a description of his anger for feeling betrayed by his own people. It was for this reason alone he decided to seek up the Unioner Movement, steal from those that stole his life, it became another key-point in his existence, "Wexler's Revenge". As Lukas grew more attached to the Unioner Movement and its supposed ideologies, he consequently distanced himself from it as more time passed. Slowly realizing that the Unioner speeches which initially inspired him to fight for their cause, was just propaganda to recruit oppressed workers under their banner. He had been betrayed twice and refused to be so for a third time. In a desperate attempt to find an organization worth fighting for, one that would combat against the greed which plagued humanity and himself personally, one man decided to answer his cry for help - formerly Colonel, and now General Ricardo Alvarez of the Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army.

The following discussions with Alvarez, convinced Lukas to enlist himself to the SCRA taking a step into a new chapter of his life, which he has written out as "Wexler's Courage".

The Civil War

After ten years of service within the SCRA he had gained notice by higher-command, most due to his tactical suggestions during field-combat which had saved the lives of many Coalition Pilots. For his actions he was promoted from the rank of Major to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and positioned as the head training officer of the Coalition Fighter Corps. It was during this time the SCRA Civil War broke out between two sides of the Coalition, the Loyalists and the Rebels.

The Loyalists, a Coalition splinter-group banded together by the determined figurehead known as the Volkhan slowly emerged from the shadows of Omega-52 and with one heavy blow forced Premier Katz out from the ruling seat. A small group of dedicated Coalition pilots followed the exiled footsteps of their beloved Premier in hopes of reclaiming what was once rightfully theirs, these men and women are nowadays known as the Rebels.

The Rebels were initially guided by Colonel Aloysius Rhade who kept a close contact with other higher-ranked commanders whom were still loyal to the Premier such as General Ricardo Alvarez and Colonel Stenka Razin. Together they would rally their scattered forces somewhere in the bordering systems of Liberty and after careful planning counter-attack the traitors of the Coalition hopefully ending the internal conflict before it became public knowledge. However due to unforeseen events such as the Xeno scandal in the Ontario system, the preliminary battle-plans would undergo major reformation.

Disappointed by the recent turn of events, Colonel Stenka Razin took control over the Rebels and appointed two new field-commanders to replace Colonel Aloysius Rhade. The first person was Lt. Colonel Alla Alesky, a skilled diplomat and a master of rhetoric who became recognized after he single-handedly secured the Rebels with a new base of operations hosted by the Gaian organization known as Nature’s Last Hope. To fill in the more combat-oriented areas where Lt. Colonel Alesky lacked in experience, Lt. Colonel Lukas Wexler was appointed as the second field-commander of the Rebels. Mostly known as a brilliant tactician, Lt. Colonel Wexler dedicated his available combat assets to conduct small-scale skirmishes in the Omega-50 system in an attempt to cripple Volkhan’s patrols via the use of guerilla warfare. These hit-and-run natured strikes against Volkhan’s Forces were further boosted by Lt. Colonel Alesky after he managed to receive aid from the Colonial Remnants who would dedicate a small wing to attack Omega-5.

The collaborated efforts from these two field-commanders would prove the Rebels still had a fighting chance which filled their pilots with new hope. The nerve-staple devices which practically ensured Volkhan had absolute control over the Loyalist Forces remained as an ever-lasting threat against the Rebels. Colonel Stenka Razin concluded after a brief council with his fellow commanders that the only way to secure victory is if they managed to retrieve the only individual who possessed the necessary technical expertise and knowledge to successfully construct a counter-measure against this freewill-siphoning item. This individual was called Doctor XiaoBei who had been locked up in Omega-52 for most of his time during the Coalition Civil War.

The fabricated battle in Omega-50 which acted as the primary component of Operation: Red Riot - Phase I.

Knowing that Omega-52 was protected like a fortress thanks to the paranoid state of the Volkhan, Lt. Colonel Wexler devised with the assistance of Lt. Colonel Alesky a plan that would essentially lure the Volkhan to send out Doctor XiaoBei to the Omega-50 system providing the Rebels with a window of opportunity to rescue him. This plan would later be debriefed as Operation Red Riot and its success was crucial to the Rebel Movement. However its success also came at a price, several escort pilots as well as a hefty amount of resources were lost to ensure the execution of the operation. Thankfully this asset damage was minimized as much as humanly possible due to the actions of Captain Chun Ki Ling who under very limited time managed to de-mount vital equipment parts of several Insurgent Very Heavy Fighters. This skilled act was seen so important to the Rebels that he was promoted to the rank of Major.

With Doctor XiaoBei safe at the hands of the Rebels, Premier Katz’s health condition steadily becoming more stabilized and two able field-commanders ready to dedicate their life for the Rebels the road to victory was close at hand. One battle remained to secure that victory - the battle of Omega-52. The battle and thus the Civil War was "won" by the Rebels after many losses were inflicted on both sides, and ultimately that was a loss for the entire Coalition.

Friendship and Laughter

Although a man of Lukas' status would usually provide a person with a false sense of recognition, his personality truly deflected any external attempts to befriend him. In fact rumour has it amongst the Coalition Recruits that Lukas was a depressed person whom you could expect to commit suicide at any given second. In reality his social isolation was something he yearned for, he loved being by himself meditating before battles and scribbling new tactics on his notebook that could be employed during combat. The only time he would visit the bar which was a breeding ground for social interaction was to get a quick taste of alcohol, like many others in in the Coalition, alcohol was a favourable medium which one could forget about the hardships of war.

However, Lukas would defy his own personality during the civil war and the time-period after that when he became a close friend of Lt. Colonel Alla Alesky. Partially due to the demanded cooperation from both of them but also because of Alesky's appreciation of Lukas' imposing honesty. He also gained first-hand information about Alesky's rather intimate relationship with a Gaian named Sequoia Hart. Although Alesky has always claimed that Lukas made this up. Lukas apparently continued making fun of Alesky, of course in an innocent manner, about this supposed relationship during a time of war and even went so far as to directly attempt contacting Sequoia Hart about the matter.