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V4.89.1 is out! See the official announcement on the Discovery Gaming Community forums and the change log in the announcement for more information. This means that most of our 5,192 pages will need updating for the new mod version, with all that that implies. In other words: Please pardon our dust, and expect it to take some time. This is a community effort, after all.

- Alex 04:49, 18 April 2017 (UTC)

Welcome to the Discovery Community Wiki - a useful asset to new and experienced players alike. Feel free to browse through our detailed lists of ships, equipment, in-depth articles explaining our mod's elaborate background story and its actors and our collection of guides designed to get you started. Also, you are welcome to add content to this Wiki yourself, too - just don't forget to read through our Style Guide and Editing Rules before you start. Enjoy your stay!

Please note that not all pages in this Wiki are up to date or 100% accurate. This Wiki should be used as a guide, rather than a source of canonical information. For server-specific rules, check the website or forum relevant to the server you play on.

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