Niigata Star City

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Niigata Star City
Kowloon class Station
Niigata Star City.jpg
GmgLogo.png Gas Miners Guild
4C, Sigma-59
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 6,200

Niigata is a gargantuan space colony established in the otherwise-remote Sigma-59 system. With the influx of inmates and colonists actually outpacing the number of jobs on the surface of Miura, the GMG unveiled an equally ambitious project. Pushing the limits of structural integrity and with enthusiastic investment from Interspace Commerce, GMG unveiled the first "Star City" constructed within Sirius by appending the original GMG-owned stations of Sigma-59 onto Niigata's chassis, forming one titanic construct.

Niigata's internal bustle belies the frontier nature of Sigma-59. While Transports and Guild patrols are common around the immediate fortresslike periphery of the City and the nearby Jump Hole, the station has a population easily capable of self-sufficiency. Advanced hydroponic technology and frequent imports from Synth Foods ensure that the vast majority of the over six-thousand people aboard Niigata are fed and thus able to contribute to the full-blown metropolitan economy aboard, whose goal by a year's time is to become a net exporter.

While the corporate sectors of Sirius have either applauded or looked enviously on at the GMG's overall success with this audacious project, the lower reaches of the maintenance decks are rumored to already be an impoverished nightmare. Station security is rumored not to enter certain decks without heavy arms and numbers, causing some aboard to worry for the station's integrity. GMG continues to assure the sector that its investment is safe, claiming that the sheer number of failsafes and redundant life support systems mean that a serious threat from within is unlikely.

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Very Heavy Fighter
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