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This page contains information about official player factions. For unofficial ones, see Player Groups. For NPC factions see NPC Factions.

Currently, all official factions have their own subforums, that you can find in the top forums of

Liberty Player Factions

Name Logo Tag Affiliation Home system Description
Ageira Innovations
Ageira Innovations Small Logo.png
Ageira~ Ageira Technologies None Ageira Innovations is Liberty industrial corporation which specialises in Jump Gate and Trade Lane technologies, production of Bio-Neural Processors, Light Arms and Superconductors and is working on other innovative research and development projects. They collaborate with Deep Space Engineering and Universal Shipping and make up The Big Three.
Lane Hackers
LH Logo.png
LH~ / none Lane Hackers None A core group of Lane Hackers who oversee most Hacker operations around Liberty. Its members employ codenames taken from individuals of Earth history.
Liberty Police Incorporated
LPI Logo.png
LPI- Liberty Police Incorporated Illinois An administrative body of the Liberty Police Incorporated. They are charged with upholding the laws of Liberty, the assistance of civilians in need, and defending Liberty from her enemies.
Liberty Navy
LN Logo.png
[LN] Liberty Navy Virginia The Liberty Navy is responsible for protecting the economic well-being of liberty through military force, both within the boundaries of the colony and in the independent systems that border its territory.
Liberty Security Force
LSF Logo.png
=LSF= Liberty Security Force Ellesmere The LSF is the intelligence branch of Liberty's armed forces. They maintain national security, gather information all over Sirius and operate in secrecy to ensure the free flow of goods and services in Liberty.
Universal Shipping Incorporated
USI Logo.png
[*USI*] Universal Shipping None USI is one of the "Big Three" corporations of Liberty. They are known to be skilled at shipping commodities through high-risk areas, and also the bulk transport of goods in convoys. Universal is often contracted by Ageira or DSE to handle large-scale shipments that they cannot handle on their own.
Hellfire Legion
[HF]- Hellfire Legion Vespucci The Hellfire Legion is the military arm of the Commonwealth of Liberty.
5th Fleet
5thfleet logo.png
5th| Liberty Navy None A Military Police fleet of the Liberty Navy.
Battlegroup Harmony
H|- Liberty Seperatists None The main combat force of the Liberty Separatists.

Bretonia Player Factions

Name Logo Tag Affiliation Home system Description
Border World Exports
Bowex Logo.png
Bowex) Border World Exports None Border World Exports is the primary supplier of Bretonian Armed Forces and Bretonian Police Authority and trades heavily within Bretonia and border worlds.
Bretonia Police Authority
BPA Logo.png
BPA) Bretonia Police Authority Poole The Bretonia Police Authority, the official law enforcement agency of Bretonia
Bretonia Mining and Fabrication
BMF Logo.png
BMF| Bretonia Mining and Fabrication (player faction) New London Bretonia Mining and Fabrication BMF| Is a Bretonian industrial company with its headquarters, the Isle of Skye, located in Orbit of Planet New London, in the New London system.
Bretonian Armed Forces
BAF Logo.png
BAF| Bretonian Armed Forces None The Bretonian Armed Forces, the official military of Bretonia
Mollys Logo.png
[M] Mollys Londonderry The Mollys are a separatist group committed to freeing the Dublin system from Bretonian rule through attacks on civilian, commercial, and military targets. In recent years they have been increasingly successful in resisting local Corsair expansion.
Gateway Shipping
Gateway| Gateway Shipping None Gateway Shipping is a small trading organization based in Bretonia which caters to smaller mining and manufacturing firms in the Border Worlds, Liberty, and Rheinland.

Kusari Player Factions

Name Logo Tag Affiliation Home system Description
Kusari Naval Forces
KNF Logo.png
[KNF Kusari Naval Forces Hiroshima A fleet of the Kaigun (the Kusari Naval Forces) led by Taisho Hikaru Sulu.
Samura Heavy Industries
Samura Logo.png
Samura|- Samura Industries None One of the great Kusari keiretsu -- sprawling, vertically integrated companies that control whole industries.
Aoi Iseijin
Aoi| / |Aoi The Wild Tohoku Remnants of Nomad infested humans, primarily of Kusari background.
Dai 343 Kaigun Kokutai
{343} Kusari Exiles Kumamoto The mainline Battlegroup of the Imperial Navy, opting to reinstall the Empire and overthrow the Gallic Puppet State

Rheinland Player Factions

Name Logo Tag Affiliation Home system Description
ALG Waste Disposal
[ALG]- ALG Waste Disposal None Rheinland Lawful Waste Disposal Faction
The Unioners
Unioners Logo.png
UN| Unioners Bering The Unioners are a paramilitary group formed from dispossed Republican Shipping workers. They wish to return Rheinland to it's former glory, as a hard working, perfectionist power.
Rheinland Federal Police
RFP Logo.png
RFP| Rheinland Federal Police Halle The Rheinland Bundespolizei, a law-enforcement organization that maintains jurisdiction over House Rheinland.
Buro der Marineintelligenz
BDM Logo.png
BDM| Rheinland Military Guard Braunschweig Lawful Rheinland Military Intelligence Faction.
Daumann Heavy Construction
Fin Daumann.png.png
DHC- Daumann Heavy Construction None The largest mining and manufacturing firm in Rheinland.
Das Wilde
Wilde. The Wild Omega-55 An army of Nomad infested humans, primarily from Rheinland.
Krüger Mineralien
Kruger Logo.png
Kruger| Kruger Minerals None Kruger Minerals is one of the two large mining corporations in Rheinland, heavily involved in diamond and ore mining as well as H-Fuel processing.

Gallia Player Factions

Name Logo Tag Affiliation Home system Description
La Marine Royale Gauloise
MRG Logo.png
MRG| Gallic Royal Navy Ile-de-France The Marine Royale Gauloise is the reformed primary fleet of the Gallic Royal Navy.
The Council
Council Logo.png
[C]- The Council Champagne The Council is a revolutionary movement within Gallia who's primary objective is to overthrow the ruling monarchy. They have liberated two planets from the monarchies rule and opened passages through the minefields separating Sirius from Gallia.

Hispania Player Factions

Name Logo Tag Affiliation Home system Description
The Brotherhood
Brotherhood Logo.png
[TBH] Corsairs Omicron-91 Ancient fellowship of Corsairs, composed primarily of valiant warriors and brave men and women, dedicated to upholding the values of Honor, Dignity and Pride within and outside Corsair territory.

Trans-Sirius factions

Name Logo Tag Affiliation Home system Description
A/)- Quasi-Lawful Inverness Auxesia is a significantly sized pseudoreligious, transhuman organisation dedicated to ensuring technological archiving and preservation of lifeforms across the Sector. Their goals, beyond archiving, involve advancing and securing technology through any means, observing the everyday environment and generally obtaining knowledge where they can.
The Angels
Angels Logo.png
[Angels] Neutral None Player faction that helps out new players
The Colonial Republic
CR| Colonial Remnant Coronado, Tau-44 (formerly) Arriving in Sirius from the Crayter sector at the turn of the century, the Colonials now fight to reclaim the Taus from Gallia and the Maltese
The Core
Core Logo Final 3 pixel expand resize box.png
Core| The Core Omicron Rho The primary fleet of The Core exterminate all resistance met in the Edge Worlds whilst paving the way for the expansion of Omicronia.
Independent Miners Guild
IMG Logo.png
IMG| Independent Miners Guild Tau-39 Loose, yet widespread group of miners originating from Bretonia and Rheinland that have spread to many parts of Sirius and have a large vested interest in the Tau systems.
The Junkers Congress
Junkers Logo.png
.:j:. Junkers Puerto Rico Four commonly-held primary principles govern the operational motives of the Junker Congress: Power -- Profitability -- Security -- Freedom
The Junker Marauders
JM Junkers Texas The Junker Marauders are a group of nomadic Junkers who rove the Borderworlds and other secluded areas of space in search of loot and plunder. Either naturally, via the salvaging of lost wrecks and collection of floating scrap, or by force; the Junker Marauders are not afraid to use violence in order to get what they want.
The Slomon K'Hara
Keepers Logo.png
K'Hara| Nomads Omicron-99, Omicron Iota Remnants of the Nomads within the Sirius Sector.
Omicron Supply Industries
OSI Logo.png
OSI- Zoners None Zoner enterprise supplying Zoner bases throughout Sirius.
The Order
Order Logo.png
Order| The Order Omicron-100 The primary fleet of the Order is dedicated to the defense of Order territories, the destruction of all alien factions (Das Wilde, Slomon K'Hara) and the protection of Liberty from aliens.
Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army
SCRA Logo.png
SCRA| Coalition Omega-52 Descendants and recruits of Coalition saboteurs aboard the Hispania, violently opposed to almost every faction in Sirius.
Temporary Autonomous Zoners
TAZ Logo.gif
[TAZ] Zoners Baffin Religious order of Zoners based around the ancient Earth religion of Discordianism.
Primary Artificial Intelligence
<PRIME> Artificial Intelligence Omicron Kappa The Primary Artificial Intelligence is located in Omicron Kappa. Even though Sirius has gained awareness of its existence, the AI Prime is in a state similar to a child, exploring Sirius for the first time, fulfilling their tasks and following their logic instincts. The major tasks are defined in gathering, collecting and aggressively converting any available knowledge. The true nature, full motives and origins of the group still remains hidden, but some people purposely started to call them "The Encyclopaedists", after their lust for knowledge.