Osaka Wreck

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Osaka Wreck
Akebono class Wreck
Osaka Wreck.jpg
6D, Honshu
Technical Data
Gravity None
Docking bays No
Amenities None
Crew 0

The Osaka Storage Facility was built in 350 A.S. by Samura Industries, and was the largest facility of its type in the Sirius sector. Originally, Fuel shipments from the Crow Nebula were stored here for the Gas Miners Guild before being shipped across Sirius to various markets. Since the signing of the GMG - Kishiro alliance of 801 A.S. , the amount of Fuel stored at the Facility has drastically declined - it was instead used in a costly manner to store H-Fuel Gases mined in Hokkaido before they were shipped abroad to Liberty or Rheinland.

In 822 A.S. Osaka was destroyed by an alleged Blood Dragon raid while the local defense contingent was absent on Training excersises. The fact that Osaka was almost entirely unmanned at the time of the attack, combined with its recently upgraded and vastly overvalued insurance policy led many to suspect that the destruction was little more than a monumental case of insurance fraud. Whatever the case, the timing of the payout has been extremely fortuitous for Samura, enabling it to continue a large program of development in the Hokkaido System that the Corperation had previously struggled to find investment for.