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Governing House Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Region Gallia

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System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Medium Red

  • TYPE: K3
  • COLOR: Red
  • MASS: 1.87 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.48 x 10e7 km

Yellow Dwarf

  • TYPE: G2
  • COLOR: Yellow
  • MASS: 1.48 x 10e30 kg
Le Crotoy.jpg
Le Crotoy
Planet Berck.jpg
Planet Berck
Planet Conty.jpg
Planet Conty
Planet Cucq.jpg
Planet Cucq

  • None
  • Avre Asteroid Field
  • De Crecy Asteroid Field
  • Doullens Ice Crystal Field
  • Nouvion Nebula
  • Somme Ice Asteroid Field
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System Map

Areas of Interest


Nouvion Nebula

A small ice nebula caught in the gravitational pull of planet Montdidier. The jump gate to Ile-de-France is located within the cloud.

Asteroid Fields

Avre Asteroid Field

Avre is a medium-sized asteroid field mainly comprised of rock asteroids. Within the field, a jump hole leading into Burgundy is present. A small part of the field was cleared to build Eplessier Depot, a local outpost of the Maquis.

De Crecy Asteroid Field

The De Crecy asteroid field is the primary source of Bauxite, or Aluminium ore, for all of Gallia. The GMS has been actively mining the field for several centuries from the Guise Mining Facility, located within the center of the field.

Doullens Ice Crystal Field

A relatively small ice crystal field with no economic value. It provides the inhabitants of Saint-Quentin with a pleasant scenic backdrop.

Somme Ice Asteroid Field

A large ice asteroid field in the western end of the Picardy system, the Somme Ice Asteroid field may at one point have been a part of the Barrier, but has since fully condensed into ice asteroids. Gallic Brigand activity is high within the field.


La Fere Wreck

La Fere was built in 364 A.G.S., only ten years after the nearby Saint-Quentin Space Colony was constructed. Ironically, the convicts who were employed to assist the prison's construction, were housed in Saint-Quentin until La Fere was completed. While prisoners did not form the majority of the construction workers, several acts of sabotage were attempted with only one such plot being enacted. An explosive device detonated behind a bulkhead which caused an entire module to be jettisoned from the Station, eventally burning up within the atmosphere of Planet Laon. The only one casualty: the convict who was foolish enough to detonate the bomb while aboard the doomed module. Though the act was moderately successful, it did serve to highlight the dangers of a criminal workforce and the use prisoners was immediately ceased.

In 740 AGS Council forces launched a daring raid against the Facility, successfully freeing the numerous Supporters and Criminals incarcerated within. The battles and subsequent riot by the newly liberated Prisoners has left La Fere as a lifless charred Monument, dedicated to Royalist cruelty. While the Council's ranks and morale may have been bolstered by the storming of La Fere, the Group's actions have also granted the freedom of thousands of hardened Criminals who are now free to descend upon the unsuspecting citizens of Gallia once more.

The Wreck of the La Fere Prison Station

Jump Gates/Holes

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